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Friday, April 9, 2010

That Sleepless Night...

Mine was a pretty simple and sweet, love cum arranged marriage. Love, my effort and Marriage my hubs effort By which I mean it was I who took initiative to take our friendship to next level and after which my husband went ahead to discuss this with my parents, his parents and convince both the sides which means that the less painful and fun part was mine and the major decisions and worries my hubby took on.

We had just then announced at home about our interest in each other and our family was in debate mode I was pretty much sure that they will be convinced so in such situation one night my husband, the then Boyfriend called me and told he has something important to discuss based on which I should decide whether I will be able to get married to him. I told him he can tell it now but he told he has lot of things to explain and so he wants to meet me in person and decide on the same, he wished me a good night and hung up.

How it could be a good night sleep for me in such situation? I had already told my parents and if I comeback tomorrow after listening to his story and say no they will kill me. My god I couldn’t sleep with the curiosity and tension of thousand thoughts like, may be he had old lost Girl friend and she is back, or may be his parents weren’t happy or may be he wants to relocate to Pakistan, which kept lingering in my mind and didn’t let me sleep. I was just waiting for morning 10’ o clock to meet him.

As soon as I walked down from my bedroom for coffee in the morning, my appa, amma were smiling and also for my surprise they told they are ok with the boy’s family and they would call him and his parents in the evening to confirm on further events and dates. My heart skipped a beat thinking about a bad news which is waiting at 10’ o clock. I dropped my head down thinking all these only to hear my parents whispering that see she is so shy!!!

At last it was 10’ 0 Clock, I met him and with all smiles and usual style he walked up to me and held my hand. Nothing was running in my mind all I wanted to know was what that secret was. And here goes our conversation

Him: Hi
Me: Can you tell me what is that you want to discuss with me
Him: (Surprised with my curiosity)
Me: Pleaseeeeeee
Him: Listen you need to think very deeply on this, it’s serious and important for both of us.
Me: Will you please tell me what is it?
Him: Ohhh… ok I am taking up MBA at a prestigious institution and it will be for 2 yrs and balancing studies and worklife will be very hectic….(Pause), I want you to understand it may be difficult for you as we may not go for outings like newly weds and you may be left alone on weekends….(continuing…)
Me: Ufff….(relief), stop enough can you please drop me home immediately
Him: Why do you want to go home immediately? This is an important issue please think through this (Now he is tensed)
Me: No I want to sleep deeply. Whole night I didn’t sleep, this is not an issue at all…

And now….we are happily married! Look out for the ramifications of this decision in my next post …


shobha said...

After that you went home and slept peacefully???? :)

Kannan.V said...

so u r now giving us sleepless nights... waiting for your next post :):) lol

Ramya said...

Hey Shoba
Thanks for visiting,
Yes slept peacefully ;)

;) Good then Spend some more sleepless Nights ;)

Anamika said...

This post really created lot of curiosity...Your sleepless night made also not to sleep.

Tonight I am gonna sleep well...hopefully

sweetukavya said...

relocate to pakistan?? hahahaha.....
well, good na, tht it wasnt anything else! hehe...