Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This was the best year of my life,
All I had in this was success success and success
Started with a promotion professionally
Then was wonderful promotion personally, from Kum to Smt by getting the best person as my life partner which was just a cakewalk
Earned lot of wonderful friends, made really good friends this year, who will stay with me for rest of the years.
And thus this year was full of smiles, love and care.
Thanks to you all for making this year the best one.
With this past wonderful year which I am so much reluctant to let go, I wish coming year should also be the same with more love, care and happiness to all of us.
Again…Hoping for the same
To smell the same rain
To hug the same love
To love everyone
To care everyone
To crave for success
To know more
And wishing you all the same… Happy New Year..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

For the person who loves me deeply...

Love at first sight is it really possible, not sure but yes it happened to you. The moment you saw me you were almost about to hold me in your arms but I was skeptical about you, did not know what I felt but truly I could not be so comfortable with you. But you never gave up, you always tried to be near me and care for me watched my every step and was very protective. I still remember the kiss you always wanted to give but dont know why I was not close to you. As years passed, walking with you fear faded away and a bond of friendship was created which was a very lovely result of your tries you made all these years, days turned so green as I started to understand you better, walking with you holding your hand made me feel so proud, and the smell of rain as we stood under Tree watching it pours down always in my memory. You have given me everything I have asked for.

Never did you let your trust fade, you have always held my hands and walked me towards success. You were there when I won the race and you were also there when I trembled down to help me raise back, Tell me why did you have to love me so much. Never did you expect anything from me.

You grew friendlier with years pass by, love and respect grew even deeper on you. You owed of being with me all throughout your life sacrificing everything and giving all your love to me.

Today I am not with you, I have walked away from you with the man I loved, I remember your tear filled eyes which had the pain of betrayal as you saw me holding his hand and walking away. Yet you dint curse me, you were hurt but still you were very happy for me, you were still determined to be with me when ever I needed.

Appa you are the best gift of my life, thanks appa for all the things you have done I love you deeply.
Your dearest Daughter

Monday, November 30, 2009

Karnatakada itihaasadalli…

Hutidare kannada nadalli hutta beku mettidare kannada manna metta beku…

Navaaduva nudiye kannada nudi naaviruva taanave gandhada gudi…

Karnatakada itihaasadalli…

Sounds familiar or may be you are hearing this song over and over the streets you walk or near the auto stands? Yes then sure its November month. All Kannadigas must know its our festival day which entire Karnataka celebrates without any discrimination among themselves. Its November 1st Kannada Rajyotsava now I don’t want to tell you all the history, but it really is astonishing to know how all these feels now.

Mostly last week of October you can see all Auto Stands well decorated with Snaps of Shankarnag, Raj Kumar and our Karnataka Flag, Now this leaves me wondering if this patriotism is remaining only among these people, and on this November 1st for sure if you wander near these stands you will get a sweet packet. I am often stopped by such group and given sweet box, I will always remember the smile in their face when they say “Madam speet RajyoStava pesallu” now this means “Please take sweets its specially for Rajyotsava”

I at least see few kids dressed in Yellow colored Kurta and Red color Pajama. And one Girl in the group with same color combination saree and Crown, Then this is a dance program featuring on Karnataka. Girl as Mother Karanataka and one of the above songs where Guys dance around her.

But this is not everything about Karnataka Rajyotsava, The best part of it is the innocency in which it is celebrated even to this day by Kannadigas. Truly speaking Karnataka or Bengaluru has most wonderful people. Like all other states in India Karnataka also has unique language, culture, food. But the people here are among the best people you will find. Kannadigas are specially known for their friendly and caring nature. You meet a person with smiling face and trying to learn other languages with all their interest then for sure you can think it’s a kannadiga there. Kannadiga’s are very talented in learning other languages and also adjusting, often this is considered as our weakness. Such is the nature of Kannadiga.

I must say I am one of those privileged to get to stay here all my life and to enjoy this warmth. This November 30th and a friend of mine telling about Karnataka made me tell about kannadigas more than Karnataka.

This Blog is dedicated to all those innocent smiles and ever lasting Patriotism of our Kannadigas. Siriganadam Gelge Sirganadam Baalge…
Now dont ask me why you wrote this in Englsi :) its only to convey all that I want to say to everyone :)
Huttidare kannada naadalli huttabeku…

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Being Short

  1. I realized at the age of 10 that I am short in height compared to others of my age. Since then mostly I have lived with the identity of being short. I still don’t know what I feel about being short. Do I feel bad? Or am I just happy like this?

    Being short, if you ask me has tremendous blend of feelings, at times I feel very bad that I am short but at most of the times I am proud of being short.

    Yesterday when my best pal called out my nick name KULS which means short being! In front of my complete office gang, I realized I have to list the advantages and disadvantages that I felt by being short.


