Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Friday, April 30, 2010

A Journey

It was very hot and also very unusual in Bangalore Bus stand, Mysore is very close to Bangalore and every one hour there will be buses from both the side which reduces the crowd at counter, it was very unlucky of me to land on this day which was really very crowded. People pushing pulling was going on and because of my height I could hardly even see what was going on ahead.

I thought I will have to give up on reaching Mysore and decided to turn back just then I bumped on guy you was all smiling seeing my fate. I came out frustrated from that crowd and stared badly at him then he came to me apologized and convinced me that there is his friend in the queue and he will ask him to buy a ticket for me, he dialed in his mobile and informed to the guy other end to buy a ticket for me. I was so very happy about this just then a thin guy pulled himself out of the crowd and introduced him self and handed over the ticket. But unfortunately his responsibility did not end there; as I was traveling alone I asked if I can be with him till we reach Mysore and then part. Now the adventure was to get into over full bus some how we managed to get in and find a seat for both of us. The Journey thus began as usually I continued talking non stop asking lots of question not letting him to sleep for a minute also.

He was already frustrated with my non stop questioning but how could I stop? We were about to get down I requested for one last question and asked him where he was going in mysore. See his bad luck he was also going to the same company where I was going and we landed in the same Auto to our Company. We only then got to know that we are in the same company but different induction batches.

Thus began our Friendship of two very different people. Me non stop talking and never ending questions, but him he hardly spoke or I am not sure if I ever let him speak. He was very focused about learning I was very focused in copying from him. I enjoyed roaming around he spent time doing everybody’s Assignment especially mine. Almost every day we meet had lunch together and spent time talking (of course me talking him listening) I still wonder how we used to walk that entire company campus talking nothing which was useful. Oh we walked and walked for 5years now. Yes its 5 years from that very first day I met my very Good Friend, now we don’t see each other often, we don’t talk nonsense, I don’t question him always but still his friendship is always treasured. Journey from Bangalore to Mysore ended soon but the Journey of Friendship is still continuing…

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I smell something …

Yesterday after office me and hubs went to Amma’s place to talk to them for a while and then go home. We started with general gossiping some how we got to know that a far relative has a problem of no smelling sense i.e. she cannot smell anything. As this discussion continued, we all started listing down advantages and disadvantages of this if it happens with us. With every advantage we listed we laughed out loud and made fun. Here goes the list


1. No need of buying Deodorants(how we smell we will not know and how others feel we need not worry), or worry of bad odor in a public transport
2. No need to worry of things like garlic, onion or mint in the dishes as we can’t smell them any more.
3. All Flowers including hibiscus are same
4. Drainage leak no worry, until we see the leak
5. No Nauseating feeling when pungent smell is around.

Oh many more, I censored out from this blog

We finished our general discussion and started to our home with a good smile and more laugh to continue on our Journey back home. Once we reached home, I opened the Lock and stepped in only to find out that house smelled like cooking gas. Oops I immediately figured out that cooking gas has leaked, So informed hubs not to switch on lights, we opened all the windows and waited for almost half an hour. Gosh I was terrified as the smell was strong and it had almost filled entire house. It happened because of accidentally opening the Stove knob. Now I was totally shocked and realized what is it lose one of our Senses, and really felt guilty for laughing at someone who is going through this.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trin Trin....

Mobiles Phones isn’t it so very common thing in our lives these days? Its not amazing if it sounds some thing like Oxygen and Water. I am not writing this to tell you not to use Mobile phones as it damages brain. I am just scribbling a little discussion which happened over Tea today.

My dear sister who is just out of college and has lot of friends around keeps going around and meeting people, and my appa cannot control and keeps calling every now and then to know where she is, how she is and what time she will be back. This is a very irritating thing to younger generations these days, interfering in personal time and space. Thanks to Mobile technology for this little fight between Appa and Sis.

Today my sis was as usual out to meet friends and my appa was getting worried as she was not picking the call. He started cribbing saying it’s already half an hour she left and she has not informed that she has reached safe. My Amma who is very cool in her nature was consoling him not to worry. Smiling in kitchen, Amma started her Child hood story. About the beautiful malnad and their wonderful childhood prank. During their summer holidays they would go to relative’s house which was almost 30km from there house. 4-5 Kids would group up and go in bus till certain distance and then they had no other options to walk for 15km more, which they had to walk amidst thick forest, hills and streams. So to reach the relative’s house from Bus stop it easily took 4-5 hrs.

Thing here is once they say bye at their place and go, Parents would only get to know if kids found time to write letter and that would reach them only after 5-6 days after kids left the house, it was time when there was no Telephones, TV or Radio, Or at times Parents would only get to know about the safety of their kids once they are back after there stay of 15days. Such was the time.

Saying this Amma shook her head and smiled seeing Appa dialing in his mobile again to reach my Sister.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Over the last weekend ..

I usually prepare list of tasks to be done on my weekend cause Saturday and Sunday are so very precious… I know u will agree upon this. This doesn’t mean I am very disciplined, it only means that I forget most of the things that I want to do. So the list by Friday evening will assist me to do all the tasks planned but sometimes I have also forgotten where I have kept the list, such a being I am.

