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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wife of a studying Husband

Now that you all have read the Part 1 of this story here goes the continuation

All went well, we are happily married, touch wood! After 10 days of our marriage, my hubs one Thursday night told me that he will have to study for his first class of the new term, that event signaled the changes that way to come in my lifestyle.

It all started that Friday followed by Saturday, he had continuous classes from 8am to 5 pm, I would clean the house one day, shop for all house hold things required for next week and then go to Mom’s place for rest of the day and wait for my hubby. The initial few days, Sunday was a holiday for him so we would stay together and enjoy that one day at least but gradually as the course got hectic it started eating into our together time on Sundays and he was completely occupied on Friday, Saturday and also Sunday.

I would feel very dejected when I saw couples roaming around hand in hand, smiling and talking to each other in the park which was right in front of my home, as I would clean the house and watch TV and wait the whole day, only to see my hubby come home tired in the evening. One day I couldn’t control myself and I shouted back asking him to please take a break from his studies- we were just married and I was not able to handle this any more. He was very much worried because he was very much dedicated to his studies and he tried to convince me. Though I got convinced then, the fights increased daily and one day my hubs couldn’t control his anger he shouted back saying you can go back to your mom’s house and I will call you back only once I finish my course, in anger he just raised his hands which pushed me out of the door.

Ouuuuchhhhhhhhh !!!! I slept in the corner of my bed and fell down very badly and heard my hubs laughing aloud at me! Thank god all this was just a dream. After consoling me he continued with his studies for his first class in the new term.

Nothing like all that I dreamt happened what actually happened from then on is like this,

Every Friday, Saturday and by term ending complete Sunday my Hubs will be occupied but I happily engage myself in girlie shopping, gossiping with friends, mom’s place to find out hot gossiping news, pursue all my hobbies and interest, visiting my little friends at Courtesy these are the endless things I now do on weekends. Now I am more busy than he is! Thanks to him because of his one interest in studies I am able to do so many interesting things in my life…


shobha said...

Starting oodbekadre tumba bijaraytu Ramya. aamele :-):-):-)

Kannan.V said...

hahhahaa..... whooaaaa.... what a suspense thriller.... script it to bollywood may be :)

Ramya said...

Thanks ri

Enna vechu comedy keemedy edhuvum pannalaye

Anamika said...

Hey Rams........Un-imaginable dream huh!

Haha very good one!

Ramya said...


Thanks, I know you will have more to tell about ur simillar Experience :)

sweetukavya said...

my god! u really scared me a lot wen i read tht part abt u nd bhava fighting! i mean, i cudnt believe tht bhava cud get angry!!!
thank god it was onli drm!!! :D :D
aal izz well!