Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Every day is a new day and every day I am treated with tons of new experience. Of course not everything will be pleasant at that very moment but then when you record it and replay you will have a fantastic time remembering them. So here are few such incidents where I was slapped by people around!!! Go ahead visualize the slaps I got!

Post my Italy trip group of friends in office were discussing with me about my Europe experience, I with over enthu was telling them stories… there came a friend who joined us late…
HE: Hey I heard u had been to Europe so how was it
ME: oh it was awesome I just loved Italy and Paris was a short trip
HE: Italy and Paris!!! (Shocked)
ME: Yeah why? (me wondering!!!)
HE: Oh not EUROPE ah? I thought u had been to Europe… ok then will discuss with you later
He was gone!!! Not sure why I felt like I received a tight slap!!!

I was part of a social awareness drama which we presented to office employees. With all excitement I invited everyone including my senior friend. Drama went well we all tried our best to do good job on stage. Next day friends who had come to see had gathered in my cubicle and my SF joined us as even he wanted to congratulate me. I felt super proud in front of the group as someone so senior had come to my play and with full attitude I started conversation with him!
SF: It was excellent fabulous, I never knew you were so talented
ME: Thanks, really its your encouragement! I am over whelmed you took some time off and came to see our drama
SF: oh how will I miss your performance, BTW what happens in the second scene I left immediately after that!!!
ME… Almost fainted for this question and crowd started laughing are you guessing why??? Cause my role started only from 3rd scene in the play!!!
I felt like I received a tight slap!!!

Rest room is one favorite place for my girl gang in the office and I love it cause its there you get to know about where to buy latest trends and also about latest gossips. So one such trends and shopping discussion with style diva in my office goes like this!
Lame Me: Hey your tshirt is so trendy, awesome it is!!!
Style Diva: oh thanks!
Lame Me: how much did it cost?
SD: 100!
Lame Me: Arrey that’s all ahhhh? See mine I bought in shopping complex sale isn’t it great but still I paid 300 for this? You bought in some sale is it???
SD: its in Dollar darling and from Vero Moda!!!
She was gone and I felt like I received a tight slap!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Poetess in me is waiting to hear from you!

Wow Its fun filled Friday!!! For some it’s the day to plan their weekend, some its to list down the task to be completed in the weekend and to me every Friday is to plan how to laze around and to properly plan how best I can waste next 48hrs of my life, trust me I love doing it.
So I have also decided today that why waste only my time, you my friends let me waste some of your precious time as well, and that is by taking you on tour of my blog spot.  There are these little poems I wrote for some or no reason, but poetess in me is still waiting to know your thoughts on them. So if you have lots of time to waste on weekend then do drop in (Click on the Poem's title to land on that page) and let me know how you feel about them…

1.       I would know how beautiful I am :  This is the poem written when I was very impressed by a person I met.

2.       Little child in me peeps to see you: When I couldn’t take my eyes off an aged couple and so much bonding and love they had for each other at that age, I decided to write this one as a dedication to their long lasting love.

3.       I Left many rain drops untouched: This one was written when I was back from my native and I couldn’t stop missing the place, people and all the wonderful memories I had with that place.

4.       Make a wish:  This is the poem dedicated to myself… find out why!!!

5.       I hope I will see you some day: This was written to express to every friend of mine no matter how less we have interacted that I am missing them and remember them.  And this is my first poem posted on my blog.

6.       To see if you are still there: And this is to tell all my friends and dearest people that even if you are 1000s of miles away from me I keep missing you all the time.

Actually all of these happen to be my favorite posts, Will be happy to hear from you…

Friday, June 1, 2012

3 great commandments

This post is related to health, forgive me I will not be able to tell any medical terms or will not be able to provide any medical reasoning. But will try to share little knowledge with you all in my own words. I truly hope the message reaches you all.

Taittiriya Upanishad’s Brughuvalli section speaks about 3 great commandments and that is not about any doing great virtues or sacrifices but trust me its all about RESPECTING FOOD.

Commandment 1: “annam na nindhyAth!” meaning  “Do not abuse Food!”
                While consuming food I have often observed people complaining about taste, color, consistency, Method of preparation, fragrance and so on the list has no ending. Seeing this I keep thinking is this the last time they are going to have food? Is this the last meal of their life, if so I would truly accept their desire for perfection in food else what is the matter with you all? Come on respect the Patience, Cost, Love and care that has gone in preparing it and be considerate for this one time and enjoy it, as this will not be your last time!

Trust me it is scientifically proven that food consumed with good mood and with lot of interest is very easily digested and the nutrition is well absorbed into the body. So please try appreciating the meal if not for all the care someone took to cook it at least for being alive to eat it!

Commandment 2 “annam na pari-chaksheeta!” meaning “Do not discard Food!”
                It just takes a second to throw the food but it takes year to grow a grain. As a kid I myself have hated when my parents used to force me to eat my meal fully and have thrown it in ignorance many a time. But after I have realized the value of it, even when I am paying for it I make sure I take only the quantity that I think I can consume. Please make sure you teach this to your kids. From their young age tell them the importance of having food 3-4 times a day so they know why they should not discard Food.

And we being grown ups, be it any place or occasion try not to waste food, try not to fill your plates like its feeding 10 mouths and then throw it giving it none.

Commandment 3 “annam bahu kurveeta!” meaning “Grow Food in abundance!”
Growing food, yes its not easy and when we know how difficult it is to grow we should really try to respect it and share it. But we often forget all these facts and ignore the abundant food we are having at this moment.  Please do think twice when you are throwing food there are many mouth waiting to be fed eagerly. So try and share the food.
I have realized anything given in abundance we surely wont respect it, be it love, money, care or food!

Having said all these, I want all my wise readers to please respect food for it’s the best gift god has given us. And also to teach your children to know the value of the food served with so much love and care.

This incident made me share this post... My Best friend has a little sister and she is now being treated continuously for ulcers in small intestine. And my best friend is updating me everyday about his sister and the amount of pain, suffering she is going through and how his family is boldly facing it. Even with my best try I will not be able to tell you all those things! But one thing he want all of us to know is to respect food, eat it on right time and right quantity stop cribbing about food. If not you may end up on a day when you will want to eat but your body will not let you do so…