Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ticket to Hollywood!

Well what better way to get back to blogging other than getting nostalgic! So here I am back after a long time to narrate one little incident picked from my nostalgia
It’s almost 4 months now of me getting back to India after my short onsite to US but out of all the wonderful time spent there, I would never forget this not so significant moment of the trip which I am sure my friend would have lost track of.

Receiving an email from my manager to pack my bags for an onsite couldn’t have been more exciting until it read the office location as “LA”, well that’s the place where my best buddy had settled down. From that day onwards every conversation of us was all about planning minimal available post office hours for our sightseeing. My buddy had not missed a single thing and she made sure I made maximum utilization of my stay in LA. 

The day did finally arrive and we were so much excited to meet each other after almost 3years. I don’t have to explain what the scene would be like when 2 long lost friends and that too women meet! 

On day 2 of our sightseeing we got into a bus and our destination was “Hollywood” you can guess the excitement I had and coupled with this were all those gossips I carried had to be discussed. The moment we got into the bus and made ourselves comfortable we were lost in our world of gossips in which we just did not lose ourselves we had as well lost the stop where we had to get down to take a connecting bus to the Hollywood. 

Well the place that I did not know and the new place which my friend as well did not recognize, there we got down and were left with phone GPS. There we were 2 gossipers lost in some corner of LA waiting for the GPS to have some mercy on us and direct us to the right place.

Thankfully the GPS did not disappoint us; it directed us to the nearest connection point where we could get the busses to Hollywood. This time we cautiously followed the GPS and headed towards the exact location where it directed but as we hit the location which the GPS directed, we realized there was no Bus Stop at that location.

Totally confused we rechecked the GPS by reloading it only to see the same location with a quote “You reached your destination” but apart from a small booth there was no signs of a Bus stop! Now we were officially lost and the night had started to fall. As it got dark, my friend frantically started thinking of people who could help us and I heard a sound of a bus passing by I alerted my friend but she waived it off as she took a look around and found nothing.

Just when we had decided to make a call to someone miles away to help us we spotted one human being rushing from the other side towards us. Regaining all the confidence we rushed to seek his help but he was is such hurry that he just said “Sorry folks I will miss the bus if I stop here” and zoomed to the corner where the booth was and vanished in it. I followed him to see stairs leading down and what a relief there was the Bus Stop which we were searching for last one hour and we were right on top of it. Well we had utterly failed to notice a small Booth which led to the road below where the Bus Stop was.

The reliefs, the laughter, the sheepish smile of my friend are so much memorable that it still lingers in my thoughts!!! And there was our ticket to Hollywood!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

One night in the Sin City

Sin city has no enough words to be described. Every moment spent there is exhilarating to indefinable ranges. As the sun goes down madness raises to new highs. It’s a place where you can dare to live your wildest dreams and it’s an addiction unbound.

Glittering neon lights, head banging music, high end fashion, classy men, marvelously bitchy women, Scent in the air and to top it all a toxic topping of an alcoholic portion available at every corner to relentlessly flow down in your throat, all in all a perfect combination for creative destruction!

The magic of the place is such that as you drive in to the Las Vegas crossing the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign board and as the night falls no matter what everybody are aged sexy 21. We were no exception to be engulfed in this fascinating fantasy of Vegas, bunch of friends who wanted to be spoilt for that one night set out in the evening to start our night in the Sin city. 

Our only intention for the night was to get high but where do we start was the question on mind. Whilst  in this place you will just not have to chose from the Bar menu card to be high but you can get instantly high on endless options like the beauty of the city lights, on scrumptious food, on gambling, on mesmerizing shows and on attractive opposite sex. In every other part of the world no two people think alike but here in the sin city million different people thought about only one thing and that was to have everlasting fun!

We decided to get high by kick starting our adrenaline rush with the crazy roller coaster ride on 120th floor of Stratosphere. The pump of adrenaline which started there lasted the whole night. Our next destination was the casino where we were mercilessly disregarded by the wheel of fortune but who cared we gambled across cursing laughing hugging the insane strangers who shared the Roulette, Poker, and Black Jack table with us. That one night no one were strangers there we shared the same pain and all of were bleeding the same way as the dollars diminished. 

As I am writing this post I cannot tell you which was more fun, losing dollars, laughing with strangers, praising the banker across the table to have some mercy on us, Or a sudden decision that we made to go dancing to fool the goddess bad luck who was following across all the table or that how we struggled to map the course of event that happened last night when we woke up the next morning.

As the intercom in the hotel room rang to remind us about our checkout timing from that casino hotel our Vegas high plummeted but as we drove off from the Vegas we friends had created a bunch of memories, stories which will stay with us always as a wonderful memory. For all of you who have got a chance to visit, you will really know what I am trying to tell here and for those who are next up all I can say is Las Vegas looks the way you imagine heaven which leads to hell lot of fun!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yeh tho sirf trailer hai…

It took almost a month for me to make a post on my blog!!! Too late I know that!!! But then life was wondering between so many things. It started with busy work schedule, business travel and amidst this I was struggling to make some time for my life. But then there is always a breeze even in hot summer just that we have to wait for it with loads of patience.

