Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A vacation without my new dress…

I am just back from a trip to my native for a wedding. It was wonderful trip of course with some lifetime experience to carry with!
I am branded as careless girl from my childhood for example I keep my lunch box in school and walk home empty handed, I write notes neatly and forget my class work book in some shop where I stopped to buy toffee. I stick pens and pencils to my hair while doing Engineering graphics and then walk around in college corridor and ask friends if they have seen my pencils and pens making them laugh and tease me telling this story for next 15 days. With this Reputation like Talking more and having lot of friends everywhere are also there, which are usually made a reason for my carelessness, I know all these doesn’t seem so big isn’t it? Ok good now let us continue with vacation story.

We i.e. me and Amma reached native at around 5 am in the morning, My mom was so very happy to see her Brother who has come to pick her up and she almost jumped out of bus to wish him. After this brief meet she came back to me, I was getting down from bus half asleep as I have not seen how 5 am looks like lately. Observing this and also with my old reputation my Amma immediately asked me to carry small bags and go near car and she decided to get the bags from the luggage holder in the Bus. Fine ALL IZZ WELL till now, we smilingly went in his car seeing the scenic beauty around and reached my Grand Parents house. I was seeing happy smiling faces, some excited about us coming back to native. Amma picked her bag and searched for sweets she had got for kids and handed it over to kids all happy praising amma, how I could stay back form this even I had got chocolates for kids so went to get it, What did I see there? My god the bag what amma had got was not mine!
I announced what had happened to everyone, Everyone without even listening to story Branded that it must be me who has done such a careless act, my god what to do now it’s a remote village network connectivity of mobile like Airtel, Vodofone are never known, so It was really hard. Tried calling thousand people from uncle’s reliance cell phone and some how got my Bag only in the Evening. By then Vacation I had come for attending cousin’s marriage had to be managed with out my new dress.
Now when Bag was lost, see so many little things were of use… I had this ticket which we travelled and I kept it safe now tell me do you think I am careless? Ok I had to talk to so many people on that day and describe the incident and some I had to convince to understand my situation so many SIR, so many UNCLE so many THANKS so many SORRY were used to get the BAG back now tell me do you think I am talkative? A person who was not that close friend but because of one get together invite I had done to him I could dare to ask help from him. See so many things in 4 hrs ….

Lessons learnt:
Every Person you meet is really precious!
Check your Luggage every time you travel. Things and memories associated with them are very precious.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Weekend and late night sleep goes so much hand in hand right?
And with this if you have a set of untouched movie DVD’s lined up you can imagine how tempting it is.

But alas, I had over worked on Sunday the Valentine’s Day( for rest of the world), and for me WORKING day. But back from work I couldn’t digest the fact that I haven’t seen a movie this weekend. So I decided to pick one watch it and not mind about late night sleeping.

I had set of Comedy, Action, Romance, Horror flicks, of all these I picked up Horror Paranormal Activity. The guests previous day who had been to my home had mixed reviews, one said I felt sleepy, one said I was scared to death. So to be on safer side I asked my hubs to sit with me while I am watching this movie, see its not that I am scared to watch alone its like if I see it alone My hubs will have to see it alone later and he may be scared, like this all was set. My husband after reminding me about late night sleeping and its side effects on me agreed to join me to watch the movie.

Big hall, Ligths switched off and in TV Horror movie DVD playing. It progressed to almost 15 min, my first reaction was to ask my husband to switch on the lights the reason I gave was it is bad for Eyes to watch movies in dark, My hubs who knew the real reason dint care to justify he just switched on the lights and movie progressed. Almost complete movie I watched with Eyes Closed… now understand this how ever you can at certain point of time both Eyes and Ears closed and I asked my husband to give commentary on what was going on. After these entire circus some how I completed this movie which was not really thaaat scary, I told my hubs. (He was grinning thinking when she ever watched the movie.)

Men are so insensitive, my husband after watching the movie with eyes and ears wide open was able to sleep happily and also to snore, where as I was struggling to even close eyes. As soon as I tried to close eyes I could hear noises which I never heard with lot of fear I could hardly close my eyes. I was wide awake and opening my eyes just to make sure nothing went across in my room. Believe me this is the longest night I have ever had.

