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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ticket to Hollywood!

Well what better way to get back to blogging other than getting nostalgic! So here I am back after a long time to narrate one little incident picked from my nostalgia
It’s almost 4 months now of me getting back to India after my short onsite to US but out of all the wonderful time spent there, I would never forget this not so significant moment of the trip which I am sure my friend would have lost track of.

Receiving an email from my manager to pack my bags for an onsite couldn’t have been more exciting until it read the office location as “LA”, well that’s the place where my best buddy had settled down. From that day onwards every conversation of us was all about planning minimal available post office hours for our sightseeing. My buddy had not missed a single thing and she made sure I made maximum utilization of my stay in LA. 

The day did finally arrive and we were so much excited to meet each other after almost 3years. I don’t have to explain what the scene would be like when 2 long lost friends and that too women meet! 

On day 2 of our sightseeing we got into a bus and our destination was “Hollywood” you can guess the excitement I had and coupled with this were all those gossips I carried had to be discussed. The moment we got into the bus and made ourselves comfortable we were lost in our world of gossips in which we just did not lose ourselves we had as well lost the stop where we had to get down to take a connecting bus to the Hollywood. 

Well the place that I did not know and the new place which my friend as well did not recognize, there we got down and were left with phone GPS. There we were 2 gossipers lost in some corner of LA waiting for the GPS to have some mercy on us and direct us to the right place.

Thankfully the GPS did not disappoint us; it directed us to the nearest connection point where we could get the busses to Hollywood. This time we cautiously followed the GPS and headed towards the exact location where it directed but as we hit the location which the GPS directed, we realized there was no Bus Stop at that location.

Totally confused we rechecked the GPS by reloading it only to see the same location with a quote “You reached your destination” but apart from a small booth there was no signs of a Bus stop! Now we were officially lost and the night had started to fall. As it got dark, my friend frantically started thinking of people who could help us and I heard a sound of a bus passing by I alerted my friend but she waived it off as she took a look around and found nothing.

Just when we had decided to make a call to someone miles away to help us we spotted one human being rushing from the other side towards us. Regaining all the confidence we rushed to seek his help but he was is such hurry that he just said “Sorry folks I will miss the bus if I stop here” and zoomed to the corner where the booth was and vanished in it. I followed him to see stairs leading down and what a relief there was the Bus Stop which we were searching for last one hour and we were right on top of it. Well we had utterly failed to notice a small Booth which led to the road below where the Bus Stop was.

The reliefs, the laughter, the sheepish smile of my friend are so much memorable that it still lingers in my thoughts!!! And there was our ticket to Hollywood!