Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Woke up from dream, I saw my dearest love beside me
Rejoiced in success, I saw my best friends with me
Wrote many little stories, I saw my readers with me
Performed on stage, I saw many hands clapping for me
Wept in happiness, I saw many shoulders for me
When I look back on the year that passed I see all these little victories with me.

Again I am hoping for the same, to smell the same rain
To hug the same love and to love everyone
To crave for success and to care everyone,
To know more and live more with everyone,
And wishing you the same Happy New Year, which will be more prosperous one.

Today is my last working day for this year. I will be off on long vacation and will be back only next year. So as per my own blogging tradition this post is to bid bye to the year which passed by and to welcome the coming New Year. As always I am very reluctant to let this year go. But no option I have to bid bye with heavy heart.

Thanks to you all for making this year the best one.

With this past wonderful year which I am so much reluctant to let go, I wish coming year should also be the same with more love, care and happiness to all of us.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am not out of 25!

Sometimes you tend not to accept the fact and try to stick on to what you would like to think, I guess you all have experienced something like this! If not you I have discovered recently that I am still not out of my age 25, I still think my age is 25 not sure of the reason, if anyone asks my age I first say 25 and then start counting to realize I am 2 yrs past 25.

I know you will be thinking it’s the tendency of all women to tell their age lesser than what it is but in that case I could have chosen age like 21 but no for me its 25 where I am still stuck.

I guess that’s because of things happened in that age and I am still young with such beautiful people and memories around me which is making me think I am still at the age of 25. Anyways I have got to realize that I am no more 25 and turned 2 yrs older than that just today!!!

So you all must have felt the same right? Which is that age you want to be still stuck with?
Here I go wishing myself “Happy Happy 25th Birthday Ramya!”

Why are you smiling? Did I say something wrong????

May our friendship go long way...

Its really surprising how we become so possessive of things or somebody. It happens with me all the time I buy a doll and I am so tensed if someone touches it. I do a painting and am so worried if someone tries to see it closely! And my Hubs forget it I am so very inclined to him I can just tell the instances proving my possessiveness.

But apart from such things I am bit possessive about my friends too. I always assume friends who are close to me can never find another friend who is equivalent to me. But that cant be true always. I am about to tell a little incident which is related to my possessiveness…

I have lot of friends in office but not all are close to me. Very few people become exceptionally close to us, one such friend of mine is this guy who recently joined from another company to our company, seeing his lost looks I decided to talk to him thus began our friendship and it become very strong day by day as we both shared common interest and most importantly he spoke less which meant I could keep talking thus went all our working day talking to each other seeking help in professional and personal things and we became good pals, people around us also respected our friendship. As time passed, we had a new team member and she had to be with us. Now you know how I would have felt. But still I thought for him first priority was me, though we are grown ups child inside us never stops showing up. Once it so happened I accidentally visited his cubicle and he was writing an email and I observed it was a big email and it was addressing to the other friend of us this added to my jealousy and also asked him to show me the email. He refused to it and he just sent the email and closed it. I was very furious and I walked away from him and never spoke to him. Our other friend learnt about this somehow and she sent me back the email what he had typed to her and thus it goes!

Hey please see this, I want to gift this on her Birthday and our first friendship anniversary!

It was in 2010, 18th Nov to be precise. I had joined this new place of work.
I had made a couple of acquaintances but no good friends whom you enjoy spending time with and those with similar tastes. It’s always tough making new friends unlike kids who can connect instantaneously! And then it happened! You never really know what fate has in store for you. I used to see this lady who used to sit across my cubicle but little did I know that a year down the line she would go on to become one of my closest pals. I first spoke to her on her birthday 20 days after having joined there, when she offered me sweets. We soon started chatting and getting to know one another. We started having lunch and coffee together when our office shifted locations and hit it off in a big way. We soon became very close buddies. My days in office used to start and end talking her! Those innumerable hours spent in the cafeteria arguing about the hottest girl in the cafeteria, discussing the best scenes in Jaggesh's movies, helping one another through our anxieties! Wah Ee Dinagalu! These moments spent with her will always be one of the most memorable moments of my days I lost my friends when I made my first company switch but gained a best buddy in the form of Jalwa Masaledar Girl! Cheers to life :)

This left me speachless and I was ashamed being mean! I straight went to him and wished him on our first anniversary, and pledged not to be possessive.
Thanks a lot buddy you are a wonderful person. May our friendship go long way…

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30th of November

No there is no significance of this date in my life, but thing is today I am realizing I haven’t blogged this whole month and I am feeling very guilty for this. Considering this I decided to update you about latest happening in my life. November was full of action, this is how it went…
1. Finally struggle for 3 years, dedication even after marriage, numerous night outs, thousands of assignments and presentations, last exam of MBA from IIMB is completed and my Hubs is out of his studies. Now wish me first then him!!!

2. I got a chance to be back on stage with a dance and also a drama for Kannada Rajyotsava celebration in office. It really felt great to be back on stage after 2.5 yrs. Pssst hope the audience of that day are not reading this.

3. Met lot of friends exchanged warm memories across this month.

Oops! Sorry yes this date has significance to me and to everyone, how I could I forget this its Salary day!!!
Bye I am off to check my account and plan my shopping list! Meet you next month …

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Make a wish...

Cake with 2 candles shaped one and eight.
Surrounded with dear ones, some one called out to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to travel a lot that year.
I ended up studying for board exam.

