Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Make a wish...

Cake with 2 candles shaped one and eight.
Surrounded with dear ones, some one called out to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to travel a lot that year.
I ended up studying for board exam.

Cake with 2 candles shaped two and zero
Surrounded with my friends, some one called out to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to propose to the man of my dreams
I ended up seeing him going out with someone else

Cake with 2 candles shaped two and three
Surrounded with colleagues, some one called out to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to spend lot of time with my parents
I ended up working a lot that year

Cake with 2 candles shaped two and five
Surrounded with family, some one called out to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to spend some time with myself and pursue my hobbies
I gave up dancing that year

Cake with 2 candles shaped two and seven
With my husband, he asked me to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to concentrate on fitness
I over gained that year

Cake with 2 candles shaped four and zero
With my husband and children, they asked me to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and made a wish to donate for a cause
I ended up over saving for myself and family that year

Cake with 2 candles shaped seven and five
With my husband, children and Grandchildren around, my little grandson asking me to make a wish,
I closed my eyes and decided not to make a wish.
               As I only then realized it’s not with making wish but it’s with striving to make it come true!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In search of Beauty…

Isn’t looks so deceptive? At least I feel so, some whom I find very beautify seems not very beautiful to my friend and some whom she finds beautiful I find them not so. Then what is Beauty? How do we define it? Looks, Eye, Complexion, Smile, Physic, Hair, Walk or Dressing Sense, What is it?

I guess it can’t be defined in any of such parameters as all these changes from person to person and Situations to situation. For example, Consider mother, at any age she is the most beautiful women in ones life and similarly children, for every parent their child is the most beautiful child. Isn’t it so amazing? We look at someone and comment saying they aren’t so good looking but the same person will be most beautiful person for someone else.

So what I feel is each and every person is very beautiful in one or the other way some look beautiful, some care beautifully, some love beautifully, some behave beautifully, so it’s only up to us to see and understand the Beauty.

Some such unforgettable beauties I have seen till now in my life are my little sister covered in winter cloths, one of my friend unable to control tears while laughing, my mom while praying, babies when they smile in sleep, My hubs when he advices me, all of you when you smile, oh last but not the least … Myself.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Monday, October 4, 2010

Smile when you say bye!!!

It was around 3 in the afternoon and I was wandering in the shopping area to buy usual roadside accessories. Some body tapped my back, it was my school friend Lakshmi, wow it was a real surprise to see her. It was almost 15 years, it was surprising how she could recognize me and I couldn’t stop admiring her smile and beauty, over these many years she had become more mature and beautiful.

We spoke for a while and I wished her as she was newly married, for her success on being famous TV Anchor and Dental surgeon. As we wanted to leave from there we shook hands, hugged each other and she left. I got back to my bargaining business with the vendor just then she called me from the corner of the road smiled beautifully and waved her hand to say bye and I was pleased by her beautiful smile.

Isn’t it so nice to meet a friend that too an old friend accidentally!!! Trust me it is.

Days passed and its almost 2 years now after that day,

I woke up one morning and there was a message from Sowmya to call her back, I guessed it must be for her regular gossip so I neglected it. It was Monday morning and I was extremely busy in office and I forgot to call back my friend. 2days passed, around 12 in the afternoon Sowmya called again I answered her call this time and started with sorry to avoid her scolding but I was shocked to hear her sobbing. I just consoled her and asked the reason.

When she spoke about it I could hardly move from my place and it was difficult to realize what I was hearing. I couldn’t digest that Lakshmi was no more. Sowmya tried hard to reach me and I had neglected her call the other day so I couldn’t go on the day of her last rites as well. She was crying aloud as she was unable to forget Lakshmi’s face and her little daughter.

I couldn’t hear anything more, I disconnected the call and closed the eyes only to see Lakshmi’s beautiful smile and waving hand.

This post is dedicated to my friend Lakshmi. Let her soul rest in peace.

But thing I realized after this incident is, its really very important to smile when you say bye to anyone. Because we don’t know when actually we will meet again and when you try to remember the other person all you will remember is the last time you met them no matter how frequent you meet or how much time you spend together last bye will always be remembered. So Smile when you say bye!!!