    1. I just can’t forget Sports day, In My high school we were categorized on height, Group1, Group2 and Group3. Group3 had all tough games like High jump, long tracks running etc, Group 2 was comparatively easier and Group 1 was honey games mostly strategy games like Musical Chair, Lemon on the spoon, And from 8th to 10th I was only in Group1, also won prizes. So thank god I am short

    2. All Dance program, we short people get the luck of standing in front though u dance well or not, Wow people notice us and complimented us more than the actual dancers cause while in dancing enthusiasm we would have covered them.

    3. Oh college, very nice time! Always sat in first benches, Lecturers thought only decent, studious students sit there but I never was the one they thought. So enjoyed most of the time eating, reading novels, sleeping and went unnoticed all the time.

    4. Never have I bowed down to anyone not even a low lying tree branch or an Attic nothing, instead every other person bends his head down and speaks to me, isn’t it nice to see your managers do that?

    5. No one can tell your age, trust me even today people ask me which class you are in. And you can still be over enthusiastic, happy smiling jumping people will just give a stare scolding that these fresh out of college are always like this, But secret is only you will know your work experience.

    6. Never will you have to help others in arranging for a Birthday party, they will surely know that we won’t reach heights to stick the color stickers.

    7. We can stare at any one, no one will even notice because We will not be to there scaling altitude. Tall people will not have this luck so they have to carefully look around and then stare

    Many more are there; I don’t want to make you jealous by listing them all.
    Ok for your satisfaction I will also list some disadvantage

    1. We Short people cannot put on Weight, even a few extra gain will make you look like couch potato, and because of which I have now got new nick name KUMs which is combination of KUL+DUM (I wont explain it and if u have understood stop laughing)

    2. Every time I want something badly and my Tall husband posses it, He will simply keep it on Attic and he happily gets back to his work where as I end up jumping trekking climbing and falling down!

    Enough I wont tell anything more infact no more disadvantage except in car driving you are termed as Pillow Driver, Now what this means is left to your thinking …
    But I still say I am very happy Being Short.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Transition from Kum to Smt

For those who don’t know
Kum – Kumari (Spinster)
Smt – Shrimathi (Married)
Athe – Mother in Law
Mava - Father in Law

Now Proceed…
I know every woman will undergo this once in her life time, but I felt this is worth documenting and letting you know how I felt when I began my transition of Kum Ramya to Smt Ramya…

Here is a small comparison of a typical day…

Before: oh! Its still 6 o clock, I can sleep till 7 and rush to take bath
Now: Ohhhhhh no! its 6 already I need to finish cooking!

Before: Ammaaaaaaaaaa Coffee (shouting loudly being in bed)
Now: Athe, shall I prepare coffee

Before: Amma-> “Ramya go take bath do pooja” (at my previous Early morning 10 o clock)
Now: Athe, I have lit lamp and done with my prayer (at my current Early morning)

Before: Ammaaaa Please don’t ask me to keep Bindi when I am wearing Jeans it wont suite
Now: Athe, I like Saree, chudi and even if it is Jeans we can still keep bindi

Before: To Appa-> Appa get me dairy milk, when u are coming back
Now: Bye Mava.

Before:To Amma, Appa “y you keep talking about others, y do u want to bother about them”
Now: To Athe Mava “Oh is it, very bad, very nice”

Before: Appa Please I cant see such serials Change the channel or give the remote(Snatch)
Now: Silently sit in front of TV with every one

One Major Shock was:
I put my hand besides in my bed and I found someone sleeping beside I was about to shout that first morning and then realized its my Hubby and I am no more single!

I can say thousand things like this in a day, There is for sure a very huge transition from being Kum to Smt, I am not saying that this is very tough or complicated, its just about that sudden maturity that we get when we are surrounded with our very own family (strangers but not really) from the day we are married.

Now its been quite few days slowly reluctantly I got adjusted to this new place and became part of it but I still wonder when I just remember my good old days…

Was I the one who used to be like that?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Time Paused

House built of Mud, clay pots for playing, Me mother 2 younger sisters as daughters playing all day long those childhood days… oh I wish time paused!

School mid term holiday, travel to native, seeing the never ending rain pouring on the ground, fragrance of mud, stories from my grandfather, staring at rain oh I wish time paused!

First Day College, color color dresses, thousand thoughts I wish time paused!
Engineering college, best friends, Sharada canteen, and one by two coffee! I wish time paused!

Cousin and sister sitting on Atic staring nothing, gossiping all day I wish time paused!

Holding my fav novel, a cup of hot filter coffee, a lazy Saturday after noon, I wish time paused!

Car, music, a love letter in hand, tears in eyes my boy waiting for my reply I wish time paused!