Cake with 2 candles shaped two and zero
Surrounded with my friends, some one called out to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to propose to the man of my dreams
I ended up seeing him going out with someone else

Cake with 2 candles shaped two and three
Surrounded with colleagues, some one called out to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to spend lot of time with my parents
I ended up working a lot that year

Cake with 2 candles shaped two and five
Surrounded with family, some one called out to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to spend some time with myself and pursue my hobbies
I gave up dancing that year

Cake with 2 candles shaped two and seven
With my husband, he asked me to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to concentrate on fitness
I over gained that year

Cake with 2 candles shaped four and zero
With my husband and children, they asked me to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to donate for a cause
I ended up over saving for myself and family that year

Cake with 2 candles shaped seven and five
With my husband, children and Grandchildren around, my little grandson asking me to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and decided not to make a wish.
               As I only then realized it’s not with making wish but it’s with striving to make it come true!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In search of Beauty…

Isn’t looks so deceptive? At least I feel so, some whom I find very beautify seems not very beautiful to my friend and some whom she finds beautiful I find them not so. Then what is Beauty? How do we define it? Looks, Eye, Complexion, Smile, Physic, Hair, Walk or Dressing Sense, What is it?

I guess it can’t be defined in any of such parameters as all these changes from person to person and Situations to situation. For example, Consider mother, at any age she is the most beautiful women in ones life and similarly children, for every parent their child is the most beautiful child. Isn’t it so amazing? We look at someone and comment saying they aren’t so good looking but the same person will be most beautiful person for someone else.

So what I feel is each and every person is very beautiful in one or the other way some look beautiful, some care beautifully, some love beautifully, some behave beautifully, so it’s only up to us to see and understand the Beauty.

Some such unforgettable beauties I have seen till now in my life are my little sister covered in winter cloths, one of my friend unable to control tears while laughing, my mom while praying, babies when they smile in sleep, My hubs when he advices me, all of you when you smile, oh last but not the least … Myself.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Monday, October 4, 2010

Smile when you say bye!!!

It was around 3 in the afternoon and I was wandering in the shopping area to buy usual roadside accessories. Some body tapped my back, it was my school friend Lakshmi, wow it was a real surprise to see her. It was almost 15 years, it was surprising how she could recognize me and I couldn’t stop admiring her smile and beauty, over these many years she had become more mature and beautiful.

We spoke for a while and I wished her as she was newly married, for her success on being famous TV Anchor and Dental surgeon. As we wanted to leave from there we shook hands, hugged each other and she left. I got back to my bargaining business with the vendor just then she called me from the corner of the road smiled beautifully and waved her hand to say bye and I was pleased by her beautiful smile.

Isn’t it so nice to meet a friend that too an old friend accidentally!!! Trust me it is.

Days passed and its almost 2 years now after that day,

I woke up one morning and there was a message from Sowmya to call her back, I guessed it must be for her regular gossip so I neglected it. It was Monday morning and I was extremely busy in office and I forgot to call back my friend. 2days passed, around 12 in the afternoon Sowmya called again I answered her call this time and started with sorry to avoid her scolding but I was shocked to hear her sobbing. I just consoled her and asked the reason.

When she spoke about it I could hardly move from my place and it was difficult to realize what I was hearing. I couldn’t digest that Lakshmi was no more. Sowmya tried hard to reach me and I had neglected her call the other day so I couldn’t go on the day of her last rites as well. She was crying aloud as she was unable to forget Lakshmi’s face and her little daughter.

I couldn’t hear anything more, I disconnected the call and closed the eyes only to see Lakshmi’s beautiful smile and waving hand.

This post is dedicated to my friend Lakshmi. Let her soul rest in peace.

But thing I realized after this incident is, its really very important to smile when you say bye to anyone. Because we don’t know when actually we will meet again and when you try to remember the other person all you will remember is the last time you met them no matter how frequent you meet or how much time you spend together last bye will always be remembered. So Smile when you say bye!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Teacher’s day!!!

I remember those stories from chandamama which Ajja used to read and recite to us with full actions and emotions, now I only remember the moral behind them.
I just run through the memories of my uncle taking me on little treks and telling things of beauty and mysteries in wonderful forests, now I only remember the smell of the wet mud in the forests.
I have had wonderful food cooked by my Ajji almost everyday of my summer holidays which she would feed us by telling us the recipe hoping that we would learn the same ways to cook; now I only remember the taste of her preparation.

I would make all possible reasons to avoid my mom’s tuitions in the evening, now I only remember the innovative ways she used to teach me.

I would hate my father every moment he was at home, I would always think why my wonderful mom had to marry my father, now I know the values he taught about life.

I would pass time, play around with my little sister, now I know what all those spent time meant.

I loved, enjoyed, won, lost, betrayed, fought; now I know what life was teaching me every moment.

Thousand thanks to all these wonderful teachers in my life…
You all just dint teach me things but you also taught how to live successfully. Happy Teacher’s day.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Living in hell…

Yesterday evening after office my hubs had to attend a seminar till late in the evening, so I had no option other than to go home alone. I decided to meet and stay with my Parents till my hubs comes and picks me up. I took a bus till the nearest stop to my mom’s place and then started walking home.

As usual I started looking around for some stories on the streets, or some fights or some college couples holding hands and talking in the street corner, but since it was around 5 o clock, there was nothing of this sort; street was calm with only few wanderers. But finally I wasn’t disappointed, I found two Girls aged around 16-18, right in front of me walking the same path. By their attire and speech I could understand they both were working as house maids. Now I decided to stay behind them and listen to what they talk about, Thus went their conversation.

