Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Different world…

Hey all, I am back to narrate you a little incident that happened today morning, as usually I was standing to board my cab, I was 10 mins early to stop. Reshu is one lady of 50yrs old who waits in the same stop. There is a very famous distillery for which she works. Amongst 10000 others her work is to wash the bottles and drain it.

In that 10 min wait everyday; this lady has become a good friend of mine. Though it’s a routine discussion we have, like did Subbu go before I come?, did we have breakfast and her advice to cross the road slowly we don’t speak anything new.

Today morning I was still in the thoughts of my work which is being too much from past few days, I was also nervous about my manager who always calls meeting only to appreciate our work but not to say anything about salary hike or better position. I just turned to Reshu who was smiling to me and just thought how would she feel about her job and salary I could just not control my excitement about this and I started to discuss about that with Reshu.

I asked reshu “ Ri Reshu, how is your work and wats your salary?”
Suddenly Reshu started laughing and said “Iyyo Ramyamma, wat to say about that, my work starts at 9 and we will have to keep standing till 1:30 in the afternoon for collecting bottles and keeping it aside after which is the Lunch break of half an hour and again stand till 5:30 in the evening till the Bell goes off, consider between this if supervisor notices us sitting for a while or talking for a long time then for sure we will get blasted or sometimes also beaten up. And about salary its 2500/- per month and even that we have not received it from past 2 months whoever went to question about this has not come to factory from the next day!”

Before she could complete her horror stories her factory bus came which was the most pathetic bus I ever saw. It was over crowded, no proper window panes and no proper seats. Just then Reshu boarded the cab and smiled at me asked me to cross the road carefully and left for the day, assuring me tat she will be continuing her story tomorrow when we meet.

But it was very much enough for me to understand that how different the world is. Even today people work in such conditions, Not that I don’t understand economic structure but the fact is humans are not treated with the respect they have to be treated with. Like this there may be so many people suffering because of their Superiors, Suffering with their spouse, suffering because of their children. Never have we all given any thought about this…

But with all these I saw Reshu was happy working and she came to board cab in any condition every morning. I have heard poverty teaches discipline and dedication, Hence it is proved now. Sitting in my sophisticated cubicle, sipping hot coffee and while writing this I still remember Reshu’s innocent smile which had lots of pain in it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What I hate....

I never knew I will have to think so much to list down what I hate until one day my buddy Chaos tagged me with this topic. Fine my friend here the list goes but before that a very small introduction about myself.

I have been always blamed for me not being choosy which means I like all the things around me. I don’t know why but I rarely hate something, this is how I am. So it’s very tough for me to come up with this topic. Anyways my list goes like this and please all of this has an exception.

1. First and foremost thing, I hate when people act very much matured for their age and always keep saying others to behave according to their age. Friends, I understand we have to behave according to situation but I would love to tell u that age is just a number but for being active, enthusiastic and for carrying that innocent feeling which we had in our childhood there is no age limit. Being like this u will keep ur self and the soul inside u young. Its nature that we turn old but soul should always be kept young.
2. Smile the best medicine. I hate people who intentionally carry serious face and even neglect to smile back.
3. Lying and cheating in relationships, be it any relationship truth is the basis so lying and cheating in relationship I hate to the core. According to me those who cheat someone in love (Parents, friends and life partner) are not to be considered as human beings.
4. I hate People without Focus, if someone says I am living just for the sake of living I guess he could have been non living thing because even animals have intention of their living.
That’s all I guess… I love people for so many new things I learn from them so each one in my life is very much new to me. But the above mentioned are the few things which will hurt me deeply.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Rain is the most written topic but every time I read an article about rain I feel as though I am drenched in a soft shower. Yes, today morning Bangalore climate would have baffled many people here. The climate was just perfect for a hot coffee, soothing music, high raised Balcony and a heart full of memories.

There was wetness every where I was seated in the first seat of my cab to office I purposefully sat there to enjoy the rhythmic dance of Nature. As our cab was speeding between the neatly laid trees along both the side of the road it was awesome to see the wet trees, green leaves which allowed drizzle to softly touch them and the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds to show his existence and this game brought a nice warmth amidst the cool breeze.

I could see people in park enjoying the perfect climate, there were kids rushing to school clad in their rain coats, girls walking hiding in their umbrella, Guys posing as heroes in their bikes and cars all was like a movie scene… I felt very jealous of them cause they were so lucky to actually enjoy this climate I controlled thinking at least I can enjoy watching these things.

Sitting in that corner seat in the journey of 1hr by virtue of this climate I could go back to my childhood, teenage and remember all that happened in the similar climate. Just then I saw a small coffee shop where years back when we college friends finished tuitions early morning and stood there drinking hot coffee and chatting shouting teasing each other.

I must say sometimes nature takes us back just as recap and gets the fresh feeling. Thanks to Mother Nature who made my day begin so beautifully with lots of memories and smiles. I guess many would have felt the same…

Friday, July 4, 2008

Smile please...