Oh no Time never paused it just passed…

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Sweet Supaari Mission

A.S.S Mission
Recently had been to a cousin’s place were after lunch they served us Sweet supari, seeing which I just went back in memory lane and felt that I have to tell you all about those days of my childhood.

Any summer holidays we all visited our native and many kids used to meet there after a gap of 6 months or a year. It was all fun during those days both for us as we enjoyed the pampering of our grandparents, and our parents who shipped us to native, enjoyed there private moments at least yearly once or twice.

Usual Suspects group in my Grandfather’s house Kadavinmane comprised of 3 girls and 4 guys, Ramya, Navya, Ranju, Praveena, Pradeepa, Ajitha and Ganesha, So any broken vessel, spilled water, crying kid, ‘I am mad’ sticker stuck behind some one, beating used to come to one of us in this group who ran slow while escaping.

Later our popularity was so well known that Elders would not even think once, they just directly used to catch hold one of us and scare or beat. So we had to face lot of challenges like finding newer hideouts, escaping techniques and lies.

Thefts was planned for many reasons like we getting hungry before lunch or after lunch, one of the Guy guarding things had caught us in our last mission so we had to teach him lesson so we had n number of reasons like this to Steal things.

The Thefts we did were countless, any function in any house in our natives surely we seven used to meet and discuss, plan for stealing things like fruits and sweets kept for pooja, each and everything was in our list, The names we kept for mission was even more interesting, the codes we used to give are unforgettable. The typical theft and the sequences of Chori would be like this

1. We used to wait in any function for all 7 of us to meet, once we all met we would first go with Survey: The survey consisted of getting information on potential things to be stolen, people who are guarding things and map of the house to plan our escape ways.

2. It was always girls who had the task of Surveying what are the potential things to Steal, 2 guys to get the details of people guarding things and 2 others to find the escape plans and hide out.

3. Then next task was to name the operation, Mission Oh( for stealing oranges), Mission Red Head (To teach lesson to the Mehendi head Uncle who had caught us before), NASA Mission ( named after the lady’s house we stole things)…

4. Once this is done, there was links done from Chori point to Hide out, all seven of us would stand in designated points and once the first person is successful in stealing then he would run and pass it to second one and like this it would reach last person who was standing near hide out.

5. All of us would reach hideout once we made sure no one is observing or following.
After which we would share the things stolen and enjoy the victory, I just cant define the happiness we had if mission was completely successful by which I mean that we went out of the function with full respect without getting caught or noticed.

Suddenly our Theft had to be stopped, it all came to an abrupt end one day, its not because we got to know its bad but it was because of this little incident.

I some xyz’s house Anniversary celebration, for us all celebration was same. This house was almost always dark inside, after lunch they distributed Sweet Supari’s our Hero Ganesha asked for some more Sweet supari but they drove him away for asking it more, Our Ganesha got very angry and announced Chori attack, so we all met after lunch,
named the mission as ‘A Sweet Supari’ mission, in short ASS mission.

We girls discovered that in ground floor where old deaf grandma was sleeping below her cot was the Sweet supari, 2 guys found out that right above in first floor was a wonderful hide out by which we could hear who is coming in and going out and what discussion was going on.

So it was all set, 2 guys went to the Chori point rest of us were in our positions, So these two guys Ganesha and Pradeepa went to the point we told and could not find where it was so they decided to play trick on grand ma and asked her “Ajji, where is Supari? Its over and uncle asked us to get it” after repeating it for 3 times Grandma understood and pointed to the basket there, that’s it Basket and the two guys disappeared and we all appeared in our hide out,

You should have seen the Victory in Ganesha’s face he was all exited and cursed the elder’s who dint give him little more supari when he asked but now he had entire basket,
He was very happy and started eating, he found out that taste wasn’t that good but ok he could adjust he had almost had mouth full and we also took handful but dint like it some how and was discussing about our Chori attack which was huge success.

Just then we heard a voice of the uncle who was yelling “Where is the Sweet supari basket I had kept here I am not able to find it” we all were grinning and were very happy on the success of the mission just then we heard a lady saying “Hey I have kept it in kitchen sometime back you can take it”

We were all shocked to know then how do we have one in our hand, we discussed may be this is another extra basket, But then we heard the same uncle’s voice saying to his wife “Shanta, where is the basket which my mom spits into after eating supari, I want to clean it” for over shock Lady replied “See properly, it was below your mom’s cot” That’s it we all turned to Ganesha and pradeepa, they were already near the sink and vomiting!!!!
And we were almost about to faint after eating that Supari…

This was the last day we pledged not to steal again…. This was our last mission, ASS mission, it was really an Ass mission!!!.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dedicated to myself

Journey so far in ‘IT’!
Its 9 o clock I am still waiting in the reception, struggling to hold copies of my resume, offer letter and Marks sheet of each semester.
With each passing moment, there were thousands of thoughts in my mind as I was sitting in the corporate building of IT Giant Infosys

The day I received offer letter in my personal mail box I was on top of the world as I had caught one of my high flying dreams.
On July 25th I got ready to my first day of Professional life, it was so much a celebration in my home that their first daughter had landed up with one of the famous IT company right after her BE, I could see how proud my parents were.

