Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Monday, January 28, 2013

It conveys lot many things ;)

Would you believe me if I say emotions like Sense of accomplishment, Bitterness of failure, Love, Hatred, Happiness, Sadness, Compassion, Greed, Mockery and many many more, are all associated with one common expression? Hard isn’t it? Strange but true, you definitely not need umpteen different expression to show case all these totally irrelevant emotions,  all you need is to SMILE :D

Oh yeah, I have realized it after a lot of research on this topic in so many different locations J World is my lab, and have seen my subjects everywhere like in traffic jams, Office, home, shops, theaters, etc etc practically everywhere. So I am now presenting you my paper on this topic,

[I know you are now smiling, and let me tell you that’s Mockery :P which is encouraged at Chittrana :D ]
So my chosen location is Public toilet! Oh hello wait... ok ok I will be bit sophisticated and call them “Restroom” sounds cool?

 Gwaaaaad!!! this is one haven for smiles and laughter. All of us have visited Public restrooms, So the environment there is nothing new to all of us but have you seen the different smiles floating there? Come on take this smile vision glasses put them on J now head towards your gender specific Restrooms (Please note, I have clearly mentioned where to head to, don’t blame me later :D) and here you go…

Smiles - At Front line
Can you guess the most difficult pressure that you will have to handle other than the pressure on bladder at that very moment when you are the next one to get into the facility? It is Frontline pressure wandering what it is? Let me explain you, Just as the person ahead of you has entered the divine place and door is slammed on you exactly then this pressure starts building amongst the people behind you. They just want to push you in so badly and you will have to literally hold tight with feet firm on the ground else you will definitely break open the door and join the person inside and you can imagine the consequences!!!  So when this happened with me, I decided to turn back and stare at the person behind me and you know what I get in return a SMILE!!! Ah I asked for it and that person just smiles and turns towards the person behind her and then it continues and just like that entire queue smiles sheepishly… how many of you have seen this???

Smiles - A cheat code
Ok now I am about to enter the facility there comes this madam from the other longer queue smiling! As if this smile alone was not enough to scare me away there is some weird winking with her head making a motion which is drawing a Tilde in air… so Obviously this means please let me in now – ah a Smile for REQUESTING!!! Fine I step back and this madam continues to smile till she slams the door and I stand there again tolerating the Frontline + Bladder pressure, but why do I imagine her smile continuing even after the door is closed? Oh yes she should be really proud of the cheat code she used to get to next level! Huh!

Smiles - Sense of accomplishment
And here comes the greatest smile, I  just am waiting for that person to get out and show mercy on my bladder right then she comes out proudly and again Smiles very proudly don’t ever think this is smile of gratitude it’s just the smile to announce TASK ACCOMPLISHED!  Just then I receive a tap on my back and there is a smile which says will you go ahead or should I push you off the queue and poor me not wanting to get into all this, I rush towards the door and Right then comes the housekeeping at that very moment to lock the door hanging the board “Cleaning in Progress” but I actually hear nothing but a flush from inside!
Now I turn back and smile in regret… to see half the queue moved to join other queues making it even longer and the other half staring me very badly Ah I can understand their pressure, I mean frustration!
And all I can do now is to SMILE :D and end this paper!

Now you can take off the smile vision glasses if you will, but then keep it on world is beautiful when everybody is smiling :D and yes it conveys lot many things :D

But still keep smiling no matter what it conveys J 

Monday, January 21, 2013

A wish ticked in my bucket list

Actually my bucket list seems to be never ending, it just keeps growing every time I hear or see a new exciting thing and *ting* my Bucket list is update. But let me tell you, I just went crazy when there was a green tick on one of my wish in the bucket list recently. So I am sure you can understand what is it to actually  be able to tick a task done on my crazy bucket list!

So here you go with my experience…

My recent trip which I call it an annual trip(Which actually means the trip which rips off my annual savings! ) :D made my dreams come true! Since these annual trips is once a year and with so much saving gone into it I love to squeeze in lot of must do things of the place in one single trip so this time beyond the Google must do things, the main agenda for me was to have at least one tick in my Bucket list. And so I picked SCUBA Diving!

Oh yes SCUBA diving was the initial thing on my list. It was there for a long time, with no action taken and had started staling. So this trip I was sure I had to do it and so after a friendly advice from an experienced friend, I picked my destination for my annual trip and that was THAILAND, for the amazing country it is with lot of variety which caters to almost all sorts of tourists of different age group and interest, it also is one of the best locations for Scuba diving as this country’s islands has the diving sites with best visibility.

BTW tell me how many of you remembered Kathrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan diving in water and swimming in style in the deep blue sea as soon as I told Scuba diving??? I am sure almost all the souls who were jealous of Hrithik and souls like me who were jealous of Katrina in the movie ZNMD would have!  Hmmm I had this dream to be diving someday even before this movie portrayed the stylish scuba diving and the silly story of scuba diving being equivalent to meditation trust me the meditation gyan in the movie is total crap at least not true for the first timers ;)!

