Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 ways I killed 7hrs ;)

There I was successfully landed in Paris CDG airport, i was very ready and alert in the queue to check my connecting flight. Police who saw my hurry thought I must be missing my flight so she came to my help in putting the luggage on conveyor and helped me arrange my documents, in this process she saw my tickets and the lady who was very sweet till then suddenly shouted something in French, all I could do was smile and say thank you and I continued clearing security checks. All through out I got stares after people seeing my connecting flight details ;) cause my next flight to next destination was 7hrs from the time I landed in Terminal 2F of CDG. - Checkin process half an hour

So this is part 2 of my journey, one of the hardest challenge of my life was to wait for 7hrs for my next flight. And these were the options I had and the things I actually did

1. Sleeping: oh no Hubs was very scared that I will doze off and wake up only after the flight leaves,Very much possible ;) he knows my sleeping habits!!! So decided not to sleep, but could not keep my self awake so dozed off while I was sitting in front of my boarding gate. I slept so deeply that after around 20 min got up in shock and was wondering where I was, gradually recollected my situation checked for my flight details thankfully I was not late :) so then decided no more sleeping so what next? - half an hour
Total time killed 1hr!

2. I look around good people are so damn stylish!!! and i was half asleep, dull faced and almost was in rags compared to them. so decided to change my looks, Searched for Restroom, pulled in all my luggage in to restroom and then found an empty dressing space, neatly dressed up did all possible makeup adventure ;) anyways how had to see me next day and giggle so tried all new things possible and dolled up
- 45 min :D

3. Next was to utilize 15 min free wifi, to connect to the world and tell them :D I am safe in my stopover destination and very much awake ;)
-15 min
Total time killed 2hr!

4. Oh I had all dolled up only thing missing was perfume :D as i couldnt carry it in hand baggage I dint have one. So decided to take a stroll to the duty free shops, oh hello not to buy perfume ;) only to test them. So then it was a great time pass, cosmetics, perfumes accessories oh my god I dint realize how I spent 2.5hrs there :D
Total time killed 4.5hr!

5. And now Lunch time :D had got something packed, this is when I hate being veggie cannot try out anything else!!! and then looked around for a coffee :) with all these it was some 1hr of lunch break ;)
Total time killed 5.5hr!

6. Now it was only 1.5hrs remaining and I was in love with Paris CDG Terminal 2F! :D where else I would have spent my 5,5hrs like 5 min and that too without talking!!! Next i choose my Book read for almost 1hr!!!
Total time killed 6.5hr!

7. Last half an hr decided to sit in my place look around for men and women and their awesome dressing style. wow end of which I heard announcement for my flight....

KILLED 7hrs like 7 min! yes yes I know dint do anything useful ;) 

Zoommmmm I was the first one in the boarding gate!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Benvenuto Senorita Ramya

It was officially announced by Mr.hubs that i will be flying to Italy for an exotic vacation with him shhh hold on its work for him and vacation for me :), but then I have work here, which i have to manage before asking for vacation of 2 weeks. So after all discussion with team and managers, I had to plan my trip 3-4 days after my hubs has traveled. OK something is better than nothing ;) I grabbed it up and everything was booked and ready for my travel. 

My darling hubs who was very well aware about my carelessness was really worried about me travelling alone, he had written down procedures, also made sure telling me 100times about what would happen if my passport is lost at any point. After all the mock drills of me taking documents carefully, Hubs left!

Now do you think hubs was paranoid without any reason, che no papa! he had valid point see my itinerary below you will know why he was so worried.

