Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rainbow life...

Violet the future, the imagination and the dreams
The baby was clad in a warm cloth like a beautiful doll. Holding those little hands, seeing her deep blue eyes, Nila forgot the pain of her mother’s death and promised herself to take care of her little sister till her last breath. She sold balloons everyday to come home with some food for her sister and her drunken father. They were poor but the love she had for her sister was very much precious. She took care of her sister everyday for those 3years.
As one last violet balloon flew beautifully in the blue sky, Nila thanked the wise lady who bought it from her. She ran down the street to feed her hungry sister but all she could find was her father, who got his whiskey by selling her younger sister to a brothel. 

Indigo the great wisdom
Broken at this inhumanity of this person, who sold his own daughter to the cruel hungry world out there, Nila had no hopes and dreams left to stay in that place. She sensed great wisdom and happiness as she walked out with no regrets in the cold night from the hut which she considered her home.
As the day light broke neighbors had called the police to inform that the hut dweller had succumbed to over drinking and no one could find his daughters around. Police closed the record indicating traces of indigo colored liquid to be the reason for his death.

Blue  youth,  truth, peace

Nila, young girl of 16 had made her life by working for kind hearted people who also sponsored her studies. She was now much matured for her age and very aware of the society she was facing. Her stay of 10 years in Blue Crescent home for needy came to an end this day, when she had got a very good job offer in the city. She bid them bye with hopes in her eyes and wonderful memories of the blue uniform which gave her so much confidence to start a brand new chapter of her life.
She now was a young beautiful lady with a decent job and truthful life but every night she woke up to the visions of her baby sister clad in violet cloth and the small portion of indigo liquid.

Green life, fertility, well being

Life had wonderful surprises for her. A Young, charming, well educated colleague, to whom Nila reported at work, fell in love with Nila and had proposed for marriage. Nila accepted this beautiful surprise and was happily married to this person.
Beautiful life of companionship, care and love which Nila was craving for from her childhood was all fulfilled by this charming prince. Both Husband and wife complemented each other in every aspect and so the beautiful journey of life had just begun.

Yellow wisdom, joy, happiness, energy

In this journey of life, Nila could still not forget her darling sister. One evening on over hearing a street fight between two drunkards, Nila could sense that those were the ones who brought kids from different villages to the city brothels. Determined, Nila did every possible investigation to find the whereabouts of her darling sister.
All the struggle of investigation lead Nila to a house in the very infamous redlight streets. Nila could instantly recognize her sister for she was the one who took care of her for 3 years. The joy and happiness were boundless when the sisters were reunited. Nila compelled her sister to come out of the dark life and lead a beautiful life with her but Nila’s sister rejected saying she has gone far away that the yellow lights of city made no sense to her. But she led Nila to a small room where there was a pretty baby girl in the cradle and she begged Nila to take her out of the hell she was in. She requested Nila not to come back ever again to meet her.


Orange Energy, Power
Nila hugged the baby girl and promised her sister to give a very good life to the baby and rushed holding the baby close to her heart. The man who was guarding the brothel noticed the baby being stolen and started chasing Nila. Nila did not lose hopes she ran down the streets holding the baby tight and managed to come safely to her home. As she reached home with the baby, whose future was now bright and stable, Life seemed perfectly beautiful. On seeing the baby smile beautifully, Nila was filled with energy and power to fight the world to give the bests to the baby and she hoped the visions of her baby sister and indigo liquid would vanish slowly.

Red: action, confidence, courage, vitality

Somewhere in the red light street, the brothel guard slits the throat of a young lady and she falls down helplessly breathing her last, she wished she could survive to see her beautiful daughter grow up. If only she had the courage to face the world. But with the hopes of beautiful life for her darling daughter, all she now wanted was to die.

Yet again life takes different shades and Salient colors of Rainbow fades in the city lights.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unsaid and Unheard!

When you were born, world seemed to be so beautiful and more precious at that very moment. I witnessed your mother undergo unbearable pain to get you into this world and that’s when I realized the value of womanhood. And when you my daughter, was placed in my arms for the first time I realized that I am holding another goddess who has just arrived to spread happiness and love.
How beautifully you grew up to be very pretty woman, soft and tender, lovely and beautiful. With you my girl, I saw my dreams succeeding. You were my inspiration to achieve newer things and to dream big. Your smile makes my day and without which I refuse to start my day. Seeing my strong emotional bonding with you, your mom warns me that few more years I will have to get you married and that would leave an empty space in my life. I know that is true, but my angel, you are meant to meet someone special with whom you will realize all your dreams. I am waiting to see that day and cherish it forever.

But what changed this whole thing?
Today here I am standing and waiting for you to open your eyes once and see me, Please see me once my goddess, which gives me power to fight the cruel beasts who dared touching you.
It’s not easy for me to see you in this condition, But my daughter I have taught you to fight, Come on! Get up my soldier! Lets fight the cruel world together! Let there not be anymore cruelty on women. Let there not be a single such beast let loose.
Please my love, speak up and give orders to me to drag those cowardly bastards out. I am on my way to hunt them and torture them for they should beg for death and I will make sure they live long to suffer the pain everyday and curse themselves for all that they did.
Let me teach this very simple lesson to respect women and to control their libido! And how I wish the world sees what I am going to do to these rascals that any such dogs should not even dare to think of seeing or touching women against her will.
Now there is no time left to question about where is humanity? And how secure the society is! And so lets fight it together, let all you women be armed to face these brutality and kick these rascals so hard that let them not be left in the gender they were born.

