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Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trin Trin....

Mobiles Phones isn’t it so very common thing in our lives these days? Its not amazing if it sounds some thing like Oxygen and Water. I am not writing this to tell you not to use Mobile phones as it damages brain. I am just scribbling a little discussion which happened over Tea today.

My dear sister who is just out of college and has lot of friends around keeps going around and meeting people, and my appa cannot control and keeps calling every now and then to know where she is, how she is and what time she will be back. This is a very irritating thing to younger generations these days, interfering in personal time and space. Thanks to Mobile technology for this little fight between Appa and Sis.

Today my sis was as usual out to meet friends and my appa was getting worried as she was not picking the call. He started cribbing saying it’s already half an hour she left and she has not informed that she has reached safe. My Amma who is very cool in her nature was consoling him not to worry. Smiling in kitchen, Amma started her Child hood story. About the beautiful malnad and their wonderful childhood prank. During their summer holidays they would go to relative’s house which was almost 30km from there house. 4-5 Kids would group up and go in bus till certain distance and then they had no other options to walk for 15km more, which they had to walk amidst thick forest, hills and streams. So to reach the relative’s house from Bus stop it easily took 4-5 hrs.

Thing here is once they say bye at their place and go, Parents would only get to know if kids found time to write letter and that would reach them only after 5-6 days after kids left the house, it was time when there was no Telephones, TV or Radio, Or at times Parents would only get to know about the safety of their kids once they are back after there stay of 15days. Such was the time.

Saying this Amma shook her head and smiled seeing Appa dialing in his mobile again to reach my Sister.


shreeshum said...

hmm good one.hulkodu padatare nenapatu

Ramya said...

Thanks Rags,
adanna nenpiskande bardidu