Girl 1: “Hey what is this? I see lot of burns on your hand?”
Girl 2: “Hmmm as usual my father’s gift” with this she continued her stories…
“I went home late after lot of work yesterday and as its not salary day I dint have any money with me so he thrashed me badly and asked me to give money for him to drink, I said no I dint have any so he burnt my hand beat my mom and went away, not sure where is he I am searching for him past 2 days he hasn’t come home”

I was almost scared and was shivering at this story just then the other girl started…

Girl 1: “ oh That’s the story!!! My mom as soon as I go home snatches all the money and any food if some one has given me and keeps it aside for my father, though he may come home drunk throw the food at us and sleep without eating but surely after beating both of us. Yesterday was so bad that my father had come home heavily drunk and me for my misfortune was reading some book given by the aunty for whom I work. He kicked me for reading and not working to get money and asked me to give money I told I dint have any he threw me out of home asked me to do anything or even be a prostitute but to get money in the evening. In the evening I went to temple instead of begging there first time I prayed god and asked him why am I living in hell?”

That’s all; I couldn’t hear anything more as our paths Split into two different ways. The very last sentence of that girl left me so much touched and shocked. But something was lingering in my mind about the last sentence “living in hell…” I kept thinking about it and reached home to see my dad very happy to receive me and my mom so excited and went to kitchen to prepare coffee and snacks for me. Something I remembered went straight up to my room searched a lot and found my personal journal which I maintained in my college days and flipped the pages to one page and it read…


“Jeeva, I am so much sad today why everything is so wrong with me? Nothing seems to go good for me. Today when I started to college I had asked amma not to pack lunch as it is so much out of fashion to carry lunch bag to engineering college but she does it again and when I say I don’t want she cribs about it early morning my day was spoilt, after college I come back home my father asks me about my future plan and suggest me to plan for higher studies oh come on jeeva, I don’t want to study more why do they want to force up on me? Forget all this do you know what appa did today, I came home at around 7 in the evening with one of my friend he dropped me and left immediately. Seeing this appa started advising me to come home early and not to be so lenient with boys. What is this how can he think so cheap? Can I not have friends who are boys? I am really really sad about it I am thinking why I am living in this hell!!!!

Closing that personal Journey I wept silently went down and hugged my parents and prayed god silently for forgiveness saying “Dear god now I know what is living in hell”

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Friendship day...

Hey all, Happy Friendship day, thanks for being with me and making every moment of my life so interesting.
This friendship day, I dedicate it to all the women friends I have.

Here goes a small admiration.

You are so soft and tender, but tell me what makes you so strong to face everything?
You are so beautiful and soft, but tell me what makes you so harsh to wrong things?
You are so efficient and clever, but tell me what makes you smile at worldly foolishness?
You are so caring and loving, but tell me what makes you not care about yourself much?
You are so loving and daring, but tell me what makes you fear for everything?
You are so ambitious and willing, but tell me what makes you compromise even for little things?
Is endless and immeasurable love that you have for everything, the answer for all these questions?

I request you all to read it once again remembering all the wonderful women who are part of your life as well as your self if you are one :).

Dedicated to all the wonderful women I know.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I hope I will see you someday

A care taker who did his best when I was baby,
Pushcart vendor who would give me a little candy everyday,
Childhood Neighbor who left the place and not sure where she settled,
Friends from my kindergarten…I hope I will see you someday.

A high school mate whom I just saw but never spoke,
Cycle Guard whom we would cheat and escape,
My native friends with whom I spent most of my summer holidays
And my friends I hope I will see you someday.

My first job training batch mates,
My first colleagues, 
Cashier in the company cafeteria
And the security guard … I hope I will see you someday.

Tour guide who became a good friend,
Snorkel guide whom I met in my honeymoon trip,
An old couple sitting on the park bench,
A little waiter in that Island… I hope I will see you someday.

All those people who are whispering my name either out of love or out of rage
People sitting somewhere waiting for me to be online
All of you who are my assets
And the real me inside… I hope I will see you someday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am Back...

Hello Friends,

I am back again, this time its a little story. Let me know what you feel about it.

Screams of her past died down in the Sound of this Laughter

It was a rainy evening Reshma sipping her coffee was gazing outside. Endless rain was pushing and pulling her into lots of memories, happiness, sadness of her beautiful life of 54 years. At the study table was her well educated, calm and intellect husband doing investment planning for their only son who had long settled in abroad. Until previous day, Reshma was completely occupied with serving and being with her only son who was with them on his vacation. After seeing off their son with his beautiful wife, Reshma realized she hadn’t checked her email to catch up with her sisters settled in different countries. Switching on her laptop and logging into her only email id that she had preserved from years only to make sure she did not miss any contact was her daily routine

Least did she expect that the guilt, pain she had buried deep in her heart from past 30yrs will vanish today giving a great relief to her. Now today she logged in with usual thoughts to see some mails from her sister with photos of their kids, parties held, some with interior designing sites, But today there was one email which stopped her heartbeat. It was with the subject: “Wedding invite… Please do come” and it read

Dear Reshma,

Hope you are fine and also I hope you are still using this email account. Attached is my Daughters wedding invitation, I will be very happy to meet you and your family on this occasion. Please make it to the event and bless her.

Reshma, Today in this very moment when I am writing this email to you, I have regained all the respect I had for you and I am truly proud of the decisions you took then.

My Daughter is getting married to a very nice person whom I am truly happy and proud about and with our acceptance. But I tremble at the thought of she being away from me, she not being with me when I wake up every morning after the day she gets married. Now I know how it feels to give away Daughter even when I know I have full freedom to visit or invite her anytime.

You then took right decision and choose your parents. I am proud of you now.

Thanks and Regards,

Hope you haven’t forgotten my name…

Reshma Sighed aloud, held her heart and laughed out loud, she ran to the study room hugged her husband and continued laughing though not sure about the reason Reshma’s husband held her tight and laughed with her. Screams of her past died down in the Sound of this Laughter.

