Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Care for a Coffee???

An Addiction, Culture, Romance, Aroma, History, Flavor, bloody what not is related to this amazing drink, The Coffee. We addicts laugh at the ads which say carefully chosen, highly toned, sinfully roasted, freshly brewed, Coffee!!! Arreyyyyyyyyy, who cares? God damn it! It’s “COFFEE” and that is all what matters!!!

Such is my addiction and I crave to explore every flavor of this magical divine potion. And so the topmost “Must do” activity on my list was “Coffee Tasting” in Bali, Yes Indonesia is known for its best coffee beans which is grown in the most fertile lands near the Volcanic ranges. What can be a better way to roast the beans other than growing it on the land which has spurting lava deep in it!
Infinite times I touched  cloud 9 with every sip of coffee that I gulped, so much coffee went into my system that if there was a cut in my body caffeine would ooze out instead of blood.

Finally there was this one thing which put a brake to my coffee exploration in this island and it was a special very unique flavor of coffee called “Luwak Coffee”. Every person we met in Bali kept praising this coffee and kept blowing a kiss in air every time they uttered the name “Luwak”, Such madness in people drove me to one of the best coffee farms of Bali. 

As we entered saw some tourists lost relishing on a cup of coffee which I mostly guessed to be this “Luwak coffee” we were also introduced to a guide who walked us through the farm introducing to different flavor of coffee and was kind enough to let us taste all of those. As I enjoyed most of them he assured me that he has the best kept for the last and I was also longing for that mysterious “Luwak Coffee”.

As he led us to the end of farm I felt like those Indiana Jones movies, searching for the hidden treasure. Finally he pointed us to the “Luwak”, my jaw dropped at the very sight. I was expecting a very different kind of Coffee plant, my imaginations even had spun an image of golden glowing Coffee plant which Balinese called as “Luwak” but much to my dismay it was a Cat! Yes, you read it right, a “Cat!!!”

I started panicking and expressed my shock to the guide thinking that they kill this poor animal to make this flavor, for which the guide smiled and told in his broken English “Madaaam, no no kill cat, cat go night out smell smell best coffee fruit, eat sleep in the morning and next day shit going, we dry cat shit and take coffee beans”

Had somebody captured my expression then for sure that would be huge hit among whatsapp forwards with every possible weird tag!!!

I ran out of the farm in one breathe as he offered this “Luwak Coffee”, Now I generously will give up on self proclaimed “Coffee Enthusiast” title with no regrets. 

So anyone amongst you care for a carefully eaten, warmly egested, serenely shit, “Luwak” Coffee????

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lost and Found

I suppose sometimes it takes getting lost to enjoy the joy of being found – Tricia Goyer

I am sure you will accept when I say day to day stress full professional life, family life and the balancing act between them is taking a very strong toll on each one of us. We all are somewhere somehow lost in the race of current day that nothing at all makes an appearance in the busy brain for us to pause and breathe. Now this is how a pessimist thinks! 

But then if we really tweak our thoughts a bit isn’t it evident that if you don’t get lost, there is no chance of being found? Yes call me optimist or a nut case or a practical head, but it’s a hard fact that neither you can seize time nor the same things which caught your interest in childhood, teenage would interest you at present. With preferences, the definition of happiness change as we grow old and according to me that’s what the beauty of life is. 

A hectic day at office where I am racing with time to catch up with tons of emails, meetings and struggling to meet the deadly target, I am literally lost in the world which is no man’s favorite. While in this race a pop of “Hello” from a dear friend, A little funny spelling mistake in email, little fight for delegating tasks, secretly reading a funny forward message and controlling to burst out into laughter are certainly sweet encounters which we choose to ignore at that point of time  

And a day at home which you think is relaxed time but some souls like me can be restless out there also. I easily lose myself in tidying home, daily up keep, dreadful weight management, meeting expectations and in setting expectations. I am sure there are tons of moments like laughing at our own stupidity, gossiping about things which totally wouldn’t make any difference to anyone, smirk at the way loved one fall asleep midst an action movie are those wonderful little things in the due course of day which would have silently passed.

Well a discussion with friends about finding ourselves made me put across these thoughts here. All or most of us do various things to find ourselves, to find an escape out of our stressful life. But then if you just pause for a minute close your eyes I am sure you will see that all that was lost will be found again. Meaning, when you try to find your selves it will be actually found only in those moments in which you lost yourself.   

Now I will wait to hear from you that how wonderful it is when you lost yourselves in something and eventually ended up finding yourselves there!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

For you are my endless love

No matter how beautifully and efficiently a candle is made it hardly meets its purpose until there comes another source of light to lit it bright. That was how my life was until the day you decided to ignite it with all your love. It is you who wake me up each morning with a smile that’s exactly when I feel that I am so much alive, yes it is difficult to accept that all this was just a dream before I met you. You have dressed my hopes and dreams with rainbows, just not that you have made every effort to hold me tight and walk through the clouds to show me the beauty of those rainbows.

How mesmerizing it is when I see traces of you in every walk of my life, your strength in my protests, your love in my eyes, your courage in my attempts, your thoughts my motivation. You have been a blessing to me all these years. Just by sitting by my side lending all your support you made this game of life worthwhile.

In these years together we've shared so many things. As my soul sings the anthems of love of all those countless little fights which turned into romantic encounters, dirty secrets which turned to rib tickling jokes, naughty pranks which turned us younger, sad tears which turned to smiles as you kissed them and those beautiful moment of silence which always conveyed eternal bond that we are bonded in.

It is hard to say that its only 5years since I got this addiction of you which involves a kind of love that grows and knows no end for you are my endless love. We’re just on our way to forever, let me hold your hand until we get there. As I always have this dream to grow old with you I offer my heart to you again, right here, right now and beg you to let me be intoxicated in your love for now and forever…