Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

48hrs in heaven- Part 2: When death roared…

After a fantastic drive we reached the resort, I thought just being there was all I needed. But for our surprise, our host had a wonderful list of activities planned for us and the list was something like this…
Cycling in and around Emerald, Walk in the Tea plantation, a 4km trek to Redhills, Fishing in emerald lake and best of all REST as much as you want cuddling in front of the fireplace….
He just poured fuel to my over excitement fire and hubs was sure that nothing can stop me now.  As it was evening we did a pleasant Cycling in and around Emerald, Life seemed perfect when the cool mist was hitting my face, as we cycled on the dangerous curves of Beautiful Emerald all we could do was just be quiet and listen to the music of nature. The music of birds chirping, air gushing through forest and streams running is still ringing in my ears, wish I could record and play it back for you!!!

After this wonderful cycling experience we got to feast on a heavenly dinner and then we were advised to sleep early to rest well for next morning’s Trek to Redhills.

From the moment I landed here in the lap of Red hill, I was dreaming of being at the top of Redhills and hugging her tight. And so my entire night was filled with dreams of trek to Redhills.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.- Sleeping Beauty

Yes my wishes were made and all I wanted to was go up there and shout in excitement. A very windy night was over and sun was fighting to show his existence beyond mist and clouds. I was all set packed in thermals, jacket, hand gloves, scarfs and what not to protect myself and I would do anything to reach the top! Right after our breakfast we were introduced to 2 wonderful guides who were from the same place, they knew everything about Redhills and the places around.

 Me, Hubs, another guest Abhay, 2 guides Swami and Vinodh gang of 5 started trekking the red hills it’s a 4km one way trek through lush green forest, vertical rocks and grassy meadows. Just not this much on our way up we got to munch on wild raspberries and pepper. Windy hill and mist was often covering us but trust me, the vertical climbs was so too tiring and all the jackets, gloves scarf etc etc was now back in backpack which poor swami had to carry!!!

On the way up Swami and Vinodh had lots of local stories to share with us, it ranged from their marriage stories, movie interest, secrets of nilgiris, leopard and wild boar attacks and of course Politics. Their encouragement and the dream to reach the top took us finally to the top of Redhills.

Now you can imagine how wonderful I would have felt being at the place I dreamt the whole night! Yes I was extremely happy and was dancing on the top of hill for having been made it. We all were happy and were taking the pictures, shouting loud to make sure the world below knows about our little conquer.

Just then I heard a loud grunt!!!  I was shocked yes it was like a roar. Hubs dragged me back and all 5 of us had heard it yes there was a roar to our right hand side! Vinodh wasted no time and asked us to be quiet and not to touch the camera. Swami was covering us from one side Vinodh on the other side all we had was stick and there it was a LEAPORD and that too just below the rock on which I was standing. This is very much possible as Leopard are very common in and around tea plantations and also this place is enriched with wildlife like dangerous leopard, wild boar, beautiful sambar deer and wild goats.

But this was totally not expected and we were not prepared for this attack, 5 of us had no clue what to do where to go, as the only way to go down was to climb down the same rock on which I was standing. Yes the way we took to top can’t be taken as its too steep for trekking down and the way below Death was roaring….
We were stuck there with no plan, life seemed so small at that very moment as we were at the mercy of a big cat which was roaring beneath us.
Trust me friends it’s only then you realize how much you want to live how much you love yourself. Hubs hugged me tight to make sure I was safe but I could sense that he was shivering, Abhay who was terrified somehow managed to say “Death is not I am scared of but the way I die matters as this will be very painful” on hearing this any brave soul would shiver. As Swami and Vinodh were making alternate plans, Abhay and Hubs were being very cautions and concentrating on every minute sound they could hear, and there I was hugging hubs on the mountain top which was my dream but had hardly thought that possible death would roar beneath the rocks…
And is this why Woody Allen says
Death doesn't really worry me that much, I am not frightened about it....
I just don't want to be there when it happens.

