Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Me and The Devil inside me!!!

I guess all of us face lot of problem consoling devil inside us but there are so many situations which just provoke that! Here are some which I have to really fight the devil inside me to just keep mum!!!

Some distant relative Parimala Athe when met in some other distant relatives family get together
PA: “Hey do you remember me, I had come to your home”
Devil inside me: Yes Madam probably I was 3yrs old when u last met me now I am more than 3*9 in my age and I forgot you, very poor memory I have.
But I say: He he (grinning) Not exactly!

Another aunt in the same function Sulochana Athe,
SA: “Oh my god you have become so thin, why? Are you not eating well?”
Devil inside me: Get your Eyes checked! I know, I am like Couch potato rolling on floor.
But I say: Oh is it nothing like that, thanks anyway.

Accidentally when I bumped into my far relative in any shopping mall, ShivSubramanya Mava!!!
SSM: “Hey how come you here?”(Suspicious voice!!!)
Devil inside me: Oh yeah this place is conquered by you apart from you no one else should come here is it?
But I say: (Smile) just like that.

When I visited far relative’s house and Because of the wonderful forcefully fed Lime juice I had to ask them to direct me to Restroom
Great people there: “You want to use restroom for toilet is it?”
Devil inside me: No I am planning to conduct Party there
But I say: (Smile) hmmm

Met some relative in movie theater “Arrey you here???? Are you here to watch movie”
Devil inside me: Oh come on I don’t come to Theater to watch movie I dance in front of the screen during intervals!!!
But I say: (Smile) hmmm

I explained to my Friend that I am driving and taking my parents and sister to a function.
He asks: “You will take them in car?”
Devil inside me: Oh no my family knows Bike balancing I will ride Bike, Mom left side Dad Right side and Sister on my head we go doing Bike balancing…
But I say: no Plane

But actually I realised these are not intentional only when I asked my Friend Ash "Hey you here" in office Restroom and she just blushed!!! and I gues Devil inside her was telling: "Yes how come me here,UUU ####,!#$@#$, ^&*$#;%^@# !!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Exam preparations!!!

State the Differences:

1. State the differences in Ramya studying and preparing for certification exams and her Husband preparing for his Exams
2. All these observations are to be made just 1 month before the exam dates.
Hubs: Hubs studies till night 12 and gets up at 5 am daily
Ramya: Watches movie till 12 and doesn’t get up till 7
Hubs: Hubs gets up keeping alarm and studies
1. Alarm rings
2. 2 Mobiles rings
3. Hubs calls
4. House maid comes
5. Hubs pulls me out of bed.
Ramya: "Oh shit is it 5 am already!!!"
Hubs: "No its 7"
6. Studying cancel for that day!
Hubs: Studies late night and completes one course!
Meanwhile Ramya,
1. Watches TV
2. Gossips about all possible people on this earth
3. Reads Novel
4. Sleeps Well
Ramya Studies (4 pages)
1. Hubs Should not watch TV
2. Should not read Novel
3. Should not talk also
4. Should not sleep should sit in front of Ramya

On the exam Previous Day:
Hubs: Studies, Packs his bag to take tomorrow and sleeps early at 10:30
1. Ramya often suffers from Stomach ache or head ache
2. Hubs should ask questions and point to note for exam
3. Hubs should come with her to temple for praying
4. Hubs should answer all the calls and see to it she doesn’t get to speak to her friends
On the day of Exam:

Hubs gets up early revises, freshens up and takes his bag and leaves
Ramya will be still sleeping

On the day of Exam:

Ramya cries shouts all tensed and goes to exam hall
1. Hubs should wake up Ramya and remind she has exam
2. Hubs has to search for all the printout to be taken for exam and pack
3. Hubs should keep saying paper will be very easy and I will know all the answer
4. Hubs drops to the venue and waits


Hubs clears in A Grade

Ramya: I don’t think so I should mention about this

History repeats for the same certification once again :(