Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Friday, July 23, 2010

I hope I will see you someday

A care taker who did his best when I was baby,
Pushcart vendor who would give me a little candy everyday,
Childhood Neighbor who left the place and not sure where she settled,
Friends from my kindergarten…I hope I will see you someday.

A high school mate whom I just saw but never spoke,
Cycle Guard whom we would cheat and escape,
My native friends with whom I spent most of my summer holidays
And my friends I hope I will see you someday.

My first job training batch mates,
My first colleagues, 
Cashier in the company cafeteria
And the security guard … I hope I will see you someday.

Tour guide who became a good friend,
Snorkel guide whom I met in my honeymoon trip,
An old couple sitting on the park bench,
A little waiter in that Island… I hope I will see you someday.

All those people who are whispering my name either out of love or out of rage
People sitting somewhere waiting for me to be online
All of you who are my assets
And the real me inside… I hope I will see you someday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am Back...

Hello Friends,

I am back again, this time its a little story. Let me know what you feel about it.

Screams of her past died down in the Sound of this Laughter

It was a rainy evening Reshma sipping her coffee was gazing outside. Endless rain was pushing and pulling her into lots of memories, happiness, sadness of her beautiful life of 54 years. At the study table was her well educated, calm and intellect husband doing investment planning for their only son who had long settled in abroad. Until previous day, Reshma was completely occupied with serving and being with her only son who was with them on his vacation. After seeing off their son with his beautiful wife, Reshma realized she hadn’t checked her email to catch up with her sisters settled in different countries. Switching on her laptop and logging into her only email id that she had preserved from years only to make sure she did not miss any contact was her daily routine

Least did she expect that the guilt, pain she had buried deep in her heart from past 30yrs will vanish today giving a great relief to her. Now today she logged in with usual thoughts to see some mails from her sister with photos of their kids, parties held, some with interior designing sites, But today there was one email which stopped her heartbeat. It was with the subject: “Wedding invite… Please do come” and it read

Dear Reshma,

Hope you are fine and also I hope you are still using this email account. Attached is my Daughters wedding invitation, I will be very happy to meet you and your family on this occasion. Please make it to the event and bless her.

Reshma, Today in this very moment when I am writing this email to you, I have regained all the respect I had for you and I am truly proud of the decisions you took then.

My Daughter is getting married to a very nice person whom I am truly happy and proud about and with our acceptance. But I tremble at the thought of she being away from me, she not being with me when I wake up every morning after the day she gets married. Now I know how it feels to give away Daughter even when I know I have full freedom to visit or invite her anytime.

You then took right decision and choose your parents. I am proud of you now.

Thanks and Regards,

Hope you haven’t forgotten my name…

Reshma Sighed aloud, held her heart and laughed out loud, she ran to the study room hugged her husband and continued laughing though not sure about the reason Reshma’s husband held her tight and laughed with her. Screams of her past died down in the Sound of this Laughter.