I am realizing that in last two months I haven’t got a chance to complain “Booorrrrinnggg” at any point of time such was the time that slipped away. So here it is my time to breathe and relax.  And now I am letting my mind wander in the void and I am hoping that it comes back with ton load of imaginations and creativity to keep my loving blog alive.

However the beauty of life did not seize with hectic schedule, life offered a wonderful time filled with refurbishing an old friendship, treasuring new friendship, traveling to new place, celebration with family and many many more things to remember and to blog about. So here I am making an announcement that shortly there will be loads of post exposing different angles of the time I spent in cauldron. 
 Yeh tho sirf trailer hai…

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Beauty of life

Rhyming melodiously free flew all those words, Pierced through my soul and touched me smoothly, whisking me off the reality. How some call it a poem of a romantic poet!

Whispered every word, transporting me to the never land, drenched me completely but slowly steadily, whisking me off the reality. And they named it as a story by an enchanted author!

Smiling constantly there stood a colorful mystery, Stared through my heart and left without saying a word, whisking me off the reality. Few called it a colorful magic of a blessed painter!

Dwindling in my memories, swayed madly to the mesmerizing tune, yet trickled a tear, whisking me off the reality. Ah it was just few musical notes from a mystical musician for them.

If only a poem of a romantic poet, a peice of art of a crazy painter, a scribbled note of an enchanted author and a trick of strings by a muscian can whisk me off the reality,

Then I call it an eternal beauty of life....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A random connection...

Life has blessed me with opportunities to travel to some of the beautiful places. Of the excitements I see in people when they ask me about the places I have visited, I even see dismissal in many when they are confused as to why should one travel twice a year spending money which could be invested elsewhere. 

As much I enjoy explaining the excited souls I don’t complain about the other clan. If only you are not able to justify your travel then the purpose of the travel is surely not met, having said that I don’t say that there needs to be a reason to travel but surely when you have returned from a travel you will have 100 reasons which justify the trip you have made. And that is the beauty of traveling to newer places.

In my experience, Travel for me is all about how much I connect back to home. In order to feel the innumerable ways we are connected to our home it surely takes you to travel to a totally new place. I sort of experience the serenity among the strangers, different culture, marvelous sculptures, and exotic sceneries by weaving back to my people and culture back home. And when back home, known people, known streets, expected rain, fragrance of food drags me back to memories of the places I have traveled that’s when all my travel gives me the bliss of being in those places.
Over the last weekend when I stood at the window gazing the people walking in the scorching sun pause all of a sudden to experience the most unexpected rain in the middle of summer and the unintentional smile floods across the street amongst the stranger, my mind randomly made a trip yet again to all those places where I had experienced such scorching sun, unexpected rain, smiles from stranger and much more.   

Isn’t this a random connection? Do you all feel it too?

Monday, April 14, 2014

There is only one thing required to change your life...

It was her usual working hours when she got a call from her boss to meet her last client before she heads on her planned vacation. Dressing up in her best she walked in style, her beautiful body swayed to the rhythm of her heels clack on the glassy mosaic. Gasping at her flawless skin, manicured fingers, hot red lips and perfect figure, receptionist handed over the guest entry form for her to meet the client residing in the hotel.  

She smiled at the travesty in writing “Social Worker” for occupation in every other form but today she felt pride in filling occupation as “Social Worker”. A thought of hugging those kids in the refugee camp and being with them for next 3 weeks of her life felt like a cool breeze caressing her face on a sunny afternoon. 

She was a very high priced call girl. Money is what mattered to her; she had long given up association with human relationships, values and social moral for she had always seen only negativity in them. But memories of her childhood when she had longed for caring arms and selfless love pushed her to give something to those little kids far away in some other part of the globe. She was waiting to feel the bliss in hugging and kissing which did not involve lust or money in it.

She fastens the seat belt after filling in the immigration form with the occupation which she was going to be really doing for next 3 weeks; she slips into the deepest sleep in peace after many years. 

There in the orphanage, little children gathered around the waiting room holding a welcome card and handmade bouquet of exotic flowers. They were eagerly waiting to see their guest who would stay with them for next 3 weeks. Any such letter from the guests willing to stay with them would bring immense joy and celebration in the orphanage for there was hardly anybody who visits them. There was unrest amongst the kids as the wait got longer, warden made an effort to convince them to go back as there is a delay in their guest’s arriving. As the little feet walked back with tears in their eyes, he very well knew that this often happened with rich who do change their plans for their obvious reason of busy life.

As the kids gathered everyday to wait for their guest, world screamed about the missing flight. Having no relatives or friends all throughout her life she would have never imagined that there would be some little eyes which did wait for her and prayed for her.
As the tear dropped from those little eyes on learning the fate of their guest, a soul rests in peace somewhere deep in the ocean. 

P.S- Imagining the plight of families of those on board the missing MH370.