Coming Up!!!  48hrs in heaven – Part 3: The End!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

48hrs in heaven - Part 1: Drive to Emerald

Hubs woke me up early morning 7 o clock and that too on Saturday morning L such an evil thing to do right? On top of it, when I am trying to pull my blanket back he smiles and says “isn’t it too hot in Bangalore?” I started wondering wasn’t I feeling well or has he gone out of his mind this day. I thought either ways I have to visit doctor as this was the case but just before I dialed my family doctor for appointment, my Mr.Hubs grins saying “How about beating the heat? Surprise Surprise! Game for a drive to Ooooooty???”  Aahhhhh Sometimes this man makes me fall in love again and again!!!

Hurraaaaaaaaaaay zoom I was out of the bed with in a second, packed for 2 days and much before hubs could get ready I was out there taking our car from the garage!!! I just don’t want to take chance with my very busy hubs and don’t want his work to call him back and so zooooooom we were on the way to ooty.

On the way to Queen of hills…Misty weather, neat beautiful road, favorite song playing and my smart hubs beside me, what more can I ask for but life had much more to offer in next 48hrs.

As we cruised through thick forest, 36 hairpin curves and reached the top, all my excitement was gone, apart from drizzling rain nothing much I was impressed about being there as it was just another overly crowd hill station which smelled mostly of diesel and petrol instead of Eucalyptus. I was really sad but hubs whispered in my ear to wait for another 27km drive to a place called Emerald

I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.
Rosalia de Castro … is right!!!

Ahhh with some hopes left I buckled my seat belt and started driving away from the buzzing ooty, gosh there I was totally awestruck by the beauty of the place I was in, beautiful tea plantations, streams by the roadside, cloud clad mountains and yes much awaited fragrance of Eucalyptus from the thick shola forest! And I was in Heaven that’s Emerald valley a small scenic place far away from usual tourist places of ooty. A little cute very English place Emerald, and across that was Red hill where we were supposed to go!

I could just not stop praising the beauty and getting lost in the mist. So many types of greens, Playful green of  tea plantation, Majestic green of thick forest and lush full naughty green of carrot farm, it was just so magical. And to add to this was the Beautiful majestic British Bungalow turned to resort in the lap of Red hills where we are going to spend next 48hrs of our life! So there I was with all adrenaline pumped in jumping around in the lap of Nilgiris.

Though we travel the world over to find the beauty, we must carry it back with us or we find it not.
So here I am loaded with beautiful experiences of that 48hrs in heaven and have carried it all the way back for you!

Coming up  J… When death roared… Part 2 of 48hrs in heaven

P.S: Since many want the details of this place ... here you go...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Love Yeaaaaaaaaaaah Arranged

(This post is done for Love Marriage Ya Arrange Marriage contest in IndiBlogger... :) )

