Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Karnatakada itihaasadalli…

Hutidare kannada nadalli hutta beku mettidare kannada manna metta beku…

Navaaduva nudiye kannada nudi naaviruva taanave gandhada gudi…

Karnatakada itihaasadalli…

Sounds familiar or may be you are hearing this song over and over the streets you walk or near the auto stands? Yes then sure its November month. All Kannadigas must know its our festival day which entire Karnataka celebrates without any discrimination among themselves. Its November 1st Kannada Rajyotsava now I don’t want to tell you all the history, but it really is astonishing to know how all these feels now.

Mostly last week of October you can see all Auto Stands well decorated with Snaps of Shankarnag, Raj Kumar and our Karnataka Flag, Now this leaves me wondering if this patriotism is remaining only among these people, and on this November 1st for sure if you wander near these stands you will get a sweet packet. I am often stopped by such group and given sweet box, I will always remember the smile in their face when they say “Madam speet RajyoStava pesallu” now this means “Please take sweets its specially for Rajyotsava”

I at least see few kids dressed in Yellow colored Kurta and Red color Pajama. And one Girl in the group with same color combination saree and Crown, Then this is a dance program featuring on Karnataka. Girl as Mother Karanataka and one of the above songs where Guys dance around her.

But this is not everything about Karnataka Rajyotsava, The best part of it is the innocency in which it is celebrated even to this day by Kannadigas. Truly speaking Karnataka or Bengaluru has most wonderful people. Like all other states in India Karnataka also has unique language, culture, food. But the people here are among the best people you will find. Kannadigas are specially known for their friendly and caring nature. You meet a person with smiling face and trying to learn other languages with all their interest then for sure you can think it’s a kannadiga there. Kannadiga’s are very talented in learning other languages and also adjusting, often this is considered as our weakness. Such is the nature of Kannadiga.

I must say I am one of those privileged to get to stay here all my life and to enjoy this warmth. This November 30th and a friend of mine telling about Karnataka made me tell about kannadigas more than Karnataka.

This Blog is dedicated to all those innocent smiles and ever lasting Patriotism of our Kannadigas. Siriganadam Gelge Sirganadam Baalge…
Now dont ask me why you wrote this in Englsi :) its only to convey all that I want to say to everyone :)
Huttidare kannada naadalli huttabeku…

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Being Short

  1. I realized at the age of 10 that I am short in height compared to others of my age. Since then mostly I have lived with the identity of being short. I still don’t know what I feel about being short. Do I feel bad? Or am I just happy like this?

    Being short, if you ask me has tremendous blend of feelings, at times I feel very bad that I am short but at most of the times I am proud of being short.

    Yesterday when my best pal called out my nick name KULS which means short being! In front of my complete office gang, I realized I have to list the advantages and disadvantages that I felt by being short.


    1. I just can’t forget Sports day, In My high school we were categorized on height, Group1, Group2 and Group3. Group3 had all tough games like High jump, long tracks running etc, Group 2 was comparatively easier and Group 1 was honey games mostly strategy games like Musical Chair, Lemon on the spoon, And from 8th to 10th I was only in Group1, also won prizes. So thank god I am short

    2. All Dance program, we short people get the luck of standing in front though u dance well or not, Wow people notice us and complimented us more than the actual dancers cause while in dancing enthusiasm we would have covered them.

    3. Oh college, very nice time! Always sat in first benches, Lecturers thought only decent, studious students sit there but I never was the one they thought. So enjoyed most of the time eating, reading novels, sleeping and went unnoticed all the time.

    4. Never have I bowed down to anyone not even a low lying tree branch or an Attic nothing, instead every other person bends his head down and speaks to me, isn’t it nice to see your managers do that?

    5. No one can tell your age, trust me even today people ask me which class you are in. And you can still be over enthusiastic, happy smiling jumping people will just give a stare scolding that these fresh out of college are always like this, But secret is only you will know your work experience.

    6. Never will you have to help others in arranging for a Birthday party, they will surely know that we won’t reach heights to stick the color stickers.

    7. We can stare at any one, no one will even notice because We will not be to there scaling altitude. Tall people will not have this luck so they have to carefully look around and then stare

    Many more are there; I don’t want to make you jealous by listing them all.
    Ok for your satisfaction I will also list some disadvantage

    1. We Short people cannot put on Weight, even a few extra gain will make you look like couch potato, and because of which I have now got new nick name KUMs which is combination of KUL+DUM (I wont explain it and if u have understood stop laughing)

    2. Every time I want something badly and my Tall husband posses it, He will simply keep it on Attic and he happily gets back to his work where as I end up jumping trekking climbing and falling down!

    Enough I wont tell anything more infact no more disadvantage except in car driving you are termed as Pillow Driver, Now what this means is left to your thinking …
    But I still say I am very happy Being Short.