Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

You have got a (Spam) mail !!!

After a heavy heavy gossip, discussions, lunch and laughter with my girl gang, I dropped into cubicle with a great intension of working for a while. But you see sometimes this personal mail is so tempting that it doesn’t let you work peacefully so I decided to peep into it and check if someone in this whole big world remembered me. But as usual there was no new mail, yes I know its very depressing to see an empty inbox that too personal mail. But darling Gmail not to let me down had sent a Spam mail, though I never open Spam mails I love to read the subject of those spam mail. I readily clicked on Spam box and saw 1 mail.

Oh my god :D look at the mails they send in Spam :D

From: Zoovs Dating Subject: 6 New Flirts are waiting to Flirt with you.
My Reaction: Oh Dear God!!! I know I am feeling very lonely but this doesn’t mean I want to flirt! why are you tempting me??? Also what is this Subject line supposed to mean? “6 New”??? As though I have been flirting and bored with old ones!!!

This reminds me of more such situational Spam mails, I wonder if someone over hears or reads my mind and sends such spam mails !!! Look at some of these!

Situation: as usual one of our very important Lunch discussions was about astrology, I come back and check mail … Dantenan here it is
From: Gemastrologer Subject: Gems say you were Pig in your past life don’t let the misdeeds done then take over in this life, know your gem soon and let the gem protect you.
My Reaction: Oh my my looks like this surely is someone who has not only over heard our discussion But also has seen me in this present life. This near coordination is possible only when someone does it ;), BTW I am still wondering what misdeed can a pig do? And what gem would protect me against pig!

Situation: I look at this very well dressed and stylish woman in office and think that she is over dressed!!! …Dantenan a Spam Mail
From: SexysamFashionista Subject: Someone is always looking at you darling, Click for free member ship for this club to change your looks and impress others
My Reaction: Ok Mr. Sam, I know someone is looking at me all the time and I know I was very jealous that some other woman looked beautiful today but Fashionista what level of changes you do to the looks is very important please mail that in the subject line next time.

Situation: Suddenly my lunch group started discussing about being rich and the weirdest things that we may do when we are really filthy rich.
Dantenan here comes the most famous Spam mail
From: AlfredWuSmith Subject: I have decided to donate my assests of 100,0000 Million Dollars to you, please give me these details.
My Reaction: Sh*t!!! I am Rich!

Hmmm so now I am Multimillionaire with changed new looks and flirting with 6 New Flirts. So to safe guard me I have this PIG GEM protecting me!

You have got a (Spam) mail !!! Beware you all … Respect the Spam mails!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yet another new year but is it just that?

Another new year has just knocked on us, and we are starting to walk with it. But is it just another new day? No, at least for many of us isn’t it? 

I used to wait for New Year to start with umpteen difficult resolutions which won’t even sustain for first week, so I have stopped waiting for New Year to make resolutions, Instead to celebrate my new year I have decided to list down few of my new dreams, wishes, promises, with this new year.

New Dream, isn’t it so nice to see new things in life, like a new job, new role, new relationship, new friends and a new life? My dreams for this New Year is, let us all get lot of such new things to cherish this year for our life time.

New Wish, Life keeps changing. Yes reality is no one or nothing is always with you. With new year and a new day coming up there are lot many things changing, being and leaving you. So this new year my wish is let me and you all get lot of energy and patience to deal with all this.

New Promises, making people smile for a while is like marking your presence in their life at least for once. So I promise you all that I will try and make you and everyone around me smile more and more to say that I am with you.

And as I always say I am blessed with this beautiful life and also I am lucky I get to see yet another New Year. This New Year may you all get lot of success, happiness and love.
With so many new Dreams, I Wish I will keep up the Promises I have made :) .

  Happy New Year!