Monday, June 14, 2010

In five years, will this matter?

While reading a fwd mail written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio, out of 45 points noted this one I really liked.

Frame every so-called disaster with these words 'In five years, will this matter?'

This is so very much true, When I read the above note I felt, yes so many things hit pass us we think its end of our life and also we feel after this life wont be same but no not exactly, life goes on like nothing has happened but we realize only after lot of heart aches, tears and pain.

When I first failed in exam I thought everything is finished, I can never be successful. But today after 7 years from that day nothing has spoilt my life, I have become more successful and more responsible. When I first lost love of my life, It was lot more heartache, lot more tears and pain but no nothing stopped. Life went on; it taught me to love everyone around me more, to love someone very deeply, respect everything I have and to treasure every moment.

Friends on this rainy day, I just tell you Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present. Be really happy for all that you have now at this very moment. Be thankful you have lot more happiness, love, cheers and success. Its one life let us enjoy it to the fullest…

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My office is in heart of the city, I must say very nice place in Bangalore where we have access to everything from here.
But being here all you can hear is noice !!! Sound pollution caused by Traffic outside the office.
From one of the meeting rooms facing the main road traffic sound is very much audible.

Today for my surprise when we were about to close the meeting I heard a kuku very melodious.
I was very surprised to hear that and enjoyed it truly. We closed the meeting and was heading to our cubicles I crossed two guys who were discussing about new ringtone and that was the source!!! I am very much Disappointed to know that and all my excitement died down.

But seriously we miss so many things like this isn’t it?
Where are the Sparrows which chirped?
Where are the fire flies which glittered in the night?
All all are gone…

And we still celebrate World Environment(green) day and there will be one day where people celebrate this day as memorial cause nothing will be left which green.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I am 50 now

“Uffffffffff I am very much tired, yes yes I know I am 50 now. Its not a very old age to be tired but what to do? This girl is not listening to anyone. So many people tried to negotiate for me but no she won’t listen to any one she keeps doing the same thing. People even stopped telling but she dint realize, Sometimes I think this girl is gone and she wil not trouble me anymore but then she is back to trouble me. I cannot tolerate any more such things. Next time she comes in to put such garbage trust me, I am going to slap her.”
- Chittrana

This is my 50th post I am so very excited but I don’t know why I hear my blog whispering like this!!! Do you hear the same???

Sleepy Afternoon...

If I write something very weird please don’t neglect thinking it’s usual. Today it’s different because I am writing this with completely blank mind and half closed eyes. While trying to control my sleep I am doing these things…

1. In last 10 min I have explored 3 different ways to sleep without getting noticed by anyone.
2. I have messaged more than ten friends to see who replies faster.
3. Refreshed inbox more than 20 times in 10 min.
4. I prepared Task list of loads of work pending and have been continuously reworking on the same thing again and again.
5. Can’t avoid the movie Babble running in mind which I saw yesterday night.
6. I am writing this blog.
7. Dreaming of a place to sleep and just sleep tight.
8. Oh my god! I am still not able to control my sleep, someone save me
Thudd!!! Did u hear it my head banged to the desk here, My laptop has survived with minor injuries…

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bye Bye

There are a thousand comparisons to our lives. Life has lot of a metaphors coined by many people. Today I thought of a particular metaphor very relevant to our lives. Isn’t life like a journey in a bus, you get in at some point choose where to sit, where to get down and finally end your journey.
At the start of our journey we struggle to make ourselves comfortable, if lucky we get to complete the journey luxuriously, if not it’s a struggle till we get down. Some can choose to get down, some will complete the journey and get down, and for some it’s a crush i.e. unwillingly they will have to end their journey.

But amidst these two events of getting in and ending the journey there is one important thing which happens constantly and that is people who board onto the bus at different stops of our journey, they travel with us, spend some time with us and leave their memories and at times get down at their destination and will no longer be part of your journey. Isn’t it so amazing how these people make every moment of your life worthwhile. There will be happiness, sadness, heartbreaks, jealousy, rage, friendships, love, relationship – a mixed bag of emotions but still nothing stops when they have reached their destined place, they just get down and reach their destiny.
Again we continue our journey with old memories and new hopes…

Via this blog I am bidding bye to one such wonderful person who was a very dearest person who was part of my journey till now… wish we meet again, wish we share the same Journey. I will be hopping that you will board again to the same Bus…

Friday, April 30, 2010

A Journey

It was very hot and also very unusual in Bangalore Bus stand, Mysore is very close to Bangalore and every one hour there will be buses from both the side which reduces the crowd at counter, it was very unlucky of me to land on this day which was really very crowded. People pushing pulling was going on and because of my height I could hardly even see what was going on ahead.

I thought I will have to give up on reaching Mysore and decided to turn back just then I bumped on guy you was all smiling seeing my fate. I came out frustrated from that crowd and stared badly at him then he came to me apologized and convinced me that there is his friend in the queue and he will ask him to buy a ticket for me, he dialed in his mobile and informed to the guy other end to buy a ticket for me. I was so very happy about this just then a thin guy pulled himself out of the crowd and introduced him self and handed over the ticket. But unfortunately his responsibility did not end there; as I was traveling alone I asked if I can be with him till we reach Mysore and then part. Now the adventure was to get into over full bus some how we managed to get in and find a seat for both of us. The Journey thus began as usually I continued talking non stop asking lots of question not letting him to sleep for a minute also.

He was already frustrated with my non stop questioning but how could I stop? We were about to get down I requested for one last question and asked him where he was going in mysore. See his bad luck he was also going to the same company where I was going and we landed in the same Auto to our Company. We only then got to know that we are in the same company but different induction batches.