With all these wondering thoughts I was still waiting in the corporate office for someone to call my name and direct me to my cubicle,
I could see so many young professional walking around in groups and some alone, swiping in their ID cards, some on cell phones, some with Black Coffee mugs “Infosys” written on it, Reception area, Wonderful books and bouquets, very neatly maintained floor, Beautiful reception desk and Receptionist like this everything amazed me in the corporate building. I was so happy thinking that I am part of this Company.

Just then a young lady called out my name and asked me to meet her in conference room Panini in 10 min, as soon as she said this she disappeared to one of the cubicles in that wing. My god, I just cannot describe how much I was panicking at that moment, I dint know where is this conference room Panini, I was so confused to react next. I thought should I drop in to any cubicle there and ask where is this conference room? But the dead silence there scared me not to disturb any one. Still I tried to look around where this conference room is and it was almost 6 min and I decided to give up and ask a person sitting there.

I felt my foot so heavy as I was walking towards that person, I could hear my heart pounding not sure if this happens to every one who are new to there professional life, But I was scared to death. By then I approached this person and said “Excuse me” person dint even turn to see who was standing behind him, I just stood there for a some time and said Excuse me again, no reply he was in to his computer and dint bother to turn I felt so ashamed, I was about to go back just then some other person in the neighboring cubicle got up and smiled at me and said can I help you. I felt a sigh of relief, I was trembling and some how put words into sentence to ask where the conference room was. He was friendly and showed the conference room which was right next to me!

I was so embarrassed and said ‘thanks I just missed it out’ he smiled and asked “New Joinee?” I said ‘Yes’ and thought he would know many New joinees like me!
As I thanked him and left I could hear this person say “Abhe yar tu Head phones kam volume main kyun nahi raktha, cause of your hair no one can even make out if u are on headphones!”

From that first day, every day was so exciting everything was so new, that clean and beautiful campus, Feeling of I am just so new to this place even after months, Bus facility, Food courts as we call in Infy, everything was a talk at home. I was so proud and felt I would never quit this company. With passing time we became a year senior to so called New joinees, made friends, forgot friends, caught lot of IT Slang lot many things changed personally too.

Life went on like this and never got to know how July 25th 2005 became July 25th 2009, Irony is I am even now in same type of cubicle same work environment but different company. As I am writing these thoughts down here I heard someone calling me, it was the simillar trembling feeble voice “Excuse me” I smiled and said “Yes” I saw the similar Files and Neatly dressed Lady with kunkum thilak and she asked me “Sorry for Disturbing, Can you please tell me where is Alpha 107?” I smiled and directed to the conference room right behind where she was standing! And I felt as though I myself was walking …

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank you...

Hey all,
I am back again after a long long break to write and treasure my little experiences here, It was this incident which made me write , on last Friday evening when I got down from cab it started drizzling, I had to cross a two way road to get to the street where my home is. Me and others were starting to cross, just then two dogs also started to cross I was bit curious as it was drizzling and also bikers were pretty fast to avoid rain. As I expected when these dogs started rushing a Cycler hit one of the dog and ran away, though the other dog chased the cycler it came back to attend its mate and it was just circling around the dog in pain which was right in the center of the road. I was really sad and hurt to see this incident, little dog was so much in pain and the other one was so much helpless. I was still waiting to cross and I really cursed god for making the poor creature suffer like this.

I crossed the road but my curiosity stopped me to turn back and see what happened with those two dogs, I was really surprised to see that other dog was trying to push and drag the dog which was hurt and it managed to drag it to road corner, I just stood there to observe what will happen next. This little dog which was in pain tried to stand up and it managed to do it. It was really pleasant to see those two little dogs get up and go back again. I was totally taken off by the way the other dog supported the one in pain, it dared to drag and stand for it in middle of the road.

Well well I started back home peacefully in that drizzle, I could just not stop thinking how much power is in supporting and lending a helping hand. This incident taught me that, it’s very common to triple off, fall down and get hurt on our way, but there is always someone who will stand by our side, help us to get back. And also anything that happens, happens for good. Had the little dog was not hit by cycler may be both would have got hit by a speeding vehicle.

All these thoughts came to my mind and remembered people who were there for me when I really needed some one… Thank you Rans, navs, sowmu, daddu, naanu, Ragz, Raghumava, Raghuputta, Sinsi and my dear hubby for being with me …