Your mom has lost hopes on everything. She is breathing only to see you come back to life again. I am scared to confront her and I am feeling ashamed for not being there for you my love. I don’t want these words to go unsaid and unheard, so please I beg you my daughter, don’t give up on me. let us face and fight this together. Please for once come back to life, come back to us.

PS: Trying to voice the agony of all those Parents who's children are victims of such brutality, Praying for the young girl and her family. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The only person standing in your way is you.

What are best memories of one’s life? What according to you are the moments that you want to hold on to till your last breathe?
For me the best things in life are when a baby’s heart beat is felt for the first time in the mother’s womb and the glow and emotions in father’s eyes. Actually everything a baby does for first time isn’t it very memorable and one will want to cherish it for life time? Just ask about your childhood stories and trust me your parents will have plenty of stories to tell about how you learnt to walk, how you learnt to eat.

And so according to me the best things in life is when you  break the barrier and learn to do something new which you thought you could never do. So something like that happened with me, I broke the self created barrier and flew so high for one time that it’s now the dearest experience which I will hold on to till my last breathe

Not that I have won noble or Oscar but yes I have won myself and so I wish to share with you all this little victory of mine over myself.
December is the month of events, our team started cruising through the events and victories from sports and cultural events were flowing in and now came the dance event. I was chosen by default as I am classical dancer and have performed on stage many times but then it was only me who knew what I was going through! Oh yes I am a very good dancer but alas in all my life I have never danced anything other than classical at the max I have performed Folk which still holds good with classical dancers. But then the song chosen was completely western and of course there is no classical in it and if I danced I would be dancing Western, salsa and Bollywood forms.

You think what’s the big deal, oh yeah yeah its completely big thing for a classical dancer to pick up this form and learn it in just few days to be performing in front of huge crowd. So there I was having inhibitions about my physic which I thought would never suit this form , My over Expression which flowed in from classical dancing for close to 2 decades which wont suit this form and biggest of all my inferiority…. There is a saying in Sanskrit which says you can defeat anybody else but to kill the enemy in you it needs lot of dedication. There I was in middle of complete chaotic mindset barbed in my thoughts and still in the dancing room waiting for my choreographer to walk in…

As I stood there doing my namaskara in classical form and getting ready to start salsa I wished I was thrown out of team as all I could imagine was people laughing at my SALSICAL !!! Trust me western dance form and classical expression is the biggest joke one can ever crack!!! I confessed this with everyone no matter what everywhere the answer I got was “just shutup and dance for the team”. That’s it I had got 50% of my confidence to stand for the team no matter what, But the other 50% which I thought was toughest came in so easily when my choreographer held my hand and told “Do it for the love of Dance”. Yes there I was trying to do my first Salsa step with the new dance team and with 100% confidence of the love I had for dancing…

One of the greatest choreographer, George Balanchine rightly said “Dancers are instruments, like a piano the choreographer plays.” And our choreographers, a handsome man Akshay and pretty lady Divya had played the best music out of us and there we were on the day of competition jumping at the victory of our team for which I was one of the dancers!!!!

I had just broken all the barriers I had about my looks, my influence of other dance form and there I was just dancing, dancing my heart out. Trust me friends its only passion you need to do anything, If you have left anything undone because of your inhibitions break free start it today you will learn it soon all you need is PASSION and BELIEF!

Now I truly understand what BLACK SWAN movie wanted to convey….

To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.  ~Agnes De Mille

Sunday, December 9, 2012

“It takes a long time to grow young.” – Pablo Picasso

Oh how true, it really takes a very long time for one to understand how young we turn with every passing birthday….
First of all, Its been long time of me posting in my blog, one of my dear blog friends also posted a comment asking if I am well. Now that’s what makes me comeback and put few lines here no matter what. But today I also have a reason to be writing this blog.

Having turned a year older in number and much much younger at heart yesterday, I thought I should retrospect on the year that has gone by. Ah What an eventual year it was learnt so many new things, saw so many new places, met so many people and wow the success and failures of this year which passed by. For all these experience and for all the new people I became friends with or in some way met them I am so much new to all of them so all in all did I grow old or young?

And friends, in 6 yrs of writing blogs it is this year when I met so many new friends and some who have been all throughout with me are still with me to encourage my every little activity. Thanks friends you made my every morning very exciting and you surprised me with your comments and posts, trust me every morning of this year has started with my blogging activity. You were huge part of this year in my life. Hope we will continue to be like this…

And the reason being away from my blog and from you all is just that I am doing so many activities for the month of December, The activities which I love to do and that is being on stage. Yes with all my over enthusiasm I am being part of biggest competitions at my workplace and that involves lot of practices and time to be invested so with these I am hardly finding time to pen down my thoughts but thing is I am still collecting so many experiences so that I can blog 
about all that in next few days… So it’s a breather for you till this 12th the gala event will be over that day, after which I will be back again to trouble you all.

So for the year that passed by I am happily letting it go and thanking it for all the wonderful experiences and people it gave me and for the coming year again I wish to be with you all, smile more , drench in your love and care.

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.