Thus began our Friendship of two very different people. Me non stop talking and never ending questions, but him he hardly spoke or I am not sure if I ever let him speak. He was very focused about learning I was very focused in copying from him. I enjoyed roaming around he spent time doing everybody’s Assignment especially mine. Almost every day we meet had lunch together and spent time talking (of course me talking him listening) I still wonder how we used to walk that entire company campus talking nothing which was useful. Oh we walked and walked for 5years now. Yes its 5 years from that very first day I met my very Good Friend, now we don’t see each other often, we don’t talk nonsense, I don’t question him always but still his friendship is always treasured. Journey from Bangalore to Mysore ended soon but the Journey of Friendship is still continuing…

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I smell something …

Yesterday after office me and hubs went to Amma’s place to talk to them for a while and then go home. We started with general gossiping some how we got to know that a far relative has a problem of no smelling sense i.e. she cannot smell anything. As this discussion continued, we all started listing down advantages and disadvantages of this if it happens with us. With every advantage we listed we laughed out loud and made fun. Here goes the list


1. No need of buying Deodorants(how we smell we will not know and how others feel we need not worry), or worry of bad odor in a public transport
2. No need to worry of things like garlic, onion or mint in the dishes as we can’t smell them any more.
3. All Flowers including hibiscus are same
4. Drainage leak no worry, until we see the leak
5. No Nauseating feeling when pungent smell is around.

Oh many more, I censored out from this blog

We finished our general discussion and started to our home with a good smile and more laugh to continue on our Journey back home. Once we reached home, I opened the Lock and stepped in only to find out that house smelled like cooking gas. Oops I immediately figured out that cooking gas has leaked, So informed hubs not to switch on lights, we opened all the windows and waited for almost half an hour. Gosh I was terrified as the smell was strong and it had almost filled entire house. It happened because of accidentally opening the Stove knob. Now I was totally shocked and realized what is it lose one of our Senses, and really felt guilty for laughing at someone who is going through this.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trin Trin....

Mobiles Phones isn’t it so very common thing in our lives these days? Its not amazing if it sounds some thing like Oxygen and Water. I am not writing this to tell you not to use Mobile phones as it damages brain. I am just scribbling a little discussion which happened over Tea today.

My dear sister who is just out of college and has lot of friends around keeps going around and meeting people, and my appa cannot control and keeps calling every now and then to know where she is, how she is and what time she will be back. This is a very irritating thing to younger generations these days, interfering in personal time and space. Thanks to Mobile technology for this little fight between Appa and Sis.

Today my sis was as usual out to meet friends and my appa was getting worried as she was not picking the call. He started cribbing saying it’s already half an hour she left and she has not informed that she has reached safe. My Amma who is very cool in her nature was consoling him not to worry. Smiling in kitchen, Amma started her Child hood story. About the beautiful malnad and their wonderful childhood prank. During their summer holidays they would go to relative’s house which was almost 30km from there house. 4-5 Kids would group up and go in bus till certain distance and then they had no other options to walk for 15km more, which they had to walk amidst thick forest, hills and streams. So to reach the relative’s house from Bus stop it easily took 4-5 hrs.

Thing here is once they say bye at their place and go, Parents would only get to know if kids found time to write letter and that would reach them only after 5-6 days after kids left the house, it was time when there was no Telephones, TV or Radio, Or at times Parents would only get to know about the safety of their kids once they are back after there stay of 15days. Such was the time.

Saying this Amma shook her head and smiled seeing Appa dialing in his mobile again to reach my Sister.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Over the last weekend ..

I usually prepare list of tasks to be done on my weekend cause Saturday and Sunday are so very precious… I know u will agree upon this. This doesn’t mean I am very disciplined, it only means that I forget most of the things that I want to do. So the list by Friday evening will assist me to do all the tasks planned but sometimes I have also forgotten where I have kept the list, such a being I am.

So the list for past weekend was like this…

1. Wash all my cloths
2. Swim
3. Paint for my dear friend
4. Cook nice dishes for my hubs
5. Watch a movie
6. Study for my Exam

What I achieved

1. It was cloudy seemed like it would rain so dint wash the cloths :But It dint rain !!! (check)
2. Swim: 7 – 7:45 was the class I woke up at only 8:45 :( (check)
3. Paint for my dear friend : hey hey I did atleast this, I intended to paint a Flower but not sure why when I showed it to my husband he dint stop laughing for an hour. So I have decided to hide that painting and also forget where I have hidden it. (check)
4. Cook nice dishes for my husband: Saturday and Sunday hubs had lot of work so informed Friday Evening that he will not come home for lunch So I went to my moms place ordered all that I want to eat and ate as though it’s the last time I will be having lunch. (check)
5. Study for my Exam: hmmm I did start with first page trin trin friend called (check)

Hey I missed mentioning about Watching movie, yes I did it I saw almost 3 movies yuppie yeah CHECK. Thus was my wonderful weekend… so how was yours?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wife of a studying Husband

Now that you all have read the Part 1 of this story here goes the continuation

All went well, we are happily married, touch wood! After 10 days of our marriage, my hubs one Thursday night told me that he will have to study for his first class of the new term, that event signaled the changes that way to come in my lifestyle.

It all started that Friday followed by Saturday, he had continuous classes from 8am to 5 pm, I would clean the house one day, shop for all house hold things required for next week and then go to Mom’s place for rest of the day and wait for my hubby. The initial few days, Sunday was a holiday for him so we would stay together and enjoy that one day at least but gradually as the course got hectic it started eating into our together time on Sundays and he was completely occupied on Friday, Saturday and also Sunday.

