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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Weekend and late night sleep goes so much hand in hand right?
And with this if you have a set of untouched movie DVD’s lined up you can imagine how tempting it is.

But alas, I had over worked on Sunday the Valentine’s Day( for rest of the world), and for me WORKING day. But back from work I couldn’t digest the fact that I haven’t seen a movie this weekend. So I decided to pick one watch it and not mind about late night sleeping.

I had set of Comedy, Action, Romance, Horror flicks, of all these I picked up Horror Paranormal Activity. The guests previous day who had been to my home had mixed reviews, one said I felt sleepy, one said I was scared to death. So to be on safer side I asked my hubs to sit with me while I am watching this movie, see its not that I am scared to watch alone its like if I see it alone My hubs will have to see it alone later and he may be scared, like this all was set. My husband after reminding me about late night sleeping and its side effects on me agreed to join me to watch the movie.

Big hall, Ligths switched off and in TV Horror movie DVD playing. It progressed to almost 15 min, my first reaction was to ask my husband to switch on the lights the reason I gave was it is bad for Eyes to watch movies in dark, My hubs who knew the real reason dint care to justify he just switched on the lights and movie progressed. Almost complete movie I watched with Eyes Closed… now understand this how ever you can at certain point of time both Eyes and Ears closed and I asked my husband to give commentary on what was going on. After these entire circus some how I completed this movie which was not really thaaat scary, I told my hubs. (He was grinning thinking when she ever watched the movie.)

Men are so insensitive, my husband after watching the movie with eyes and ears wide open was able to sleep happily and also to snore, where as I was struggling to even close eyes. As soon as I tried to close eyes I could hear noises which I never heard with lot of fear I could hardly close my eyes. I was wide awake and opening my eyes just to make sure nothing went across in my room. Believe me this is the longest night I have ever had.

When I saw the first rays I was so happy and got up, freshened myself started with hectic Monday morning thanking god for giving new life and not letting anything walk around in my room. Had heavy breakfast and lunch and then started the real ABNORMAL ACTIVITY. Due to lack of sleep as usual my digestive system refused to work and all that I ate was performing Kung fu in my stomach with sound effects. Struggled whole day and cursed myself for sleeping late for getting scared unnecessarily (I can say this only in Day light).

And now tell me which one I should be carefull about, PARANORMAL or ABNORMAL Activity (I suffered more because of this).


shreeshum said...

hmm good one

Raghu V N said...

A different review about "Paranormal activity"!!

Everybody will get scared by watching that movie. Especially if you do not know that the video you are watching is really a "movie" until you search for it in wikipedia just after the climax!! (Really honest):)!!

Ramya said...


Thanks :)

Believe me I totally believed its true story and was shivering whole night later when googled got to know about it :) and Relaxed

Milana said...

Paranormal Activity was damn scary. I watched it in the evening and then went out to have dinner just to change the mood. Whenever I would wake up in the middle of the night, I would think abt the movie. Nice post. Keep Blogging and watch many more horror movies.

Ramya said...


Thanks Buddy.
:( Horror movies noooooo

Raj said...

Quirky and hilarious incident that was. You are a real sport to find laughs out of every situation. Told with nice and breezy humor as usual. First of all, Working and Valentine day… they don’t go hand in hand. :P And such an innovative way to make your hubs watch the movie with you.. :D And finally I agree with that part.. whatever you saw in the movie (if ever you saw) was not scary! :P Abnormal activity is surely the tougher problem.