After reading too many posts and chatting with buddies who have already done it, I was all set to make the final booking with the tripadvisor’s top rated Diving club Super Divers in Phuket.  Thanks for their patience for I floated 100 mails seeking details about initial arrangements and clarification. The first thing I did as soon as I landed in Phuket was to mail Super divers to confirm my booking and from the day I landed in Phuket though we were doing 1000 other crazy things my whole interest was with upcoming scuba day…
And the D day had finally arrived, I felt extremely fresh even though I had slept sparsely due to over excitement and the thought of diving next morning. So there I was all set with a small backpack which contained some sun tan lotion, swim suite and with which a heavy mind filled with excitement :)

As soon as we reached the location the diving team took us to another Boat which would ferry us to the actual diving site to an island called Racha Yai in Phuket which took an hour's journey in the boat.  Entire boat was awesomely organized and everybody would get into small induction speech about the boat design and also an half an hour video of diving instructions. As I am writing this post I still relive those moments of Jan-12-2013..  I actually don’t want to tell you every minute details of Scuba diving because I don’t want to steal the show from those who want to experience it for themselves. It  will be like revealing the suspense of the thriller movie, I don’t want you to curse me.

So friends here are the glimpse of the day and all I can tell you is people who love to live those wonderful moments of handling pressure, being in the deep sea enjoying the mesmerizing visuals of deep blue sea, Please add scuba diving into your bucket list.

My First view of life Jackets and oxygen Cylinder

Beautiful and very skilled Instructor Nim

My first dive

At a depth of 12-15 meter

I just love every minute of this trip

And so my first tick on my bucket list was done successfully

Thursday, January 17, 2013

And sometimes you just need a break for no reason…

Oh yes this happens with me lot of times, all of a sudden I will want a break… and if you are agreeing thinking that I will be overworking or doing some monotonous job that I will need a break then CHE no not at all, nothing of those sorts. Life for me seems vibrant and filled with lot of excitement all the time but then I will need a break from it suddenly and now don’t imagine that I want to break free to realize the real me, find solitude or something like cut the connection with the world to sink in the depth of the soul!!! 

Buhahhaha oh pleaseeeeee not at all… I just need a break to make life even more exciting and so I pick to travel, travel to some place which falls in my budget also catering to the fun factor which I have planned for.
So in simple words I just like to do nothing that makes sense all the time and get out on a crazy vacation to get lost and to gain loads of stories, fun, excitement which will keep my new year fully occupied in the memory of that vacation and fills in endless life in me…

So last few days had been away on one such amazing vacation, which had lot of first encounters in my life, fantastic experiences and now tons of memories to share with you all also this explains the delay in replying to all your wonderful comments. So now you know that I have lot more to share with you and will be bugging you more with my travel tales … :D (hope you are still with me…)

Just being back from vacation when half my mind is still in that exotic place and the other half is sleepy, I still wanted to wish you all and remind you that I exist :D, so as soon as I got into e-world I typed in to remind you that hey Ramya is here!
So its end of one great vacation should I feel sad? oh come on no ways not me at least! it’s the amazing feeling, an accomplishment and more truthfully end of one vacation is beginning of another ;) isn’t it… Just imagine if you are always traveling wont you need break from that also….???? And so sometimes you just need a break for no reason… :D

Hang on with me for upcoming travel tales…. BTW seriously not buttering… I did miss you guys, I so wanted to make a post and tell you all what I am experiencing right then and there but then realized bundling the memories up and sharing would be more fun, so here I am back and waiting to tell you stories….

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Happy New Year :)

Hurray it’s a brand new year here! Happy Happy New year to all of you, May this year be filled with loads of success, love, good health and happiness to all of you….

Oh my god! I just love January for all the wonderful amazing magic it has. Being the first month of the year, it has this complete fresh feeling in it. All thanks to the weather of this month, its bright sunny winter down south here and warm sun is caressing all of us with a dash of chillness in the air. And so for me it’s a perfect start for a happy, energetic, fun filled year ahead. Most funny thing is, it is the month of retrospection for the year that has gone by. Almost all of us start scratching our head thinking about the bad things of the year that passed and reassure ourselves to not make the same mistakes again (cause we have so many different variety of mistakes left to do, its boring to repeat the same thing ;) ). Also we find it so difficult to let go the previous year for the best things it offered us. Try doing the exact same things in February its seems too funny and ridiculous :P. The best of all is making resolutions, struggling very hard for first 2 weeks to meet it and of course finally forget them with umpteen reasons to justify the failure.

All in all this one month is Potpourri of excitement, retrospection, hopes, dreams, financial planning, partying and getting emotional. And I am getting drenched in the shower of all this and especially last 4 days was too much of a hurricane not just shower and so the reasons for the delay to wish you all.

Oh I actually am telling everything else than what I actually started the post for… Typical me!
Not delaying further…I started this post to specially thank you all because you were my 2012 … yes trust me friends, I really don’t know much about you all apart from the very beautiful post you put on your blog, I don’t know where you are from, I don’t know what your liking are, we don’t connect regularly but nothing of this really mattered! You made me smile, you encouraged me all throughout no matter what I write I had at least 1 of you patting my back and encouraging me.

I don’t know what to call you as should I brand you all as my blog friends, my guides; my partners in crime, no nothing can actually brand the bond we share. I am here today in some corner of the world, typing some random things which is gushing out of my confused mind but with every word I have lots of hopes to see you all come here, shower me with all your love and best thing is, you have never disappointed me.
You feel free to laugh it over, or call me sentimental, or call me emotional being I still love and value this strange bond I have with you all…
Buddies thanks a lot…. You have made me smile all throughout this year… and again in this coming year I strongly hope my every morning will again start with smile for which you have been the reason all throughout …And touch wood! if you ever feel let down please remember there is one soul in some corner of the world waiting  for your smile…
Keep smiling ….Happy Happy New Year ....