So the list for past weekend was like this…

1. Wash all my cloths
2. Swim
3. Paint for my dear friend
4. Cook nice dishes for my hubs
5. Watch a movie
6. Study for my Exam

What I achieved

1. It was cloudy seemed like it would rain so dint wash the cloths :But It dint rain !!! (check)
2. Swim: 7 – 7:45 was the class I woke up at only 8:45 :( (check)
3. Paint for my dear friend : hey hey I did atleast this, I intended to paint a Flower but not sure why when I showed it to my husband he dint stop laughing for an hour. So I have decided to hide that painting and also forget where I have hidden it. (check)
4. Cook nice dishes for my husband: Saturday and Sunday hubs had lot of work so informed Friday Evening that he will not come home for lunch So I went to my moms place ordered all that I want to eat and ate as though it’s the last time I will be having lunch. (check)
5. Study for my Exam: hmmm I did start with first page trin trin friend called (check)

Hey I missed mentioning about Watching movie, yes I did it I saw almost 3 movies yuppie yeah CHECK. Thus was my wonderful weekend… so how was yours?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wife of a studying Husband

Now that you all have read the Part 1 of this story here goes the continuation

All went well, we are happily married, touch wood! After 10 days of our marriage, my hubs one Thursday night told me that he will have to study for his first class of the new term, that event signaled the changes that way to come in my lifestyle.

It all started that Friday followed by Saturday, he had continuous classes from 8am to 5 pm, I would clean the house one day, shop for all house hold things required for next week and then go to Mom’s place for rest of the day and wait for my hubby. The initial few days, Sunday was a holiday for him so we would stay together and enjoy that one day at least but gradually as the course got hectic it started eating into our together time on Sundays and he was completely occupied on Friday, Saturday and also Sunday.

I would feel very dejected when I saw couples roaming around hand in hand, smiling and talking to each other in the park which was right in front of my home, as I would clean the house and watch TV and wait the whole day, only to see my hubby come home tired in the evening. One day I couldn’t control myself and I shouted back asking him to please take a break from his studies- we were just married and I was not able to handle this any more. He was very much worried because he was very much dedicated to his studies and he tried to convince me. Though I got convinced then, the fights increased daily and one day my hubs couldn’t control his anger he shouted back saying you can go back to your mom’s house and I will call you back only once I finish my course, in anger he just raised his hands which pushed me out of the door.

Ouuuuchhhhhhhhh !!!! I slept in the corner of my bed and fell down very badly and heard my hubs laughing aloud at me! Thank god all this was just a dream. After consoling me he continued with his studies for his first class in the new term.

Nothing like all that I dreamt happened what actually happened from then on is like this,

Every Friday, Saturday and by term ending complete Sunday my Hubs will be occupied but I happily engage myself in girlie shopping, gossiping with friends, mom’s place to find out hot gossiping news, pursue all my hobbies and interest, visiting my little friends at Courtesy these are the endless things I now do on weekends. Now I am more busy than he is! Thanks to him because of his one interest in studies I am able to do so many interesting things in my life…

Friday, April 9, 2010

That Sleepless Night...

Mine was a pretty simple and sweet, love cum arranged marriage. Love, my effort and Marriage my hubs effort By which I mean it was I who took initiative to take our friendship to next level and after which my husband went ahead to discuss this with my parents, his parents and convince both the sides which means that the less painful and fun part was mine and the major decisions and worries my hubby took on.

We had just then announced at home about our interest in each other and our family was in debate mode I was pretty much sure that they will be convinced so in such situation one night my husband, the then Boyfriend called me and told he has something important to discuss based on which I should decide whether I will be able to get married to him. I told him he can tell it now but he told he has lot of things to explain and so he wants to meet me in person and decide on the same, he wished me a good night and hung up.

How it could be a good night sleep for me in such situation? I had already told my parents and if I comeback tomorrow after listening to his story and say no they will kill me. My god I couldn’t sleep with the curiosity and tension of thousand thoughts like, may be he had old lost Girl friend and she is back, or may be his parents weren’t happy or may be he wants to relocate to Pakistan, which kept lingering in my mind and didn’t let me sleep. I was just waiting for morning 10’ o clock to meet him.

As soon as I walked down from my bedroom for coffee in the morning, my appa, amma were smiling and also for my surprise they told they are ok with the boy’s family and they would call him and his parents in the evening to confirm on further events and dates. My heart skipped a beat thinking about a bad news which is waiting at 10’ o clock. I dropped my head down thinking all these only to hear my parents whispering that see she is so shy!!!

At last it was 10’ 0 Clock, I met him and with all smiles and usual style he walked up to me and held my hand. Nothing was running in my mind all I wanted to know was what that secret was. And here goes our conversation

Him: Hi
Me: Can you tell me what is that you want to discuss with me
Him: (Surprised with my curiosity)
Me: Pleaseeeeeee
Him: Listen you need to think very deeply on this, it’s serious and important for both of us.
Me: Will you please tell me what is it?
Him: Ohhh… ok I am taking up MBA at a prestigious institution and it will be for 2 yrs and balancing studies and worklife will be very hectic….(Pause), I want you to understand it may be difficult for you as we may not go for outings like newly weds and you may be left alone on weekends….(continuing…)
Me: Ufff….(relief), stop enough can you please drop me home immediately
Him: Why do you want to go home immediately? This is an important issue please think through this (Now he is tensed)
Me: No I want to sleep deeply. Whole night I didn’t sleep, this is not an issue at all…

And now….we are happily married! Look out for the ramifications of this decision in my next post …