Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To see if you are still there...

Showered you with kisses, for one last time
Saw you fading far across the river, and yet
I walked back on the same path to see if you are still there

Reached for your hands, as it rained again
Oh I remember you are no more here, and yet
I walked back on the same path to see if you are still there

 Closed my eyes to pray, only to see you once again
Yes I knew you were long gone, and yet
I walked back on the same path to see if you are still there

Years have gone, so are the dreams
Aching are my legs, and yet my dear
I will keep walking back on the same path to see if you are still there

Monday, April 16, 2012


After lot of wonderful Mozzarella Cheese and French fries on my vacation, I have put on so much weight that I felt like weighing machine was crying loud and shouting at me to step down.  So now every day working out has become mandatory and I chose to walk everyday for an hour.
 I take different path everyday to keep myself motivated, but yesterday I decided to check out the park which was getting renovated. As a pleasant surprise the park was all renovated and I saw so many people in it. I readily got into it to continuing my walk for another hour.
Trust me this walk of an hour had so many things in it, I felt it like it pumped me up with loads of energy, hope and wishes about my life. After a day’s hard work I felt like I came here to refuel myself.
Hence I say PARK – my PETROL Bunk which is People, Enthusiasm, Thoughts, Rules, Obesity and Love Bunk … 

People:  My first walking lap I was listening to music and I decided only to observe the facial expressions of everyone I see. Wow it got me so curious that I switched off the music but let the headphones in the ear, Hoping people don’t stop talking as I cross them.  Anyways they seemed to be least bothered and continued talking. Most famous topics
  1. Politics – Men around 50s
  2. My daughter in law did this – Mother in-laws around 50s   
  3. My Mother in law told like this –Daughter in laws around 30s
  4. What did u cook for lunch – Most common among women folk to start their discussion
  5. What summer camp is your kid going – Young mothers
  6. Unmarried Couples hand in hand- Sorry even after I switching off music and tried going very close, I could only see them talk but nothing could be heard.  It was like tv kept on mute, face full of expression lips talking but gosh I can’t hear them!!!
  7. And Single Guys sitting in park and shouting on mobile
Ah!!!  Two laps crossing the same people, I felt like I am getting a view of their life. It was fantastic to know so many things are keeping the life going on.

Enthusiasm:  My favorite section in the park, Kids section where you see these games Slides, swings, see saw, merry go round.  I can hardly imagine from where these kids get so much Energy, Enthusiasm, Confidence and Involvement in playing these games. After all my laps I make sure to sit here and observe kids playing for at least 15min before leaving. I feel so blessed for having similar wonderful childhood and also for keeping the soul in me still young to enjoy all these.

Thoughts: Have you ever counted the thoughts that cross your mind when you are walking? My god I just can’t keep track of them as I see every new person my mind does the talking to me. So many things juggle around, this hardly happen when I am working or cooking. I am surprised sometime that where were all these thoughts till now? Not that anything useful I think of, but just thinking makes you feel good at times. isn’t it?

Rules: Going back to kids oh my! Sit for few min in the kid section and observe the rules they frame for themselves while playing games, and surprised to see many kids do follow them religiously. When do we lose this seriousness then? Why don’t we follow any rules now? Forget anything else the basic rules set in the park premises is also not followed; this is how we have changed with age!

Obesity: Wow I feel much better after coming here. At home it’s only me whom I keep staring at the mirror and think from where did I collect so much fat and wondering how to lose it. But here most people come with same problem hoping to shape up after walking here.  If only there were no hot coffee\Ice creams\Chats and dosa camps right besides the Park, People like me would have reduced by now! Anyways guys Obesity is increasing in India too, Lets work on it!!! ;)

Love:  Old couples who have aged together beautifully, middle aged couple dragging the life and making the best of their love, young couple hand in hand dreaming of beautiful future, Young mom’s hugging their little kids, little kids cuddling their pets and souls like me falling in love with life all over again!
All this at one stop and that’s PARK. 

And now I am looking forward to refuel myself at the place which is Preaching A Rare Knowledge - The PARK.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

mi sono innamorato Italiano

As I sit in this cozy hotel room and peep outside the huge window of my room enjoying the Spring in Italy, I am very very much tempted to write about things I see and am experiencing here. So here you go with a peak a boo into my life.

Italy in my view is very much like India, by which I mean people mannerism is very similar to that of Indians with few notable changes. And all these I should tell you guys more from how I experienced it...

People greet to every one they see face to face, a smile and Bonjourno(Good Day) you will get it for free from everyone you meet as you step outside, I loved it, I have smiled to each and everyone here.
But then when they meet people they know usually a hand shake and a kiss on cheek is exchanged. wah ;) i was so thrilled when a Man and woman did it in public(Proper Indian in me was awake) but after a little while I understood the same is done between the same gender as well... hmmm no comment!

Airports\Bus Stops\Train Stations\Metro Stations
Its just too easy to follow maps and reach places, bus\trains come bang on time if not proper details are put up on board. So its very easy to reach your destination(hmmm remember this is a land where people dont speak English, just imagine getting lost here. Sign language is all you have!!!)
And few places are neat and few are littered with cigarrate buds and wafer covers, as i walked through it I really thought for the huge population in India we are still ok to be that much littered. Not like i am justifying but I think with proper education even India could be very clean.
Oh My god, I have heard all through out my life that women speak more and women speak non stop, for people who still think this is a fact please pack your bag and come to Italy. Men talk non stop to fellow men, with all possible expressions, sound modifications and big laughter sighhhhhhhhh and least they care about others around or the place they are in !!!! Oh and women yes they do talk but more busy in picking cosmetics from their Gucci\LV\Prada\D&G handbags and getting dressed up!!!!But then they very very helpful and are really friendly like people back home.


Italy is very rich in History for its Roman civilization which we all have studied and I tried hard to mug it up in my middle school Social Studies! But the best thing is they have Preserved it very very well and Places  I visited like Rome and Venice are very tourist friendly and you will really want to come back again and enjoy the same place more.Our India is also very very similar isnt it? we are so rich in our Culture and history and you will never have enough of India and Indians.(Is it only Biased me speaking? or do you all feel the same too?)

Variety is the spice of life here! people are very foody and have very good taste for Food and wine. Beautiful food every where if you are non vegetarian ah its heaven for you... name a meat you get it here.Again very similar to India isnt it???

Oh my...I just can tell and finish about the fashion sense of people here every single person is dressed so well, you will be dumb fold seeing Men and Women, in their beautiful Jackets, Scarfs, hats, gloves, Sun glasses, shoes and awesome Make up. And Men and women are very pretty and very tall here. I being the shortest creature I got neck pain because of continuous observation( you can call it staring :P, oh but I cant stop doing it...) But alas unlike India, you will feel really out of the space if u are not dressed well! people really give a bad stare at you if you are not dress according to the place! sighhhh

Hmmm so many more things i can keep writing... But i guess thats enough for you to have a glimpse of life in Italy. And also to know that I am missing India...
But I must admit that mi sono innamorato Italiano, :) meaning I fell in love with Italy.