I would feel very dejected when I saw couples roaming around hand in hand, smiling and talking to each other in the park which was right in front of my home, as I would clean the house and watch TV and wait the whole day, only to see my hubby come home tired in the evening. One day I couldn’t control myself and I shouted back asking him to please take a break from his studies- we were just married and I was not able to handle this any more. He was very much worried because he was very much dedicated to his studies and he tried to convince me. Though I got convinced then, the fights increased daily and one day my hubs couldn’t control his anger he shouted back saying you can go back to your mom’s house and I will call you back only once I finish my course, in anger he just raised his hands which pushed me out of the door.

Ouuuuchhhhhhhhh !!!! I slept in the corner of my bed and fell down very badly and heard my hubs laughing aloud at me! Thank god all this was just a dream. After consoling me he continued with his studies for his first class in the new term.

Nothing like all that I dreamt happened what actually happened from then on is like this,

Every Friday, Saturday and by term ending complete Sunday my Hubs will be occupied but I happily engage myself in girlie shopping, gossiping with friends, mom’s place to find out hot gossiping news, pursue all my hobbies and interest, visiting my little friends at Courtesy these are the endless things I now do on weekends. Now I am more busy than he is! Thanks to him because of his one interest in studies I am able to do so many interesting things in my life…

Friday, April 9, 2010

That Sleepless Night...

Mine was a pretty simple and sweet, love cum arranged marriage. Love, my effort and Marriage my hubs effort By which I mean it was I who took initiative to take our friendship to next level and after which my husband went ahead to discuss this with my parents, his parents and convince both the sides which means that the less painful and fun part was mine and the major decisions and worries my hubby took on.

We had just then announced at home about our interest in each other and our family was in debate mode I was pretty much sure that they will be convinced so in such situation one night my husband, the then Boyfriend called me and told he has something important to discuss based on which I should decide whether I will be able to get married to him. I told him he can tell it now but he told he has lot of things to explain and so he wants to meet me in person and decide on the same, he wished me a good night and hung up.

How it could be a good night sleep for me in such situation? I had already told my parents and if I comeback tomorrow after listening to his story and say no they will kill me. My god I couldn’t sleep with the curiosity and tension of thousand thoughts like, may be he had old lost Girl friend and she is back, or may be his parents weren’t happy or may be he wants to relocate to Pakistan, which kept lingering in my mind and didn’t let me sleep. I was just waiting for morning 10’ o clock to meet him.

As soon as I walked down from my bedroom for coffee in the morning, my appa, amma were smiling and also for my surprise they told they are ok with the boy’s family and they would call him and his parents in the evening to confirm on further events and dates. My heart skipped a beat thinking about a bad news which is waiting at 10’ o clock. I dropped my head down thinking all these only to hear my parents whispering that see she is so shy!!!

At last it was 10’ 0 Clock, I met him and with all smiles and usual style he walked up to me and held my hand. Nothing was running in my mind all I wanted to know was what that secret was. And here goes our conversation

Him: Hi
Me: Can you tell me what is that you want to discuss with me
Him: (Surprised with my curiosity)
Me: Pleaseeeeeee
Him: Listen you need to think very deeply on this, it’s serious and important for both of us.
Me: Will you please tell me what is it?
Him: Ohhh… ok I am taking up MBA at a prestigious institution and it will be for 2 yrs and balancing studies and worklife will be very hectic….(Pause), I want you to understand it may be difficult for you as we may not go for outings like newly weds and you may be left alone on weekends….(continuing…)
Me: Ufff….(relief), stop enough can you please drop me home immediately
Him: Why do you want to go home immediately? This is an important issue please think through this (Now he is tensed)
Me: No I want to sleep deeply. Whole night I didn’t sleep, this is not an issue at all…

And now….we are happily married! Look out for the ramifications of this decision in my next post …

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blessings Poured…

I was watering my little plant out in the balcony thinking how much it must be waiting for water, March was getting hotter day by day. Sitting in AC getting food and water so close by, I feel so damned tired because of this unusual temperature here. This made me think how this little creeper was bearing the heat and dust outside house just then a water droplet fell on my shoulder and I ran inside to ask my husband whether he had switched off motor to prevent overhead tank from overflowing but he told he had done it long back. So came out again to see that weather had changed suddenly, there was wind and then rain drops increased and it rained.

Excellent it is when it rains I just ran to Balcony got drenched in the First showers of this year, when I looked around I could see many enjoying the first shower and also the most beautiful thing to see was my little creeper which was so beautifully green looking very happy now. Rain increased and the sound was so loud, I could mildly hear my husband asking me to come inside and not to get drenched but seconds later even he was in rain with me getting drenched. We were so much in love more with rain than with each other at that very moment.

Thanks for those unseen hands which poured Rain on us and brightened our mood and mind. It was like I woke up afresh for a new beginning someone well said, Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for. I have many things to do, lot many friends and family to love and lots of hope for future so do you call this a perfect life??? Yes I do

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gate Thaandi varamaaten

It means I wont cross the gate and come

This Blog is strictly not about any movie review
Any resemblance to the movie or to incidents similar to the ones experienced by those who have watched this movie is purely coincidental and expected , and the picture in this blog bears no resemblance to either my husband or me, we weren’t awake to pose like this…
Its my little SIL(Sister-in-law), is the one who always suggests me the latest movie to watch and I accordingly pestered my dear hubs to take me to that movie. So it was this movie VTV( I am so much bored to even expand it so u do it yourself), after my SIL’s strong recommendation I started pestering my Hubs to take me to that movie and fine my husband who generally avoids such romantic movies suggested that we will watch this movie in DVD( his plan is at least he can Fast forward the songs and finally doze off while watching and where as I continue crying till end, finish the movie). But no somehow my SIL got to know about this, she called up again and insisted that we should watch the movie in Theater because it has this wonderful feel and Cinematography was the one to be watched.

