Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dedicated to myself

Journey so far in ‘IT’!
Its 9 o clock I am still waiting in the reception, struggling to hold copies of my resume, offer letter and Marks sheet of each semester.
With each passing moment, there were thousands of thoughts in my mind as I was sitting in the corporate building of IT Giant Infosys

The day I received offer letter in my personal mail box I was on top of the world as I had caught one of my high flying dreams.
On July 25th I got ready to my first day of Professional life, it was so much a celebration in my home that their first daughter had landed up with one of the famous IT company right after her BE, I could see how proud my parents were.

With all these wondering thoughts I was still waiting in the corporate office for someone to call my name and direct me to my cubicle,
I could see so many young professional walking around in groups and some alone, swiping in their ID cards, some on cell phones, some with Black Coffee mugs “Infosys” written on it, Reception area, Wonderful books and bouquets, very neatly maintained floor, Beautiful reception desk and Receptionist like this everything amazed me in the corporate building. I was so happy thinking that I am part of this Company.

Just then a young lady called out my name and asked me to meet her in conference room Panini in 10 min, as soon as she said this she disappeared to one of the cubicles in that wing. My god, I just cannot describe how much I was panicking at that moment, I dint know where is this conference room Panini, I was so confused to react next. I thought should I drop in to any cubicle there and ask where is this conference room? But the dead silence there scared me not to disturb any one. Still I tried to look around where this conference room is and it was almost 6 min and I decided to give up and ask a person sitting there.

I felt my foot so heavy as I was walking towards that person, I could hear my heart pounding not sure if this happens to every one who are new to there professional life, But I was scared to death. By then I approached this person and said “Excuse me” person dint even turn to see who was standing behind him, I just stood there for a some time and said Excuse me again, no reply he was in to his computer and dint bother to turn I felt so ashamed, I was about to go back just then some other person in the neighboring cubicle got up and smiled at me and said can I help you. I felt a sigh of relief, I was trembling and some how put words into sentence to ask where the conference room was. He was friendly and showed the conference room which was right next to me!

I was so embarrassed and said ‘thanks I just missed it out’ he smiled and asked “New Joinee?” I said ‘Yes’ and thought he would know many New joinees like me!
As I thanked him and left I could hear this person say “Abhe yar tu Head phones kam volume main kyun nahi raktha, cause of your hair no one can even make out if u are on headphones!”

From that first day, every day was so exciting everything was so new, that clean and beautiful campus, Feeling of I am just so new to this place even after months, Bus facility, Food courts as we call in Infy, everything was a talk at home. I was so proud and felt I would never quit this company. With passing time we became a year senior to so called New joinees, made friends, forgot friends, caught lot of IT Slang lot many things changed personally too.

Life went on like this and never got to know how July 25th 2005 became July 25th 2009, Irony is I am even now in same type of cubicle same work environment but different company. As I am writing these thoughts down here I heard someone calling me, it was the simillar trembling feeble voice “Excuse me” I smiled and said “Yes” I saw the similar Files and Neatly dressed Lady with kunkum thilak and she asked me “Sorry for Disturbing, Can you please tell me where is Alpha 107?” I smiled and directed to the conference room right behind where she was standing! And I felt as though I myself was walking …