Smiling is one of the best feature that god has given to man alone. Don’t know what special he found in this creation of his that he gave this boon to only him. I always wonder there are so many things that are communicated in a smile. Let me mention few which are prominently seen around, they are Smiles for feelings like Happy, care, love, hatred, ego, weirdness, teasing, and also sometimes sadness. All this is communicated via a smile.

Here is a small observation that I have done in the area of ‘Smiles’. Now If you are smiling thinking that this girl has no better work, then let me tell you that is smile of weirdness but you can continue that cause I like that smile on your face.

Though smile has no age, let me begin the chemistry of smile from my college days. There was days when I had crush on a guy. I always waited for his smile, this is smile in love. Seeing this stupidity of mine my friends always smiled at me this is smiling to tease me. In the mean time I used to get back broad unwanted smile from the girl who was that guys’s official announced Girl friend. And this smile was Egoistic … Yeah I used to smile back to her and this one would be smile of rejection. But in college days there was 1000 reasons for smiles. So must say most infectious and very very epidemic is this smile in classrooms. This usually spreads from last benches and by the time it reaches first benches it would have turned to serious condition of smile that is laughter. This was the college days spent smilingly.

Then came the professional days probably after coming to this period, I realized there is one more important dangerous kind of smile that is “Professional smile”. Meaning of this is prominently dependent on, what is the time you get this smile and from whom you receive it. Lets continue this case study with example of the most dangerous species in our work life.

The Professional smiles of Manager, If this smile is received in morning when you come into office and he is in already it means “ Is this the time you come in and smile shamelessly to me???” if its mid day and you are in cafeteria it means “Don’t you have any better work other than doing research in Cafeteria?” in case you stay late in the evening and he meets you in office and smiles at you, don’t be very happy his smiles now means “ Oh you are still here chatting, doing nonsense and wasting company resources?” and sometimes if he crosses your cubicle with this smile this is means “ I am inspecting what you are doing” There are all chances of you being called to meeting after this smile!
And the worst part is technical trainings and meetings; here smile is used for communicating. Here smiles communicate things like “Nothing is entering my thick walled brain”, “I know all of these, why are they wasting time saying the same things again?”, “I am feeling sleepy”, “I am caught sleeping” and “Getting bored”.

To generalize more on smiles, at least in my office I don’t see any smiles on Monday even if I see, I see sad smiles which means 5 more days to bare pressure! But Friday by evening 5 o clock I must say I have seen so many different kinds of smile for which I am still on my research to find the explanations …

So these are my findings but I must tell you, I find immense pleasure in smiling to people and also receiving one back. What ever is the mood, condition, feeling all you need to do is smile to someone or smile to yourself, I tell you each moment becomes precious and memorable.

Friends, if you have smiled even once while reading this article my effort of writing this in notepad in domain training hiding from trainer and acting as though taking down notes has become worth while …

Ok then keep smiling, yes I love it when you do it thankssssssssssss.
(Dedicated to everyone who is smiling now...)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Me and the God Almighty...

I am agnostic, may be I modified the definition of being agnostic. When I want something I believe in god and pray him but when I get or have everything I want, I don’t believe his existence or don’t pray him. So this is my nature towards god.

Let me tell you a small incident that happened today morning. I dressed up to office in my pink suite though not very beautiful as always I was cheerful, the naughty smile on my face makes me look prettier at times this is the comment I get usually. I came down to kitchen to wish mom bye, she was smiling to see me dressed up and told that I am looking good today.

Don’t know why when mom says this I get irritated, may be because I remember my uncle teasing me by saying a kannada saying ‘Hettavarige heganavu muddu’ which means for parents even the rodent looks good! So I neglected her words wished her bye and left for my stop to board my cab.

When I was standing there, I saw a very beautiful girl passing by each and everyone was staring at her. I must say she was actually very beautiful, with shiny silky hair was let free and the white salwar was perfectly matching her beautiful fair complexion I must say she was looking like angel walking down in that dirty road.

Suddenly I started Cursing god for not giving me this beauty, I was so sad and asked god why dint he make me this beautiful, why don’t people turn around to look at me when I am walking. I cursed god for cheating me. By this time of me cursing god this girl had passed by and there was a School bus which was on its way and stopped in my stop.

The bus was full with kids shouting and laughing, I was very happy to see that and I observed closely this was the school bus for mentally challenged kids. In that two min I could observe kids laughing for no reason making weird sounds touching each other. My heart sank, just 2 min back I thought this bus was full with smiles and happiness but now I got to know these smiles and laughter had no meaning but they just existed there.

Now suddenly I remembered god! Why don’t I ask him anything now? Do I ever think that he has given me many things that some of them really want to have? I was ashamed of myself for being so self-centered…I guess this is the way god speaks to us and teaches us about life. Those who pick this up would have learnt a beautiful lesson.

Lost in these thoughts I was staring at that bus, suddenly I saw a little hand of a child from that bus window wishing me bye…