Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Sheetal was surprised to see a Whatsapp voice message from SIN, Seriously Introvert Nitin the boring Shayar and her ardent admirer.  She whole heartedly wanted to ignore that message as she was already very irritated by those boring shayaris which he relentlessly typed every day!!! But with the thought of mocking his shayari in his own voice with her girl gang she decided to go ahead and listen to his message…
Just before she played that message she smirked at the thought of him reciting “ Tum toh phool ho magar main fool hun…blah blah” Sort of silly shayari but she was in for surprise this day…

Plays ->Nitin:  Oh a piece of heaven!!!

Sheetal was taken aback by this direct attack decides to play around and types back. Thus begins the game of the voice messages from Nitin and texts from Sheetal.

Sheetal : Hello whats going on!!!( SLAP)
Plays ->Nitin: That tastes amazing
Sheetal: how about this (PUNCH)
Plays ->Nitin: Please give me some more
Sheetal: Are you mad?
Plays ->Nitin: trust me, I am lost!
 Sheetal:  (KICK) now did u find urself?
Plays ->Nitin: Oh I will get addicted to this!!!
Sheetal:  Dumbo! what do you want from me???
Plays ->Nitin:  Now all I want is…
Sheetal:  what???
Plays ->Nitin:  One bite..plsss
Sheetal: whaaaaaaaattttttt
Plays ->Nitin: I can do anything for it! 
Sheetal: u have gone nuts!!!! 

As Sheetal was raging in anger she gets a message from her other friend to see the Cadbury 5 Star Facebook page to see funny avatar of their classmate SIN in the video named “Condition Serious hai? toh Blindfold Game Khelna!!!

She plays the video and ends up laughing out loud seeing the video which was just shot in the Boys hostel room no 37. SIN was blind folded and was given the yummy soft Cadbury 5 Star, the various kid like reactions of this Serious Guy were very hilarious. She couldn’t stop laughing on seeing the exaggeration on every bite and begging for more 5 star like a kid.

Suddenly something strikes, she observes the video closely and finds that Ramesh and Suresh were recording SIN’s reaction in his mobile, she takes out her mobile and plays the messages that she had just received from SIN!!! And thus the zigsaw puzzle was solved! 

She rewinds to see the video again and replays the messages
Plays ->Nitin:  Oh a piece of heaven!!!
Plays ->Nitin: That tastes amazing
Plays ->Nitin: Please give me some more
Plays ->Nitin: Oh I will get addicted to this!!!
Plays ->Nitin:  Now all I want is…
Plays ->Nitin:  One bite..plsss
Plays ->Nitin: I can do anything for it! 

Smiling at the prank played by Ramesh and Suresh, Sheetal messages back….

Sheetal: Beta SIN where are you? tera Condition Serious hai!

Nitin sent you an Image: :(

Message from Nitin: ofcourse ICU… In Cadbury Unit, do come and visit me ;) ?

Thus begins a new friendship….

 PS: This post was written for #CONDITIONSERIOUSHAI blog contest on Indiblogger. And also as a gratitude for my ever lasting love for Cadbury 5 Star :).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dreaming of BALIwood

It may sound totally irrelevant when I say the secret of a happy married life is in the pleasure trips we make but then trust me friends one thing we have realized is risk taken in exploring the newer landscape, time spent talking in the exquisite beaches, a walk into the unknown corridor, hours spent planning for such a trip, the reality of being away from home land, being unreachable to anybody and then rejoicing the fruit of an efficient trip plan have given us a very special experience which keeps us wanting to be together always and so we have realized that we both are imperfect individuals making a perfect couple.

For all these years Hubby took extra care and caution to make every trip an amazing experience and it was now time for me to plan a wonderful trip and surprise him with my plan. Thus began my journey to mark our 5th anniversary. I shortlisted Bali after all thats the place to fall in love as per "Eat, Pray, Love".

But as I started planning I was so confused and lost in the ocean of information in the net. I felt like I was ravaged by the innumerable flights, hotels and was tremendously confused to make a right choice which was worth the money spent. That’s when I decided to call up my dear blog friend Rahul sir, he being my travel guru laughed at my confusion and to irritate me more he dint say a word about how to get the best deals but then he told me to only check Indiblogger – Indicontest for me to find the answer for my questions.

Tricked by him and with the zeal to make a wonderful plan I logged in to Indiblogger to find this contest about Skyscanner. Perplexed whether to explore this contest or to forget it and drown in the tremendous details in internet, I choose to give it a try with Skyscanner, after all a veteran traveler Rahul sir had recommended and I could not ignore it!

Hitting the , I was taken aback by the very sight of the home page, A very simple page which just highlighted the 3 most important features for any travel, that’s Flights, hotels  and car rentals. Trust me friends after all these travels I have done if you are able to address these 3 things then 90% of the travel is done.

I did no delay in exploring the site and the most wonderful feature which kept me hooked to it was the comparison of cost and rates from all the major sites and the option to choose from any of them in one search and one click.

 And in 3 steps there I had planned a perfect itinerary

Step 1: Flights – Checked!

Step 2: Best Budget Hotel + offers – Checked!

Step 3: Car rentals for internal travel – Checked!

All the details were sent to my registered email and there I had a perfect trip booked and done. As I presented the trip plan for our 5th Anniversary, The proud look I had and the surprised look in hubby’s face was worth a capture.

Thanks to wonderful Skyscanner which did help someone as naive as me to make a perfect trip plan. With such fantastic plan in place, I and hubby are now left with only one thing and that’s dreaming about fun in BALIwood.  

PS: This blog is my submission for Travel Smart with Skyscanner contest in Indiblogger