I was shivering to lend my hand to receive the prasad from appa as I knew this was a prelude for a discussion on some prospective groom someone had suggested to him. This time I decided to make my stand clear. As he broached the subject on the expected lines, I told him very clearly and firmly that I am not ok with arranged marriage. There I was muttering the least expected words from a girl of an orthodox family. Appa became very furious at my audacity. He would have taken a less serious view of the matter had I told him that I am not ready for marriage yet. A look at my defiant face resulted in an unmistakable and strict warning from him of a peremptory NO to love marriage. This incident shook him a little and gave a respite before he started looking for a potential match for me. He had made it clear that arranged marriage was non negotiable with little chance for me to choose my partner.
Months passed by and I had rejected many proposals even by looking at the photographs or on some lame excuses. Appa and even my understanding amma were exasperated in my rejections of what seemed good matches. He made it clear that the next one if he and mom were satisfied, he would brush aside my excuses and proceed further. I was still not ok with arranged marriages where one agrees to marry a stranger after just one or two meetings for fleeting moments.
It was one evening after I returned from office my appa called me unusually softly with lot of warmth in his voice. He mentioned about one proposal that my very fond uncle had suggested. As he was talking I could discern a determination in his voice that he would brook no objection this time. Appa had not forced me all along and now that the proposal was from my dear uncle himself, he felt he had adequate reason to compel me!
I found to my surprise on the table before him a horoscope and a photo of a young man. To be frank I did not evince any interest in the photo and indicated my usual disinterest. Appa diplomatically told me its my dear uncle who had sent this proposal and that the young man seemed well qualified, in a good job and with pleasing looks. He added that it would be foolish to reject this god sent opportunity.. I could sense by seeing my amma’s eyes that she was pleading with me to accept. I walked to my room, messaged my uncle for a confirmation that it was really he who had sent it. When he replied in the affirmative, I had no choice but to look at my toes indicating my willingness to proceed further.
The day of meeting this guy was fixed for next day itself. I dressed in simple Saree and was waiting in my room when my parents called me to serve coffee and snacks, a ploy for the groom’s party to see me in different angles. Except for a fleeting glance, I didn’t see the guy who was center of attraction to my family. As I walked back to kitchen I could hear his approval. Even without ascertaining my view my appa walked in to tell to take a walk with the young man in the garden as he wished to talk with me alone.
Anyways the decision seemed to have been made by my parents and my acceptance taken for granted. We walked together to the garden in the rear till we were away from everybody’s vision. When we were certain that nobody were around us, we hugged each other in happiness that our plan worked successfully, thanks to my uncle’s help.
it was few months back, I had met him online in a contest on, our common interest had turned to friendship and soon we were in deep love. To overcome the stiff resistance to a love marriage, we persuaded my kind uncle to broker an arranged marriage keeping our love a total secret. The liberal and kind man readily agreed and brought matters to this denouement.
 As we returned back to our home and announced that we both were happy, the entire family was excited with the announcement. I could see the pride in my father’s face in successfully getting a good match thro the ‘arranged’ route instead of the risky ‘love’ route... As my dear uncle came near us and whispered with a mischievous grin “Love Yeaaaaaaaaaaah Arranged” we struggled to hold back a loud laugh.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Am I an Atheist?

(Disclaimer: This post is only flow of my thoughts and definitely not to hurt anybody’s view)

I have this nature of questioning and wanting to know the reason behind everything from my childhood. People who know me from my childhood still call me “Why Baby”. And even now I question a lot and its mostly about this concept of GOD and the applicability of the orthodox and age old traditions that we are following till date, but when I ask such questions it makes me look like an Atheist. So friends with all these questions about GOD and the Orthodoxies here I am asking your help to refute such views about me!!  
Seems like many are already slapping both the cheeks and confessing god for having landed on this blog? But buddies go on read it; it’s ok to sin once in a while! And please help me sort out this confusion of whether am I an atheist?
Questions 1:
Should I find profound peace and happiness, if I see all the pictures of god and salute it as soon as I get up in the morning? If yes…Then tell me, how many of us do it with love towards the almighty and how many of us merely do it being scared of bad day that may follow if we don’t do this???  Most consider this as essential part of theism
                But I prefer to get up and smile to the person whom I love the most, whom I touch and feel. I prefer to share the love with a nice warm good morning message with everyone in my family whom I want to see every morning when I get up! So does this make me an Atheist???

Question 2:
Should I chant prayers without missing a day which praises the god almighty, spend a great amount of time in front of the god, singing and praising him?
But I prefer to sit with my family or friends and tell them how much I love them and thank them for being with me when I want them. Of course I will be proud of every little thing they do so I do praise them; I do love to see them happy instead of chanting the same prayers and following the same rituals everyday!
So does this thought make me an Atheist???

Question 3:
Should I consider it as very wrong to offer a small portion of the food to god that which is cooked without taking bath!!! Also is it a sin if you consume the food without taking bath!
But I concentrate on cooking food maintaining good hygiene and serving to people as soon as they want it. Also I am ok on consuming healthy food when I am really hungry, Hunger has killed many. There are people who are just waiting for a piece of bread to survive and haven’t bathed for years. And for all these did the farmer think of having bath before he grew our food???
So does this make me an Atheist???

