Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Teach IndiA

As my amma was shouting my name form ground floor to wake me up I was still asleep and could partially hear her cribbing. My Amma’s concern was that when
I was in Highschool this day I would get up early wish every one tell every one atleast one Freedom fighters story and get ready to school all the way by practicing the Patriotic song that we have to sing in the school this day. Where as now I was just lying in my bed thinking that 3 more days of rest and lazing around. Yes it was Independence day on Friday.

When she continued her memories even I went back to my school days, highschool days and also College days where in I had so much enthusiasm on such occasion and pride in us of being Indian. I am still wondering where I lost it. Where did I leave my Spirit of telling everyone the stories of freedom fighters which I studied in school or heard from my grand father? Where did I leave that white dress, that tri colored flag those scripts of drama that told the saga of freedom struggle? May be all this would fade away with time but where did I leave the Spirit to change the world why did I let fade that enthusiasm in me?

With all these I woke up from bed and after refreshing went to hall to pick up the newspaper expecting the national flag and tri color filled in paper with stories which are heard only today. But for my surprise, I was just astonished to see the creativity of the Times of India Guys who had done there front page just so amazing which had these words as its caption “The Class of 2008”. The wordings they had in that clean plain white background just struck my very chord this morning. As I finished reading that page I could not stop myself from staring at the smiling kid’s picture that was in the top right and left corner of the page. And wording in the page which said “Good morning Teacher” was like slapping me hard for not doing what I could easily do.

We do spend our times in hotels, pubs and cinema halls yes all these are necessary to keep one entertained in this busy schedule, but have we thought that this time can be spent even better which can make us feel proud and happy which is not for just the time spent there but for life time? No, most of us wouldn’t have thought about it.

Being in City like Bengaluru, running around each day to gain status and best living we just overlook those things which can give us the real satisfaction. To tell you all, there in remote village my maternal Uncle who is my best friend too, Raghu mava with his group of enthusiastic youngster is framing so many programs to motivate education, better business and to introduce his small village to world, we being in such a world where in we are 1000 times technically ahead of them, we are still not thinking of anything other than ourselves.

Friends if you ask me what you have done may be even I stand in that only 0.005% contribution zone. But I want to tell you all, that I think we all have power to change the way life is at least in our own comfort zone or by joining hands in one of such movements like “Teach IndiA”. Let us at least think of those kids who need our support and togetherness. Let us tell them all that guys you are not alone we all are there with you. We all are one.
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Monday, August 4, 2008

School Days...

My feelings and thoughts for the day start when I board the cab everyday, so today there was such a cute incident that happened in my journey which pulled me 15 yrs back.

We were stuck in traffic jam and happened to stay in the same road for more than half an hour. In that time I could here some kids singing National Anthem though I couldn’t get up and respect it I respected from with in. With this anthem I remembered my School days which was so good and probably only innocent time tat we have spent.

I still remember my school days, I was in 4th Std where in my every day routine started with keeping my books into tat big bag according to tat days timetable after getting ready in that neatly pressed school uniform and polished shoes. By that time I would hear trin trin bell ringing which was my friend Anthony Raja who stayed 2 streets away from my home. We both were from same class and my dad had asked him to accompany me till school as that was the first year I had got my cycle. Hence Anthony was my best friend. We always had cycle competition and it was for sure me who used to loose the competition and I still hate the proud look Anthony had when he won the race with me…

After reaching I used to join girls group and Anthony would go with boys, where in we girls played Skipping etc and Boys where into Lagori and cricket till the School bell rang.
As soon as the ring goes off we were in designated lines of ours according to the classes we belonged to. School leader who would be from senior class would recite the Daily morning Prayers and then check our nails and let us in to the class.

I must tell you all, the seating arrangements we had in our school, I don’t know if that is the same followed in many middle schools. In a bench of 4 it was alternate boy and girl seated. The reason for this was if two girls or two boys sit together they would talk more
So this was the arrangement.

But alas nothing could stop me so in my bench it was me, Anthony, Sunita and Manohar and the Bench leader was Manohar he was the one who collected our home works and submitted to teacher. We four had jelled up so well tat we faught, played in that bench itself and were always thrown out of the class.

The most famous thing in schools was fights which would have its own notation. Many Karnataka guys who are reading this would understand the meaning of “2 bidodu” which was to denote that hence forth we both are not talking to each other and “Se bidodu” which means we are patching up.
And the fights in that bench was really for some typical silly reasons like once Manohar took my Scented eraser which I had kept wrapped from the day I bought and he removed the wrapper. Like this all “2” was declared between me and Manohar then obviously Manohar was supported by Anthony and I was supported by Sunitha so it was a huge war amongst us in that bench which used to only end when one of us had done the homework and other wanted to copy it the “Se” was declared.

I must say those innocent days are the most precious in our life. Now tat we moved to different place I don’t even know where Sunitha, Manohar and Anthony are. Just to have a guess Manohar was strong in maths and must be engineer. Sunitha was from very traditional family may be she is married. And my best buddy Anthony my competitor was from family with strong financial background and he never passed in unit test so he must be into family business.

Today morning in the cab I had fought with my colleague who is my best buddy too. So to be specific its “2” declared between us. I just looked back to see if he would smile back and declare “Se” but no he was still angry, with this and the National anthem took me back to School days…

As its friendship week I dedicate this to those friends of mine who are just in my memories and not with me anymore. Thanks a lot guys u have made my life worth living.