We had to make sure that I have flights till the nearest point to where my hubs was staying in Italy but with that we should also make sure that we get very affordable price. So after lot of exploration done by my hubs. Following Itinerary was planned 

1. Leave home at 11pm 20th march for flight at IST 2:30am 21st March from Bangalore Airport to Paris
2. Reach Paris at 8:35am Paris time( which is 12:30pm IST, 10h flight) 
3. Next Flight to Milano, Italy at 3:23pm Paris time(which is 8pm IST, almost 7.30hrs wait time)
4. Reach Milano at 4:45 Italy time(which is 10pm IST, 1hr flight)
5. Next Flight to Pescara, Italy Final destination at 8.15 Italy time( which is 12:30am IST 22nd March, 3hrs wait time)
6. Finally reached Pescara, Italy at 9:35 Italy time(which is 2am 22nd March IST)

oh I was sooooooo proud of myself and so happy to see my hubs relieved expression when he was waving at me in Pescara Airport.... My little victory
Ahhhhhhh a travel of 24hrs, did so many new things and got so many new experience to share with you all. Wow it was just wonderful. So folks I am going to bore you with my experiences from now on ;)...

P.S. Title means Welcome Madam Ramya ;) in Italian 
Arrivederci a presto, Ciao 
See you soon, bye :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

That’s it I am out of the class…

Today felt like sharing with you same old my favorite memories, The time when Mannerism, Self Respect, Shame, etc etc were just in books and at max I had to by heart the spellings of these words and least bother to know the meaning, forget implementing them. Yes memories of my school days.

For people who know me now either personally or via blogs, let me tell you I was 100 times more talkative then compared to what I am and also 100 times more active and full of josh compared to what I am now, Yes I am now most improved and toned down version! (Ha-ha I guess People who know me personally now are in shock imagining my childhood). So obviously I was more out of class than I was in the class, hey wait I was inside also sometimes… of course what other option did teacher have if it was raining heavily so in such times inside class kneeling down!

Hmmm so now you are asking me why I was like that!!! Actually even I am not sure, but anyways will tell you what used to happen. Hope at least you will know that there was no mistake of mine!

  1. There used to be lot many serious topics like, which color pencil, erasers others have! What new chocolate we ate etc etc for a great discussion during class hours, hardly I could wait for that stupid break to burst it out to the person sitting beside me and then the discussion continues endlessly!!! That’s it, I am out of the class.
  2. Never used to do Homework, are you asking me whether your parents did not assist on doing? Oh sure they would get done from me all the homework listed in my Assignment dairy. Clever me, Never used to list the homework for the day in Assignment dairy itself!!! That’s it, I am out of the class.
  3. Like poles repel, I used to hate girls in my class so always engaged playing games with boys and one such famous game during class hours was Leg fight! Oh pls don’t ask me what it was, it takes another blog for me to explain the severity and rules of that game, Arrghh ok one day while playing that game my shoe swung and hit a delicate darling sitting next to us and she with all tears in her eyes complained and teacher on discovering this game in class!!! That’s it, I am out of the class.
  4. Squint eyed lecturer if he says “I  love you” to his wife in front of his sis in law, his SIL would slap and if he says “Oh you are like my sister” his wife would slap, told this imagination to a friend sitting beside me, in the same lecturers class. She bursts out laughing and she also told the reason for laughing and the author behind the joke!!! That’s it, I am out of the class
  5. Teacher strictly told us, If you are not studying well you will never be an Engineer or doctor. I just assured a friend who was really worried about her career that not to worry we will be teachers for sure!!! That’s it, I am out of the class
  6. Teacher scolded me real bad for scoring 9 on 25 and warned me strictly that consequences will be really serious if I repeat it, I was very happy next month cause I dint repeat it, I had scored 8 on 25 !!! That’s it, I am out of the class
  7. Our Dear Language teacher VVA Sir, Asked me to give an example of some phrases “Vanadinda Vanarana Agamana” (Meaning Monkey’s arrival from Forest) I guess it sounded like expansion of his abbreviated name, Answer was correct but entire class laughed!!! That’s it, I am out of the class
My father till date wonders whether he paid fees for my school or school compound cause I was found there more than in classes!!!
Now tell me were these my mistake??? ;)