Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Meet my ____ friend…

If you are Gentleman who is reading this post then it’s really helpful for you in understanding every darling female around you, like Sister\Mother\Fiancée\Female Friend\Wife and if you are Senorita who is reading this post then darlings I am very sure you will have tons to add to this post …
But lets start with a question!

State any difference between the following:-
 Good friend\Close Friend\ Best Friend \ Close Buddy
Men would answer as no difference all are same - friends!
But then we women folks have very significant difference for all of these! The adjectives or the prefix matters a lot when we introduce female friends. 

My ‘Prefix’ challenged Hubby’s confusion leads me to write this post. Recently we met a friend whom I introduced to my hubs saying that she is my close buddy from my engineering days! So after bidding bye he asked me some details about our friendship but then I had to tell him that she was not “thaaaat” close but she was just close buddy not my best friend types!(Men, forget it you cannot decode this line, Women sure ;) would have understood what I meant :D )
 My hubs was totally lost trying to understand the difference in the similar words (MEN!)  and so I am sure every men are challenged with such situations. Then I decided to help ‘Man’ Kind by putting this up in my blog!
So here is the glossary for understanding what exactly that “_____” \Adjective before the word “Friend” means

Good friend: One with whom we have spent a significant amount of time and have shared everyday details. Beyond that no connection, you would hardly wait to know what this friend is doing on weekend!  

Close friend: If you think first one and this should be same! Then *Blunder* no its not this has this formula Close Friend = Good Friend + once or twice has seen us cry for various reason so this friend type knows little bit of our dirty secrets :D. (Need to be bit careful while introducing to your fiancee… ;) )

Best Friend: No wait don’t jump into conclusion! its not same as 2, its different. This person’s formula is this - Best Friend = Close Friend + We know this person’s dirty secret as well … see now you know the difference :D. By which I mean it is perfectly safe to introduce this person to anyone because this friend comes with deal which is ‘You scratch my back and I scratch yours”.

Close Buddy: they are toooooo irritatingly dependent on us!!!  They also call us to ask personal advice also sometimes to sob over call and you feel like saint and extremely superior while you are advising them! And you often find their problems are super silly! Such people you don’t want to let them down by calling them just friends so these are termed as “Buddies” So that’s Close Buddy That’s it!

See how significantly different these are? Don’t you see the difference now?
And also there are other words like “Thaat” “Not So” “Very” “ok ok” adds lot of meaning, difference and flavors to degree of friendship!!! So now I have educated ‘Man’Kind!!! :D

P.S1: As I was drafting this post, My hubs just told me that he met my college friend on the way to office and she asked him how is her “Close Buddy” doing :( !!!! Seems like I learnt my lesson!

P.S2: if you think Ramya is too cold hearted!!! Nooooooooo not at all you are all my…friends ;) so this post is only intended to make you smile for a while! :D

Monday, September 17, 2012

FlyKey ... Sky is not the limit!!!

Are you stuck in traffic jams? did you run out of fuel in middle of the desert?  Are you super tired walking? Are you planning to runaway with your loved one but caught by people? Are you being scolded by someone and you seem to have no option?Are you stuck in boring bhashans?
All you want at this very point is to FLY FLY and FLY away???

Here we provide you a magical solution! 

A pair of FlyKey is all you need... Zooooooom

FlyKey! A Shoe which holds Guinness record is now available to everyone! Iconic Shoes of Fly Max series has now got a wonderful innovation which assures you an awesome Flight with lot of safety features.

The shoe is geared towards Flying... believe 
it! FlyKey is a shoe which can help you Fly!!!!

Features of Flykey

1. Shoe on Flymode Flies in the safe Zone which is approved by DGCA. Now you seldom have to bother about getting stuck anywhere!

2. All the basic features of Top branded shoes like  Weight: 13 ounces (men’s size 9), A double-layer mesh tongue adds ventilation, The molded heel and collar lend optimal fit and reduce heel slip, Reflective elements add visibility in low light, Available in all Sizes and shapes catering to world wide customers 

Are available by default, which are just so minimal when compared to the options in Flykey

Attractive and Unique features of FlyKey are
  • Fuel Efficient
    • Solar Powered batteries which ensure flight of 5hrs, also has a back up switch over facilities - Beat the Fuel Hike!
    • On The Fly Battery Recharge
  • Landing, Safety gear and Security
    • impact proof jacket, helmet, gloves and also wheels are provided for safe landing and for emergency landing
    • Password locked and uniquely paired with Owner foot that makes it secure from any theft
    • Theft alarm combined with locator helps you locate the shoes as soon as the theft detection is switched on.
    • 24*7 online phone support!
  • Navigation system
    • GPS voice controlled navigation assistance is also provided
    • Collision detection and alarm system 
    •  Auto feed of paths also available
    • Speed of flight is monitored in 3 flying modes like Slow, Medium and Fast 
    • Night mode additional features!
  • Fashion
    • Available for Men, Women and children
    • Available in any styles and colors - Women can land directly into their party hall in style!
    • Saree Guard during flight is also available 
    • Our shoes are designed by worlds famous designers including Manolo Blahniks !!
After providing all these features we are rest assured the price of the product would least bother our esteemed customers! For more exciting details and Early bird offers please visit the nearest showroom also avail an exciting demo Flight!!!

Our products are available on all the leading online stores as well!!! So all you need to is switch to FlyKey!!!

FYKI... Booking is open!!!

