Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sinfully yours...

How long it's been since our last encounter, Do you have any idea what my crazy heart is beseeching for? I am sure it must be a great pleasure for you to stand at a distance and look at me crave for your one touch, to see my want to melt in your warm breath and my madness to lose myself in your arms.

How do I tell you that just a thought of you gushes my darkest desires. Here I am pondering where this crazy fascination of you would lead me to, as there are times when I think of you so sinfully wicked that my heart skips a beat with delight. I don't want much just your hugs, kisses and you.

It all begins with a single kiss of yours, which is an unstoppable force urging me to surrender. The ravenous for more and more with every touch of yours grows on me unbound. Once in your arms, staring at you all I thought was why this lust but now I know it's love that I am sinking in. And again, I lose myself thinking that such mad passionate love should be experienced at least once in a life time.

Isn't it unfair to keep me waiting like this? I am waiting for the piercing joy that leaves me conquered. I crave for the smell of you and the smell of us. You are not making it easy for me, you are making me want you. How you smile seeing me glow alluringly as you slowly pour your love all over me. Yes, I am beautiful only because you love me.

Lets make some noise together, which will linger in our hearts forever. We are bonded in this tantalizing love for each other, which knows no rule just sheer love. Trust me, I am sinfully yours! Bhumi smiled as the rumblings in her mind will be unheard but she was sure that Varun will know it all in just one kiss.

PS: Personifying hot summer thirst of Earth (Bhumi) for Rains (Varun)! Reread for a different meaning ;) .

Friday, May 6, 2016

A letter to myself on my son's first Mother's day

Dear Me,

Congratulations on your First Mother's day as a mom.

Earlier this year, a little bundle was gifted to you which is a complete package of infinite kisses, abundant love, warm hugs, innocent laughter, ton loads of memories to treasure, tears of happiness, personification of true love, a bit of heaven and a lifetime joy. From the moment this little bundle was placed in your arms, you are lost in the world of pure love which never before existed in your life.

Just 9 months into motherhood, you have explored the many faces of  happiness and fears, you have mastered the art of understanding the coos, you are ready to give up on your choices, you are bound strongly to the tiny soul which revolves around you. Kudos mamma, this is exactly when you pop a champagne, relax with a sense of accomplishment and wish yourself for being a mom finally!

But let's pause a bit. The reminiscence of all those tears, which trickled down as you secretly hoped for a blessing from all the mothers to sparkle some baby dust on you as you wished them on Mother's Day previously,  must knock your heart. As you read through the lovely messages wishing you for being a first time mom, let your heart slip into the memoir of all the failed prayers, lost hope and pain endured then. It might push you to contemplate whether to celebrate now or to silently pray for those enduring the plight still.

On one end, there are many praying to give birth to a new life and on the other, there are many praying to save the life they have given birth to. Each and every day, boundless tears are shed in the struggle to be a mom and also in the struggle to meet the ends of motherhood, such is the contradicting way of life! On this very first Mother's day of your son, make a promise to be compassionate to everyone waging this struggle. Make sure to give your son a happy mother who loves life and teaches him to do so. Pray that with his every giggle may there be lesser and lesser sighs of pain.

Remember motherhood is always an act of courage, the courage to love truly and honestly. With this hope, I wish you a very Happy Mother's day.

Good luck mamma!

Yours truly
- Myself