Fine bowing to mine and SIL’s pestering my hubs booked tickets in the best theater and very good seats. Movie began with this great confusion “Of all the girls in this world, why did I fall in love with this girl” Initially this dialogue sounded very good but gradually when this dialogue was repeated more than 10 times with in half an hour we figured out it was incompetency of the script writer that he couldn’t find any other dialogues to fit in so added the same thing again and again. Eventually as the movie progressed sorry I shouldn’t say like this it’s an insult to Movie crew, Movie was there only where it started only time was passing, we started saying “Of all the movies in this world, why did I have to watch this movie”. Keep aside the story part lets discuss about this cinematography no no no initial half an hour you will be in that feel which is supposed to be very romantic and all that but after half an hour even this becomes so very boring that you feel like hating hero and heroine for the very much slow motions and close up scenes they are shot in. ok Now lets talk about Music done, this is one thing you would like all the time my car CD player was playing this music but not sure of the reason once I came back from theater I hated the songs too.

Entire movie when ever I turned to see what my hubby doing either he was playing solitaire in his phone or dozed off if not both he was giving very bad stare at me for forcing him to watching this very silly movie. As soon as the movie was over I held my hubs hands with really sad face I promised him from now on for such movies “Gate Thaandi Varamaaten”.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A vacation without my new dress…

I am just back from a trip to my native for a wedding. It was wonderful trip of course with some lifetime experience to carry with!
I am branded as careless girl from my childhood for example I keep my lunch box in school and walk home empty handed, I write notes neatly and forget my class work book in some shop where I stopped to buy toffee. I stick pens and pencils to my hair while doing Engineering graphics and then walk around in college corridor and ask friends if they have seen my pencils and pens making them laugh and tease me telling this story for next 15 days. With this Reputation like Talking more and having lot of friends everywhere are also there, which are usually made a reason for my carelessness, I know all these doesn’t seem so big isn’t it? Ok good now let us continue with vacation story.

We i.e. me and Amma reached native at around 5 am in the morning, My mom was so very happy to see her Brother who has come to pick her up and she almost jumped out of bus to wish him. After this brief meet she came back to me, I was getting down from bus half asleep as I have not seen how 5 am looks like lately. Observing this and also with my old reputation my Amma immediately asked me to carry small bags and go near car and she decided to get the bags from the luggage holder in the Bus. Fine ALL IZZ WELL till now, we smilingly went in his car seeing the scenic beauty around and reached my Grand Parents house. I was seeing happy smiling faces, some excited about us coming back to native. Amma picked her bag and searched for sweets she had got for kids and handed it over to kids all happy praising amma, how I could stay back form this even I had got chocolates for kids so went to get it, What did I see there? My god the bag what amma had got was not mine!
I announced what had happened to everyone, Everyone without even listening to story Branded that it must be me who has done such a careless act, my god what to do now it’s a remote village network connectivity of mobile like Airtel, Vodofone are never known, so It was really hard. Tried calling thousand people from uncle’s reliance cell phone and some how got my Bag only in the Evening. By then Vacation I had come for attending cousin’s marriage had to be managed with out my new dress.
Now when Bag was lost, see so many little things were of use… I had this ticket which we travelled and I kept it safe now tell me do you think I am careless? Ok I had to talk to so many people on that day and describe the incident and some I had to convince to understand my situation so many SIR, so many UNCLE so many THANKS so many SORRY were used to get the BAG back now tell me do you think I am talkative? A person who was not that close friend but because of one get together invite I had done to him I could dare to ask help from him. See so many things in 4 hrs ….

Lessons learnt:
Every Person you meet is really precious!
Check your Luggage every time you travel. Things and memories associated with them are very precious.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Weekend and late night sleep goes so much hand in hand right?
And with this if you have a set of untouched movie DVD’s lined up you can imagine how tempting it is.

But alas, I had over worked on Sunday the Valentine’s Day( for rest of the world), and for me WORKING day. But back from work I couldn’t digest the fact that I haven’t seen a movie this weekend. So I decided to pick one watch it and not mind about late night sleeping.

I had set of Comedy, Action, Romance, Horror flicks, of all these I picked up Horror Paranormal Activity. The guests previous day who had been to my home had mixed reviews, one said I felt sleepy, one said I was scared to death. So to be on safer side I asked my hubs to sit with me while I am watching this movie, see its not that I am scared to watch alone its like if I see it alone My hubs will have to see it alone later and he may be scared, like this all was set. My husband after reminding me about late night sleeping and its side effects on me agreed to join me to watch the movie.

Big hall, Ligths switched off and in TV Horror movie DVD playing. It progressed to almost 15 min, my first reaction was to ask my husband to switch on the lights the reason I gave was it is bad for Eyes to watch movies in dark, My hubs who knew the real reason dint care to justify he just switched on the lights and movie progressed. Almost complete movie I watched with Eyes Closed… now understand this how ever you can at certain point of time both Eyes and Ears closed and I asked my husband to give commentary on what was going on. After these entire circus some how I completed this movie which was not really thaaat scary, I told my hubs. (He was grinning thinking when she ever watched the movie.)

Men are so insensitive, my husband after watching the movie with eyes and ears wide open was able to sleep happily and also to snore, where as I was struggling to even close eyes. As soon as I tried to close eyes I could hear noises which I never heard with lot of fear I could hardly close my eyes. I was wide awake and opening my eyes just to make sure nothing went across in my room. Believe me this is the longest night I have ever had.