Han baba Han.... all these are imaginary and this was our brain child in one of the fun session where we had to design an imaginary product and we had to sell it to the crowd!!! 
And so we had to come up with Banner, Advertisements and also features of the product so this was our Product.

But if Albert Einstein really meant “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”

Then wait for this Product !!! Also I have finalized who will be Brand ambassador from India, It will be none other than our very own Super human Rajni Saar!!!

So guys ;) how many of you would like to FLY with FlyKey!!!! 

P.S: I have escaped into deep jungles of Amazon !!! Dont try to hunt me!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

“You are never fully dressed without perfume!”

A sweet open secret is that every women enjoys when she is noticed, now for that you should really posses some gifted things like beauty, charm , a wonderful smile and some features that stands out isn’t it? But what if you do not fall into any of those blessed categories?

 Oh not to worry there are still other things likely to catch attention, things like a beautiful dressing sense, a noticeable accessory, a change or difference in hairdo and last but not the least PERFUME…And So  there are four things admirable for a woman to be, at any age! Whether you are four or forty-four or nineteen! It's always wonderful to be elegant, it's always fashionable to have grace, it's always glamorous to be brave, and it's always important to own a delectable perfume! Yes, wearing a beautiful fragrance is in style at any age!” 

And that exactly is my passion, I crave for PERFUMES. I love when there is a wonderful fragrance. And today this has become my passion and my raring! I am now so much in love with perfumes that I would love to work as sales person in Galleries Lafayette's Perfume section all my life!

Perfumes have been my best way to remember things, I am so much attached to it that certain fragrances make me nostalgic, and I have memories around it, certain perfume reminds me of a particular person and few perfume bottles makes me appreciate the elegance of it, the care and the struggle for perfection which has gone in coming up with such a fragrance and the design.

An incident today triggered me to tell you all this and I had to tell you all that about my passion to get 
your sympathy for the current situation I am in!

One of my close buddy who is a colleague of mine sits in different location, he and one “other” colleague who comes to my location traveled back home together.  So my friend has sent Perfumes with this “Other” person for me and it’s just not some perfume it’s the “PRADA!”  And it’s my first possession of PRADA which I had carefully studied about and had chosen for myself. And this “Other” Person is not hinting me about it, where as my buddy is continuously asking if I received it from him!
Since he is not giving it to me, all I can think of is perfume, has my perfume been used already? Or did he lose it? Or has he kept it for himself? or is he going to gift it to someone Or is he just having fun making me wait? God Nooooooooo I am going crazy thinking about it… all I want at this very moment is my PRADA!!!For sure if I don’t get it within next 1 hour I may die of anxiety ….So now you know what I am going through….

As very talented Joy Bell says
“The love affair created by a good perfume between you and other people, you and nature, you and yourself, you and your memories and anticipations and hopes and dreams; it is all too beautiful a thing!” 

I sit here eagerly anticipating for that beautiful thing to come my way soon… 

Monday, September 3, 2012

48hrs in heaven- Part 3: The End :)

Just imagine we are sitting in our sit out happily enjoying the climate, all of a sudden a leopard creeps in roaring, what would our reaction be? Of course we shout we panic we also cage it and we try to hurt it… all this because it entered our territory.  And now we were in its territory, we were disturbing by shouting and making noise. But see how nature is much more civilized than us, it just roared and it warned us, so our guide told us not make any noise and reminded us that we are in its territory but they don’t harm unless we try to hurt or disturb them and also they are equally scared of us.

And in the mean time Vinodh signaled us indicating that he found another route via forest but his concern was that it was very slippery but it was not as rocky as the other side, So now we had to build our courage to climb down from the other side of the rock without disturbing the Leopard and all 5 of us making least noise got down and started towards the very thick Shola forest finding our way back.
As we moved sufficiently away from the rocky zone where leopard was roaring, we stopped to see it for one last time and thanked it for not harming us, still wondering should we call them WILD and our self CIVILIZED?  

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson

Now I feel like telling again and again Life is beautiful. Friends, wildlife is very precious and endangered do not harm or disturb wildlife unless it is life threatening. As we walked down Vinodh told us so many facts about unnatural death of animals in forest and sanctuaries and if you think it’s mostly because of hunting sorry you are wrong it’s because of Plastic that are littered, shame on us, is all I can say!!!
So we climbed down the Redhill, thanking Mother Nature for keeping us safe, and also we were a bit more matured as we came down the hill, Life teaches beautiful lessons within no time!!!

Down in the beautiful resort people were waiting with delicious lunch and also as we told them our experience everyone was surprised and happy for us to have returned safely. Also the evening safari had lots to offer we did spot Sambar deer it was one beautiful and elegant animal...

Sometimes in life certain place or people or incidents that happen to us which we will want carry for our life time, this was one such wonderful trip which had mix of everything and I want to frame it!

Experienced utmost care, love and affection of the person whom I have chosen for my life which made me fall in love with him again and again, Beautiful scenery, untold and untouched beauty of nature, fear of death and value of life, Discussions with the resort owner and the guests like Abhay family and Deepak sir and Sita mam family. And so the time spent those 48hrs was magical, Also if the way back was not good then the trip would have ended sadly but I was destined to get best of all, even the way back was amazingly beautiful and thankfully not crowded… What more can I ask for!

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

How true...!

If you like to rewind the memories of my ooty trip here you go!
48hrs in heaven - Part 1: Drive to Emerald
48hrs in heaven- Part 2: When death roared…