Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The End… The Beginning

Wishing bye to my Orphanage kids I tied my scarf to wear the life saving helmet but felt its too sunny to wear it and started my Activa without helmet but dint forget to plug in my cells headphones to enjoy the nonstop chat of some RJ and some music on my journey back home to have hot lunch served by mom. I was already late! Kids dint let me leave early this day. I could imagine my dad’s angry face but anyways I knew all the reasons to console my dad. With all these thoughts I was speeding in my vehicle. I always enjoyed the Deep curve on the high way, remembering John Abraham in dhoom I took a deep curve speeding my bike. I really dint hear the honk of the speeding truck from the opposite side a bang!!! I was thrown away from my bike, I did feel that my head banged to stone that was laid in the corner of the road.

After this It was all mix up of things, I wanted to shout saying I am in deep pain please rescue me. Suddenly I felt a great pull I was pulled up all of a sudden no pain I was fine and perfectly alright healthy feeling very fresh. Oh my god I was such a fool I dreamt about my accident I started to laugh and turned around to be shocked, I saw myself lying down there with so many people surrounding me, they were taking me I couldn’t say tats me tats my body which is being shifted… Suddenly a pull which took me up up and up.

There I stood facing a big light, I heard a voice very clear and very pleasant voice I ever heard. It called out my name. So by its introduction I got to know it was Almighty I was speaking to, so thus went our discussion or actually a negotiation. I asked god wat was my mistake; I was so young for him to end my life this abruptly. I wept a lot in agony. Finally Almighty said “Jeeva my daughter, all I can do is I can send u back as a wondering Soul but with a boon that you can peep into once mind and understand what they are thinking. And anytime if you don’t like this you can come back to me”. Fine it was my option now to choose this or to remain there and wait for my next birth. I decided to opt this option given by god and to have some fun; I thought I will never want to come back because this will be so much fun. As soon as I chose this option, I was in front of my home.

Oh my god, the scene there was unimaginable. I found so many people in front of my home. The photo that was clicked for my groom search was now garlanded and kept in front of my remains. Except that snap no one was smiling in that crowd. And I saw people whom I had not met from years when I was alive were here with sad face here in front of my home. At once I felt, I was so popular that so many people to see me for last time.

Just then I realized I now have to power to peep in their minds, Fine I first thought of peeping in everyone’s mind but then shortlisted to those whom I was skeptical about.

There I saw My college gang all standing together, I saw my friend Preeta, who was staring at my photo with very sad expression on her face. I decide to peep in her mind,
Preeta: “ wat a lovely smile jeeva has, exactly the same smile she had in college and she stole my hero, Now that this lady is also not there and he is also not there for me to try”
Oops this was the reason for my friend Preeta’s Sad Expression. Oh my god I was such a fool, I liked Preeta so much, helped her so much and she thinks like this??? With this one example I stopped myself from examining any of my college friends.

There stood my office gang, My manager Shekar, had very void expression on his face, same he has in office too. I was very much exited to know wat he was thinking. Immediately peeped! Shekar: “Finally dumbhead had understood the complex testcase and promised me of completing it!!! But now, Again I have to explain it to someone” Gosh is this the same guy who had told “Jeeva u are excellent u got the idea of this testcase with in no time” I was such a stupid dreaming of Spot award, this Manager is pakka Practical.

I by then had started feeling very sad by understanding the other face of people, whom I thought were so good. By then there stood a guy who was in my office and always was a very good to me, But wasn’t friend of mine, I had not expected him here. I just was so surprised to see him here and that too I saw tears in his eyes. I thought I must check wats going on in his mind and then I peeped, Guy whom I dint bother to know the name: “Had I dared to smile to you the first time I saw you! Had I dared to say you were beautiful! Had I told that the ring u lost in office trip is still with me! And Had I dared to ask you out on this weekend you would be with me Jeeva, Forgive me Jeeva!!! Forgive me!!! I will always hate myself for being coward!

I felt so bad for missing such a wonderful person, I just wept and asked god to take me back to him. That’s it, I felt somebody held my hands and pulled me up…

Yes it was Amma as usual angry on me for sleeping late, I realized it was just my dream of my End but I must say It is really a wonderful beginning. That day in office I met the same guy smiled wide to him. And I could sense that he was very much confused to see me smiling to him.
But thank god we don’t have such powers of understanding others thoughts… We believe whatever we see and accept it as fact, in a way that really keeps us happy.