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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A vacation without my new dress…

I am just back from a trip to my native for a wedding. It was wonderful trip of course with some lifetime experience to carry with!
I am branded as careless girl from my childhood for example I keep my lunch box in school and walk home empty handed, I write notes neatly and forget my class work book in some shop where I stopped to buy toffee. I stick pens and pencils to my hair while doing Engineering graphics and then walk around in college corridor and ask friends if they have seen my pencils and pens making them laugh and tease me telling this story for next 15 days. With this Reputation like Talking more and having lot of friends everywhere are also there, which are usually made a reason for my carelessness, I know all these doesn’t seem so big isn’t it? Ok good now let us continue with vacation story.

We i.e. me and Amma reached native at around 5 am in the morning, My mom was so very happy to see her Brother who has come to pick her up and she almost jumped out of bus to wish him. After this brief meet she came back to me, I was getting down from bus half asleep as I have not seen how 5 am looks like lately. Observing this and also with my old reputation my Amma immediately asked me to carry small bags and go near car and she decided to get the bags from the luggage holder in the Bus. Fine ALL IZZ WELL till now, we smilingly went in his car seeing the scenic beauty around and reached my Grand Parents house. I was seeing happy smiling faces, some excited about us coming back to native. Amma picked her bag and searched for sweets she had got for kids and handed it over to kids all happy praising amma, how I could stay back form this even I had got chocolates for kids so went to get it, What did I see there? My god the bag what amma had got was not mine!
I announced what had happened to everyone, Everyone without even listening to story Branded that it must be me who has done such a careless act, my god what to do now it’s a remote village network connectivity of mobile like Airtel, Vodofone are never known, so It was really hard. Tried calling thousand people from uncle’s reliance cell phone and some how got my Bag only in the Evening. By then Vacation I had come for attending cousin’s marriage had to be managed with out my new dress.
Now when Bag was lost, see so many little things were of use… I had this ticket which we travelled and I kept it safe now tell me do you think I am careless? Ok I had to talk to so many people on that day and describe the incident and some I had to convince to understand my situation so many SIR, so many UNCLE so many THANKS so many SORRY were used to get the BAG back now tell me do you think I am talkative? A person who was not that close friend but because of one get together invite I had done to him I could dare to ask help from him. See so many things in 4 hrs ….

Lessons learnt:
Every Person you meet is really precious!
Check your Luggage every time you travel. Things and memories associated with them are very precious.


Ragini said...

Very nice incident, proved that you are smart collecitng the required details and ultimately got back ur bag in a remote village even it was late:). Like u buddy...

shreeshum said...

Sheeti Bazake Bol ALL IS WELL

Ramya said...


Thanks kano,
full Bhaya agithu but still express mado haage irlila

I should say, ALL WENT WELL!

shobha said...

Sakkattu olle experience kandri nimdu Ramya :).