When I saw the first rays I was so happy and got up, freshened myself started with hectic Monday morning thanking god for giving new life and not letting anything walk around in my room. Had heavy breakfast and lunch and then started the real ABNORMAL ACTIVITY. Due to lack of sleep as usual my digestive system refused to work and all that I ate was performing Kung fu in my stomach with sound effects. Struggled whole day and cursed myself for sleeping late for getting scared unnecessarily (I can say this only in Day light).

And now tell me which one I should be carefull about, PARANORMAL or ABNORMAL Activity (I suffered more because of this).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So what are you doing on Valentine’s Day?

Is it Flowers? Chocolates? Cakes? Love letter? Shopping? Movie? Candle lit dinner?

This may be your plan hmmm that’s very nice.

Yes I too have a wonderful plan. Let me tell you.

I will get ready in the morning and run to meet him as I have so much planned for him.
When I meet him its all him, from then on its only me and him, And shhh I know how to turn him on in simple ways :).
Till lunch I will be with him and again meet him after my lunch

Now don’t ask me why you will not have lunch with him I can’t because Security guards will not allow to take my laptop to cafeteria…

Yes I am working on Valentine day, I worked last year also and I am working this year also. There is something which makes my project have deadlines only sometime near Valentines Day. And I end up working on Valentine’s Day. So it’s happy Independence Day for my husband ….

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I hired a designer…

First time in my life I offered some work to somebody :)

I stick on to old things very much, it may be that I am too sentiMENTAL about my things that I don’t want to change anything which is with me for long time now or in general commoners language I am just too Lazy to do something new.

So this time it was my Blogspot which had to be revamped badly, thought I tried putting some colors in it I kept on getting feedback from friends asking to change the looks of my Blogspot. Oh come on how do looks mater looks are deceptive don’t you know that? Was my argument. But deep down inside I wanted to do it also.

Today afternoon my best buddy who I consider a style icon pinged me saying she is getting bored, now isn’t it the Easy catch, yes I caught it.

I with my usual communication skills :) impressed her telling I have a work which is very creative and told about revamping my Blog, Gosh I never knew she will accept immediately…

And thus I hired my first designer and here it is my very own blog in new AVATAR…
Thanks Buddy, and hey wait do you want to Revamp your Blog feel really free to contact

This DESIGNER. Do not forget to give your feedback please…

I know you are thinking, one Lazy and one Jobless, but hello I have paid a lot for this like panipuri, Jayanagar 4th Block free Guided trip in my Benz(but it looks like Scooty) may be much more…

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No matter what I love to do this...

Weird things I love to do…

List begins…

1. Name everything around me, Sippu –My sipper bottle, all my dolls, Tutty my car(2208),
Jeejamma , Scorpian king . Laila my plant. And finally my dearest hubs, forget it space here is not enough for the names I have coined on him.

2. Short distance travel in local Bus, Best thing for me is to observe different faces which will have loads of thoughts, emotions, and again talking, smiling some shouting. Never you will get all these at a time, So travel in bus.

3. Observing couples sitting on far away bench in the park who are talking to each other and dubbing my dialogues for their facial expressions.

4. Gossip, my god I love gossiping with cousins, friends. It is so very silly we just talk talk talk whole lot about everyone, finally inferring everyone else are wrong and only we are perfect.

5. Eating Stuffed capsicum with over expressions and emotions on my face, of course with sound effects in public which makes my husband embarrass and hide his face from public stare.

6. Observing people discussing over mobile… mute the conversation see their Expression. He he he

7. Collecting ice cream boxes oh they are so cute. And reusing them to pack small things and feeling proud about them.

8. Suggesting really bad movie to a close friend, I feel so much relaxed that even she will waste her 3hr and watch it. Also end of it or may be mid way she will call to scold me, I will be very sure that I will get call.

9. Watching reality show like Rakhi ka swayamwar, MTV roadies and Starting to scold these shows from begin but still continue to see the entire show scolding who will see such nonsense.

Many more things are there but let me stop here, If you know me then you can tell me what have I left out from the list and Hey you let me know what other weird things you love to do, so that I will get some more ideas…

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All All are gone old familiar faces

How some they have died, and some they have left me,And some are taken from me; all are departed;All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.
- Charles Lamb:
Just while referring some old poems part of our syllabus in primary to a friend I was trying to remember this poem by Charles Lamb, Tried best couldn’t remember then but when back to seat suddenly remembered it and googled for more details.

I only now understand that few stanzas in this poem were deleted in our text book and very few were there in my 6th Standard English. Hardly have we understood then that there is something called as nostalgia. At least for me this poem made no sense then. And I think its same with most of us, we were very young to understand that we will miss someone or something so much.

This post is dedicated to Old Familiar Faces. Vishnuvardhan and Ashwath, All our Childhood plays was around new films of Vishnu, one amongst us was Vishnuvardhan and few others villains we had our own story for our plays but hero always was Vishnuvardhan. Kid amongst us who mimicked Vishnuvardhan well was always the hero in our group like this all our childhood we played imagining ourselves to be Vishnuvardhan, Rajkumar and Shankarnag…and in any film where Ashwath was a nice father or Grandfather we wished we also had Ashwath as our father or Grandpa huh now All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.
It is just natural things which leave an empty place in our heart. It is known truth that everything around us and also including us will be one day gone but still we live hoping that the bond created is unbreakable. And may be this is what is driving us everyday, Hope of Eternity. Now I promptly accept I understand and appreciate this poem by Charles Lamb. Because I know how it feels when I say All All are gone the old familiar faces…