Question 4:
Should I be chanting different Prayers pleasing different gods for peace, for happiness, for prosperity, for strength and for love and that too strictly while fasting and following rules?
But If I waste time shouting on people for not following the age old tradition most part of the day, I see neither the Peace mantra nor the happiness for family mantra working!!! Oh yes I follow all the tradition which is so much to my neck and land not working how does the prosperity and Strength mantra work? I wonder if it takes a hug, a smile, a compliment and a much needed “I love you” or just some mantra to keep the family bonded!!!
So do these thoughts make me an Atheist???

Sorry, I don’t see god being pleased in few defined prayers, I don’t see him confined to one room in my home,  I don’t see him happy when I follow age old tradition which makes me question the scientifically proven facts. I don’t see him when I am hungry or rather when anyone else is hungry. Also I don’t see him being angry with me when I don’t do all these. I don’t see him! I don’t see him! I really don’t see him doing any of the above.
But yes I see him when people smile at me, I see him happy when I serve someone hungry, I see him when I hug a dear one when they really need it, I see him when I serve a needy, I see him when somebody is happy because of me. I see him angry when I hurt someone, I see him sad when I let down my loved ones. I see him yes I do everywhere and in every person I meet.

So do these thoughts make me an Atheist??? If yes I am proud to be one! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Chronicles of Ramya

Honestly, I found no topic to write about but blogger in me is not letting me sleep until I put something in here and to be in the race!!!

Actually think about it, one morning you get up login to your blog hoping to find a noble prize committee to comment on your post but then all you find is that your previous blog post has reached the threshold number of comments and you scroll to see all of your close blogger friends have already commented and you are sure no more visitors left.

That’s it, very very sad isn’t it? I know friends you are now very relating to it and nodding your head. But tell me, what’s the next thing you do?
OK wait… let me tell you what I do...

Here starts my topic hunt! But I sophisticatedly call it as “My reading time”. Scroll through all bloggers whom I follow which means I am hunting for some topic to write about via their posts, But you my friends …God! You are so versatile you write about everything under the sun and that too how beautifully!!! This leaves me thinking, arrey I am left with nothing to write about…
Exactly same thing happened today, I scrolled the blogs I follow to hunt some topic and this is what my hunt looks like
  •  Politics – Wow there are great blogs, and btw who is our current railways minister??? Such is my knowledge  – Topic Rejected
  • Everyday experience – Tons of beautiful blog L I can’t match them – Topic Rejected
  •  Stories – Oh so many categories and every blog I follow have golden stories in there. Ufffffff  – Topic Rejected
  • Sports – For me sports means musical chair, sack race and lemon and spoon! But alas these events were stopped in high school how unfair for people like me! fine even I stopped attending sports day and even Olympic does not have these awesome games in them so invariably – Topic Rejected
  •  Love – Arrey baba... how much love you have on your partner/friends/kids/Parents? You write such beautiful poems/stories/incident and not only you make me jealous but also don’t leave any topic for me!!! – Topic Rejected
  • Current affairs – Topic Rejected

So such is my situation today. All topics rejected!!
But you see, there is one topic which seems to be infinite, I can fill my blogs and bore you with unlimited post about it. Guessing what? oh you don’t have to you know me ,,,, Its my stupidity … so Finally decided, I should post about two such genius qualities in me... TOPIC SELECTED ;)

I got up late it was already 8 in the morning and I should be in office by 8:15 there is an audit meeting and I remember setting alarm in my cell phone to ring at 6:30 and had also named it “Good morning have a nice day” with a smiley to show off on my screen to brighten my day but god knows what’s the problem with it even that didn’t ring today. I tried my best but could reach only by 8:45 had to apologies to the team and told them the reason that my alarm didn’t work today. Team was good to oblige. Thankfully the day was over, entire team was in my cubicle discussing about the day and suddenly my cell phone alarm goes off “Good morning, Have a nice day :D” and entire team Laughed out loud, I in shock couldn’t even snooze it !!! It was 6:30 in the evening. Team went back to their place and everybody pinged back saying “AM is morning, PM is evening” L  Yes I have that confusion all the time, see even in the incident above I have not mentioned am/pm instead I safely mention “in the morning” or “in the evening”

