Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I could be suffering from AIDS...

Hellooooo wait hold on a second, just seeing the title I see you people closing my blogspot… oh come on! AIDS here is “Actually In Demand Syndrome”, which I will be suffering around July first week.

Ok ok I know you are confused its too much like Christopher Nolan movies isn’t it …Here you go with the details…

I am off on my mid year vacation for 10 long days for which I am waiting for. But with this happiness I will also have to think about PMS, Post Masti Syndrome which increases exponentially with AIDS.

Here is how I could be suffering from AIDS… Actually In Demand Syndrome

I come back from vacation, I will already be feeling like escaping on another vacation but that is practically not possible just then these things happen

Manager: “Actually!!! I would like to meet you in conf room 007 to understand why the module assigned to you was not completed before leaving on Vacation!!!”

Appa and Amma: “Actually!!! Its better you meet us today we would like to discuss something important” (For sure it will be about saving and not spending on trips!!!)

Sister: “Akka Actually I wanted to talk to you something, can you come and meet me today???” (This is politely saying madam you went on vacation without giving me my pocket money how dare you!!!)

After all this I will think ok now I should start working seriously just then!!!

Office Dear Friends, Ping on Communicator…

Friend: Hey u there?
Me: Yes :D
Friend: Coffee time Start immediately…
Me: Yes :D

(Phew finally no more Actuallys…)


Friend: Actually you can get those gift and sweets you have got for us now and if you have not got any then don’t come to coffee also!!!

At this point I will be completely suffering from AIDS...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dream come true...

It was raining heavily; I was purposefully sitting near the window in my office cab to enjoy this climate and also to wait for someone, someone special. My heart was pounding 100 times faster as we approached his stop, I was wishing he gets into cab in the next stop. For my happiness he dint disappoint me and he got into cab today with his usual serious looks and a earphones tucked in his ears, I was only wishing atleast today he will notice me because I had carefully selected the dress neatly done my makeup and above all I was smiling for no reason. But no he just walked passed me and took some window seat and started gazing the rain. So this was the fifth day after I got to talk to him accidently and was impressed by him for no reasons. But only I was wishing and hoping for second chance and he never even realized that someone exists in the same cab who badly wants to talk to him…

Each day passed like this and one day I really got a chance, I happened to go for a community service from office and I boarded the cab only to see him and was all excited and to add to my excitement as blessing in disguise there was only seat beside him in that bus which was empty, my god I was on cloud nine to get this chance. Ofcourse I didn’t waste it ! I went and sat beside him he was still busy reading and listening to music, I made some reason and started talking to him. Thus started our days of friendship.. or rather for him friendship and for me I was looking for something more!

I cannot describe in words that much love I had for him, some say if only you have lost something you know the value of it. May be that was true, I never missed my cab, always was on time to meet him, talk to him till we reached office and then after office again board cab and continue our talking. Days went on happily but for me it was difficult I had to tell him how I felt about him. So I decided to do it this day…. A day very similar to the day I first time spoke to him. At around evening 7 after getting down from office cab I told him I want to talk to him as usual with a serious look and innocent smile he got down with me it was drizzling and since he knew I liked it he dint complain he walked with me and then asked me what I wanted to tell him. I was sweating even in the rain, I gathered all my courage and told very clearly that I was madly in love with him and I would like to continue our friendship to relationship. He Stopped where ever he was stared in my eyes with real serious look and was silent for a long time, I was hating that silence every second and thought he would speak something atleast some hope something …. Just then I heard a loud honk and he said

“Yes sure ok! I am ok with it…” I was really not understanding what was happening he patted on my cheek and told “dear wifey please don’t sleep in the car when we are driving to office I get so bored! And now I had got a call from office to postpone the meeting as we are stuck in this traffic for an hour!”

Only then I realized what his answer was…

Monday, June 6, 2011

Back after celebrations…

 Ok Pals after celebrating, partying hard for my award, its time for me to post a blog which is long pending on my side.

So Spicy Sweet Friend thanks for awarding and here you see me following the tradition religiously!!!! (You should be really happy,  I don’t do most of the things I promise, but this I have done….)

Tell 7 facts about you:
Rather than facts, I have chosen to tell things which keeps me young all the time..

Here you go, for buying 7, 2 free about me, and these are 9 random things with no connection to each other, so try not to derive anything out of it. And also beware these are still alive in me he he he

Actually these are in addition to my previous list, so all I can say is it keeps growing…

1. Got bitten by leeches, Swam in streams, Climbed trees and jumped down, built little play houses more seriously than an engineer building bridges.

2. Never write homework and got beatings from teachers, Failed in exams.

3. Weeping in every movie including comedy movies.

4. Hiding in a dark place, sleeping there for 3 hrs and coming out feeling as though I have achieved something, to see Parents who are tired and angry searching me everywhere.

5. Talking while asleep, Cousins say I do free campaigning for ads and political parties in sleep!

6. Collect Dolls, stickers, notes, coffee mugs, cups, candles, anything and everything on this earth and stick it in office cubicle and now I have very less space left on the stick board in my cubicle

7. Keep important documents so safely that I myself forget where I kept and keep searching when required, and get scolding from appa, amma, sister and now hubs!

8. Collect 5 rupees new golden colored coins count it everyday and tell friends that I have lacs together in my pouch.

9. Dress up neatly with matching lipstick, eye shadow cheek blush etc etc and then when about to start to the party look at the mirror and think its too much and wipe out all those efforts and make hubby wait for another half an hour.

Presentation Ceremony:
So here goes the list of fellow Bloggers who i am presenting the Stylish Blogger award... And for clear rules and regulations please visit here.
Awarding friends and fellow Bloggers

Sindhu: , well I choose her first because she is my blog designer, I love her attitude towards life. I present her this award hoping that she will blog more and more. Sinsi you are my first selection for Stylish Blogger Award.

Milana: , Milo as she calls herself, What a wonderful blogger she is, she scores for everything style of writing, topics she chooses to write and also the way she presents her blogs. Milana I present this award to you for managing your Blog, Profession and now Academics all with equal interest. All the best keep blogging

Ranjana: , Ranjana is my little sister and angel of my life; I was surprised when she wrote her first blog and sent it to me. I never knew there is such a talent in her apart from fighting and loving me abundantly. Little Sister, I present you this award for your wonderful writing skills and also I hope to see more and more from you.

Actually I was supposed to nominate 7 bloggers. As I peeped into the regular blogs I follow, I see them already flashing the award which means Spciy sweet has already awarded them. So I could pick only these 3 out of so many wonderful bloggers.

So I am done with my responsibility of following the tradition, wishing you all the best.. keep writting and inspiring me...