Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Beautiful Life...


Glimpses of imaginary friends and cute pets,
Bold little pranks of naughty childhood.

Smiles of first crush and warmth of dear friend,
Wild crazy passion of lovely teenage

Indulgence in Success and sailing through failures,
Beautiful hardship and struggles of middle age

Memories of life that passed uncertainly,
Imperfections of the age which smiles between wrinkles

My Friend, if you live through these miracles of life.
Trust me! You don’t have to do wonder, mere existence is magical

Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly…but merely to be LIVED,
Boldly, Wildly, Beautifully, Uncertainly, Imperfectly, magically LIVED

P.S : This is 160th post on my blog, and thanks Rahul sir for suggesting a very good name for this post.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

A walk in the magical street

One way traffic flowing nonstop, candy shops, eat outs, Hotels, shopping outlets on either side, A Street which seemed mostly like any other street turns to an entirely different world as moon rises up in the sky. As the first firework is lit up in the sky, Bangla Street awakens to create one more magical night and that's when Patong's liveliest party zone is closed to traffic and ready for action!

After exploring Phuket’s must see places, adventuring in amazing sea, diving in phang nga there I was  standing in Bangla Street to start my one more of must do activities in Phuket and that was “A walk in the Bangla street”. This Street is the most happening and one stop for exploring Night life in Phuket, it caters to different kind of people, tourists interested in partying, dancing, drinking, Massage indulgence, and the most famous very affordable one night stands. It’s a spectacular display of colors, Attractive women dancing around the pole, such crazy attractions drawing thousands of enthused visitors from around the world each evening.

I am kind of nut who has no control when it comes to the matter of exploring new things in new place, After all you may never visit the same place again and so see everything that’s possible is my mantra. Totally non conservative that I am, dragged my husband to this magical street during our Thai trip. As we started walking from one end of the street to another first thing that I noticed was that we were the only couple and not so surprisingly only Indian couple, People came here in large groups especially men who are cut loose and many pretty women who are fun mongers. 

All around me were Bars tending thirsty tourists, loud music, Beautiful bewitching women, Big Beer mugs, Hefty Bouncers and herds of tourists on this street. One stop for quenching every sort of human thirst seemed to be this street. Having said all these if only you want to see beyond those various colors, smiles, and fleshes dancing in that red light street then take a diversion from main Bangla Street to the side roads on this street. 

As we took the street behind these Bars and Night Clubs, the visuals I saw there remain stronger in my memory than what I saw on colorful Bangla Street. I have no words to put across the thoughts that flooded in my mind when I saw women dressed in bikinis praying in front of their holy idols, some women taking medicines, some helping others to get dressed, some putting their baby in to the cradle, some massaging other women to help them get over their exhaustion, these were the women who danced elegantly, naughtily attracting many tourists, eventually being sold for the night and whom most of us failed to notice as human beings. As we reached end of this street bitchy smile, flashy bikinis, naughty spanks had turned to compassion, love, need and humanity.

A walk in the magical street was actually an emotional roller coaster ride…

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just Click...

A glance at the digital calendar on the wall which flashed 12-Sept-2030, I was reminded of tasks to be done and it as always had most hated task of us “Shopping”.
At my age of 60 and my smart darling hubs who is just couple of years elder to me, Shopping always meant proper financial planning, energy backup to run store to store and to stand in discount or half price sale queues and with all these biggest problem is to remember the things that needs to be shopped. No matter how much we make a list, I ended up forgetting important things to shop missing out on better offers and price.
That’s when I just remembered a little incident which took me back to 2013
On our wedding day I wanted to gift a mobile phone for my tech savvy hubs, after being completely confused by friends and dealers, I decided to surf on net! As I opened Chrome there was a pop up to install a new app on browser which would help in shopping. Bingo!!! That is exactly what I wanted, I instantly installed eBay Check, observed an icon in my browser and then continued typing for the Mobile phone which I wanted. “eBay Check” instantly had searched the best prices, different choice, better discount everything just then and there as I sat to surf. I was very clear which one to buy and where to buy for my hubs. I can still remember the glow on my husband’s face when he saw a beautifully wrapped gift from Ebay.
Dingdong…Door bell rang distracting me from my good old memories, as I opened the door there stood 2 guys dressed in uniform which had the label of Ebay. I was about to send them off as I thought it would be some surveys or feedback but the surprise was revealed after getting introduced to a young sales executive and a technician at Ebay.

They were here to introduce a new product from eBay which helped in placing orders, getting better discounts and also promised the best shopping experience at our doorstep they called it “eBay Click”.
They explained the simple steps for happy shopping as they installed a small Button like device on most of the things which I mentioned as frequent shopping items. They made sure most of the items in home were covered and this button was installed.

Step 1: Now they explained that when I click a button on any of the product in my home the same is then registered in the “eBay Click” tablet. Then it does a complete search for better prices, options of that particular product, comparison with different vendors and the list will be ready for your review any time. Good thing is you can carry this tablet with you even when you are out on shopping and perform many searches, market comparison of the exact product that you want, while you shop at stores as well. 

Step 2: Click review, you can see very interactive user interface for best price, complete list of options, and comparison of the products you have clicked to shop. Select the products in the cart. 

Step 3. Choose the payment mode and decide on the delivery mode.
And there you go the things of all range like home décor, living, gadgets and more in this list is delivered to home, with no hassles of shopping and the perk is that the best price is assured.  Once the eBay folks left, I was again very happy that I had something to surprise my hubs yet again. 

P:S This post is my entry for eBay contest in Indiblogger. 
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