I spotted a mother and her 7yr old son who were in search of some address, I with all generosity asked if they need any help and luckily I knew the address. So I pointed my hand to take left, as soon as I told her son started laughing and mother was asking him not to. I asked her what’s the reason, even before she answered, her naughty son told “Aunty…. Right hand is this (pointing to mouth) and Left hand is this (pointing downwards), now tell us which way to go”
UFFF I admit, I am super confused till date! if suddenly asked I get confused about which is left and right!!! BTW if you see me sitting in auto and telling direction to the driver you will surely see me hiding and recalling the hand gestures the boy taught!!!

So these are Chronicles of Ramya!!! And for this topic, surely this is not “The End!!!”
To Be Continued…
“Joy is not in things, its in us” – Richard Wagner

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dreamy night...

Fragrance of the scented candles had filled the room. Bed linen shined to its best, beautiful flowers looked really fresh and were all over the cot. Apart from giggling of her friends who just dropped her in to this room there was a kind of enchanting silence that had filled this room. But her heart was beating unusually loud that she could hear them.

Yes this is the very first night Theertha will be spending with the person whom she has whole heartily accepted to be her man. Every girl dreams and will have mixed emotions about this night, so was she, was she naïve, was she shy, or was she secretly craving for this night, she was not able to judge her feelings.

The marriage rituals happened that morning had drained all her energy but when mom whispered in her ears that she had to prepare to be with her husband starting tonight as per their horoscope, there was sort of enthusiasm in her. Theertha then decides to prepare herself to make her first impression. But the question was how and what to do to impress him!

Theertha refreshes herself with a soothing evening hot water bath. Before which she massages her soft skin in scented oil. She chose the body cream of his favorite lavender fragrance as it ran down her body she smiled imagining him. She chooses Saree of his favorite color. Her friends then helped with mild make up, light jewelries and a good hair do. Giggling and teasing of friends went on till they were called.

She was now all dressed and sitting in one corner of that neatly dressed bed, she could hear her sisters and friends teasing laughing and negotiating with her husband for their gifts on this special occasion. She knew this would be the reason for his delay.

She was very much waiting for him. Yes she started relating to all those romantic movie songs, she bit her blushful lips mild to be prepared and was imagining all the romantic things that could happen. She closed her eyes feeling shy about the questions she had in mind where will she get her first kiss what would impress him more is it her gentle curves or may be her soft cheeks or her beautifully pedicured soft feet for which she had carefully chosen a beautiful color, will he hold her tight so much so that she will suffocate to breathe and still not complain but want him to do it? Will he kiss the neatly done mehandi which had turned bright red in his love? Will she get to rest on his chest? Will he like the fragrance of lavender oil on her? Will he tease her with his little bites? She could feel goosebumps imagining his warm breathe. She was going crazy, Theertha whole heartedly wanted him. She smirked thinking that no man can imagine that woman’s secret desires are so beautifully painted.

Suddenly she hears a loud continuous bang on the door and she heard her mom calling them both to take bath and come down soon for today’s rituals. She was not able to relate to anything, it was already morning and she couldn’t remember what had happened to her beautiful First Night? And to top it all she was beside her husband he was holding her with all his care. She mildly shook and was very ashamed to ask him what had happened last night? Her smart husband planted his second kiss on her and told her that she was deep asleep when he entered the room and he couldn’t disturb his beautiful bride sleeping and all he did was to plant his first kiss and hold her in his caring arms to comfort her more.

Though all her efforts to impress him were of no use without any effort he had impressed her with his care, affection and the true love he had for his life partner. She fell in love instantly with this person and continued to be passionately in love.

P.S. This post is inspired by one of the beautiful poems by Nilanjana Bose,  TOUCH
Image courtesy