When I saw the first rays I was so happy and got up, freshened myself started with hectic Monday morning thanking god for giving new life and not letting anything walk around in my room. Had heavy breakfast and lunch and then started the real ABNORMAL ACTIVITY. Due to lack of sleep as usual my digestive system refused to work and all that I ate was performing Kung fu in my stomach with sound effects. Struggled whole day and cursed myself for sleeping late for getting scared unnecessarily (I can say this only in Day light).

And now tell me which one I should be carefull about, PARANORMAL or ABNORMAL Activity (I suffered more because of this).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So what are you doing on Valentine’s Day?

Is it Flowers? Chocolates? Cakes? Love letter? Shopping? Movie? Candle lit dinner?

This may be your plan hmmm that’s very nice.

Yes I too have a wonderful plan. Let me tell you.

I will get ready in the morning and run to meet him as I have so much planned for him.
When I meet him its all him, from then on its only me and him, And shhh I know how to turn him on in simple ways :).
Till lunch I will be with him and again meet him after my lunch

Now don’t ask me why you will not have lunch with him I can’t because Security guards will not allow to take my laptop to cafeteria…

Yes I am working on Valentine day, I worked last year also and I am working this year also. There is something which makes my project have deadlines only sometime near Valentines Day. And I end up working on Valentine’s Day. So it’s happy Independence Day for my husband ….

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I hired a designer…

First time in my life I offered some work to somebody :)

I stick on to old things very much, it may be that I am too sentiMENTAL about my things that I don’t want to change anything which is with me for long time now or in general commoners language I am just too Lazy to do something new.

So this time it was my Blogspot which had to be revamped badly, thought I tried putting some colors in it I kept on getting feedback from friends asking to change the looks of my Blogspot. Oh come on how do looks mater looks are deceptive don’t you know that? Was my argument. But deep down inside I wanted to do it also.

Today afternoon my best buddy who I consider a style icon pinged me saying she is getting bored, now isn’t it the Easy catch, yes I caught it.

I with my usual communication skills :) impressed her telling I have a work which is very creative and told about revamping my Blog, Gosh I never knew she will accept immediately…

And thus I hired my first designer and here it is my very own blog in new AVATAR…
Thanks Buddy, and hey wait do you want to Revamp your Blog feel really free to contact

This DESIGNER. Do not forget to give your feedback please…

I know you are thinking, one Lazy and one Jobless, but hello I have paid a lot for this like panipuri, Jayanagar 4th Block free Guided trip in my Benz(but it looks like Scooty) may be much more…

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No matter what I love to do this...

Weird things I love to do…

List begins…

1. Name everything around me, Sippu –My sipper bottle, all my dolls, Tutty my car(2208),
Jeejamma , Scorpian king . Laila my plant. And finally my dearest hubs, forget it space here is not enough for the names I have coined on him.

2. Short distance travel in local Bus, Best thing for me is to observe different faces which will have loads of thoughts, emotions, and again talking, smiling some shouting. Never you will get all these at a time, So travel in bus.

3. Observing couples sitting on far away bench in the park who are talking to each other and dubbing my dialogues for their facial expressions.

4. Gossip, my god I love gossiping with cousins, friends. It is so very silly we just talk talk talk whole lot about everyone, finally inferring everyone else are wrong and only we are perfect.

5. Eating Stuffed capsicum with over expressions and emotions on my face, of course with sound effects in public which makes my husband embarrass and hide his face from public stare.

6. Observing people discussing over mobile… mute the conversation see their Expression. He he he

7. Collecting ice cream boxes oh they are so cute. And reusing them to pack small things and feeling proud about them.

8. Suggesting really bad movie to a close friend, I feel so much relaxed that even she will waste her 3hr and watch it. Also end of it or may be mid way she will call to scold me, I will be very sure that I will get call.

9. Watching reality show like Rakhi ka swayamwar, MTV roadies and Starting to scold these shows from begin but still continue to see the entire show scolding who will see such nonsense.

Many more things are there but let me stop here, If you know me then you can tell me what have I left out from the list and Hey you let me know what other weird things you love to do, so that I will get some more ideas…