Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Highlights of my June of 2013

It was actually this, I decided to cut off 2 of my buddies who were proving to be very painful, they were with me from my birth but I don’t know why I felt like I can’t take them anymore and so I decided to chop them off!!! Oops wait misleading; it’s just that I decided to get my Tonsils operated.
Seems like in the full episode of tonsils operation the decision to get them operated was the only easiest thing and rest is what I call as hell! Preop checkups were done and I was announced fit as Boris Becker to undergo tonsils operation! That’s it in complete over confidence I got into operation robe and sailed in anesthesia…

With the beeping of the ECG and Surgeons slapping on my cheeks, I was back to this world. Operation had gone well, I don’t know why the stupid PJ of school days “Operation success but patient died” kept resonating in my ears and that was partially correct! I was left with no speech for at least 2 weeks, No solid or hot food (in this rainy June!!!), and to top it all icing on the cake was constant horrible pain in the throat… And in this huge mass called my body, I could only think about one part for 2 weeks and that was Throat!!!  Though most lower part of my body were thankfully functioning perfectly well, I started wondering the upper part where so called Mr.Brain sits seemed like complete shut!!!

I couldn’t talk and world around me who came to meet me started doing sign language, how irritating my mind kept shouting “Hello I can hear and I can only not talk!!! And that too temporarily” but then even the angry grunt sent a chilling deep pain wave so had to put up with sign language! I had to show off the will power and sit in a surprise party sipping cold soup which constantly grilled my throat seeing others enjoying their variety dishes! And finally the biggest thing everybody in my family found out after 4 yrs was that my husband also talks, and actually people rejoiced when I was silent!!!

As I felt proud that I had won over the resident evil I had also missed out on little perks of rainy season, making blogposts and reading your blogs. And so I was left paralyzed this June, all in all when I think of all those funny sign languages, friends mocking, moments of irritation of not being able to shout back, gulping soups, amma’s care, hubs love, family support and my throat which has got back now to new life, I think that my lazy June is still justified and all the pain was worthwhile!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh I blushed, in the beautiful panache of monsoon…

A beautiful windy evening, whistle of the breeze hymning outside, I reluctantly got up to light a candle hoping to brush away your memories and the darkness, but then the sparkle of the candle in that dark room was it lit for light or was it lit to remind me of your curious eyes looking at me? 

I pulled over my warm blanket as it’s a cold night which is making me shiver as the cold wind tingles but in reality it’s your thought which made me shiver mildly. How this rainy season tickles an indispensable trail of memories which keeps floating in the sea of thoughts. 

These mist filled mornings which seems cloudy and about to pour just holds all the moisture and refuses to shower, this reminds me of myself holding all my love for you and yet refusing to shower it on to you.

How nice the birds chirp around the bush, may be they all are calling their loved ones and chirping their love to them. Wondering why this smooth music got tears in my eyes, maybe I am missing my name whispered romantically by you in my ears. 

As the rain showered this morning, pouring all its love and the earth turned red in the love of nature, I stepped into warm tub to cleanse myself but was actually hoping to cleanse my thoughts which were all about you but how could I escape as the gentle flow of warm water caressing me made me close my eyes to remember your desiring arms touching me

Oh I blushed thinking whom to blame it on, is it my crazy love for you or is it the elegant onset of monsoon, Or is it your insatiable desire for me which has left a mark of all those countless hisses and kisses.  Thought of all these was a mistake once upon a time, but if only the mistake is so sweet, I would love to commit the same mistake again and again…

Oh I blushed, in the beautiful panache of monsoon…

P.S: My way of welcoming monsoon ...  
Thanks to my friend who shared this picture which kindled me to write this post.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A new dress and a Hawai chappal

First weekend after salary, it’s all about shopping. Even after listing some 10 dresses, matching footwear and accessories, It still seems so less! And in reality once I head to shopping with that list, end of shopping the list really looks small for all that I would have shopped.  Such are these days...

It seems miracle when I sit back and think about those childhood days when we were studying and Appa, Amma struggling to meet the ends. Life wasn’t this easy both Appa and Amma combined dint earn more than few thousands and all of that used to vanish in home loans, kids expenses, health, home maintenance and some to take care of people back home.  But even with all these constraints Appa, Amma managed to fulfill most of our desires and for those which they couldn’t they really managed very well to explain us why we can’t get all that we want.

It was during those days that buying a new dress really meant there was some reason or an occasion associated with it. We never really got a dress without any reason. Trust me, it had to be one of these, a festival (considering 4 big festivals) so its 4 per year, Birthday 1 new dress per year, and then some close kin of us is getting married then by luck 1 more new dress. So that’s it maximum 6-7 dress per year. Even Appa and Amma, had never bought a piece of cloth if not for any of these reason and for them it was even lesser.

And the footwear trust me, until me and my sis were out of 7th grade, we never got to wear anything other than the famous Hawai chappal. It was my Appa’s thought that they were the only ones which would last long and so no matter what the dress we wear its only hawai chappal we wore with that. My beautiful sister was style conscious from that very young age and kept cribbing that she would like a Cinderella shoes with her new frocks preferably with a heel. And even after repeated cribbing and crying when she dint get a heeled Shoe,  she chose to protest and that too how cleverly! She simply wore hawai chappal and walked around raising her heel that’s when everybody started questioning Appa, Amma and they were tired answering that there was nothing wrong with her legs. And soon she got a new Cinderella shoes.

As my eyes wondered through my sister’s collection of marvellous stilettos, pumps, peep toes, wedges, crocks, pointed heels  and  as I see my sis beautifully walk in them today, I still remember my little sister walking around  in her new  dress and a hawai chappal and with that, her little pretty feet raised up. And that’s how my darling sister ended an era of a new dress and a hawai chappal! 

P.S: This is my 150th post.  Thanks a lot to you all, for being there to listen to my stories…