Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Being Fi(a)t

People kept advising me to grow in life and so I took their advice seriously in fact so seriously that I forgot to ask them the context what they meant ;) And so I started growing from fat to fatter to current state fattest!!!
My sister and cousins are majorly hit by this and that’s because I am buying cloths of size XXXLL and none of them can be reused among the group, but the clever little one did find some use for my cloths she told she can take it on her trek and use it as tent!!!
How on earth I can accept such an allegation….
So decided to fight back with some proper facts and strategies, so here is the glimpse of what actually happened…

           Number Logic:  I checked my weight by torturing my weighing machine by standing on it in different angles and poses… not once but many times so much so that I now find all those kung fu panda standing on one leg pictures so much inspired by me!!! And the dumb machine continuously swung high up in the air all the time and with no mistake, oh sorry there was a mistake… and that it weighed me higher than the previous measurements repeatedly. So gave up on it and decided that it’s not working properly … Thank god machines don’t speak :P else it would be so horrible to hear these machines like weighing machine, cars, lifts etc curse me whenever I am on them!!!  --- Attempt Failed
2.       Old is gold: I had this complete plan in place. I decided to choose one of my old tops and jean and there I had meticulously planned about how stylish I will walk in front of them and show them that I haven’t changed a bit!!! So all set I choose the years old smallest top and jeans (now this is called confidence isn’t it!!!) I hate to admit that I struggled a bit fitting in it ok ok don’t roll your eyes struggled a lot but by famous techniques like sucking in my tummy and holding the waist of jean and jumping while pulling it up I was somehow able to fit in to it but then sudden suffocation in my lungs panicked me and forced me to get out of it immediately!!! ufff do you think It was easy !!! Hell was yet to break!! No matter how much I tried I was not able to get out of it…  Finally it was Scissors… the only option left. --- Attempt failed

3.       Final call: after repeated failures it was now time for some cheating!!! Which is blackmailing one of my little cousins by hiding the TV Remote, I asked him to lie in front of my sister and cousins. Plot was simple, I asked him to compliment me that I have really pulled down a lot…. And so my little cousin religiously followed my instruction and told that “Ramya has put down a lot and now she looks fit” wow I was so happy to see the surprised look on my cousins face until he turned towards me and asked  “is this enough did I say all that U asked me to say? Will you give the remote now!!!!!” and the entire floor bursts out in laughter!!! ----- Deadly failure!

I would have totally neglected if anyone one of this had not happened but hard luck all of this happened and so I am now all concentrating to progress from Being Fat to Being Fit…
Wish me luck dear buddies … 

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Monday, February 18, 2013

My First Night...

Oh yeah I am boldly telling you what happened in there when the doors closed behind me…

When I did this post “Dreamy Night” almost all of my blog friends who commented did not accept that the story was just a fiction J Actually most or none of you trusted me so this makes me tell the truth to the world about my very first night with my life partner ….

Many say that first night is so memorable and it’s always amazingly shortest but trust me friends, neither me nor my hubs ever imagined that 8hrs would be the longest in our whole life. I could smell something fishy when my cousins and younger folk of my family decided to skip the Grihapravesha function and stay back in the marriage hall. But this was not just fishy this was whole big strong trap in which we got trapped badly … in fact Very badly...

As soon as we were back to marriage hall all of us had dinner and we both were summoned to get ready to head to that “Special Room” for our first night together. As we started to that room with bunch of elders the action started, all my cousins gathered at the door steps of the room they caught hold of me and their bid started finally they agreed to whatever little money my hubs had in his pocket at that very moment and such a shame that my cousins still tease me saying that’s exactly how much I am worth!!! Shame!

And that was not all real action started the moment we entered the room… I closed the door behind us and turned to see my hubs and when I was all set to blush in filmy estyle,  just then 2 cousins come running from inside the room shouting and spraying the aerosol snow spray!!! Phew what a shock imagine someone else in your first night room and that too shouting somehow we managed to drive them away and then realized this was just the beginning, series of event that happened post that for which you can exactly visualize me and hubs running from one corner to another in fast motion stopping or unplugging something or the other, sample of which is listed here!!!!

  1. More than 10 alarms hidden everywhere in the neatly made up room which alarmed every few minutes!!!
  2. Balloons were filled with greasy cream and it kept bursting as we moved and we were totally greasy
  3. Between cot and bed small ball bearings were put and as we sat on bed it started slipping and we had to take out from the cot and put it on ground to sleep
  4. Post all this it was already 1 am and our nature is that I cant sleep if the light is on and he cant sleep fan is off but these brutal cousins of mine had connected both if the fan was on light was also connected and so we could neither switch off the light nor keep the fan on!!!
Did u guess this is it ???? oh no never the last but not least is here!!!

  1. There was a speaker kept disguised as table and for which they had connection from outside whole night we had to listen to their dirty songs in horrible voice and tone, some told slokas, kids were called to sing rhymes, some adviced and some also gave time check!!!
Now that’s exactly what happened in my First night !!!! We were praying for the night to be over as soon as its possible

Thanks to my cousins they royally screwed my first night but thing is its one of the most memorable night for all the fun we have when we keep discussing about it, I still love the dedication they had in planning such a plot….
BTW the reason for making this post is, the leader of that team my cousin is now getting married so its now my turn to return her gift ;) so guys please suggest me even better ideas to screw up her first night :D and I want to make it big…. Pls pls pls flood with your ideas…. I am listening

Monday, February 11, 2013

Not long it takes...

Goes down the beautiful sun, darkness fills all around.
Cries of Owl, howls chilling wind setting in fearful night with no bound.
Not long it takes as there smile the stars, fighting the darkness glittering to its best.
Vanishes the hard night, surrounds mystical view in its beauty sleeps my heart in the cradle of dreams.

Masked were the skies, heavy were the clouds
Many cursed this gloomy day for deep in heart scars were plowed
Not long it takes for birds to chirp and skies to shower the love.
Blooms my soul into flower, fragrance of the first rain fills the world.

Battles are lost, struggles seems to have no meaning, fails the love bruises the tender heart,
Screams clueless mind, suffering in deadly silence of failure accepting that end is now dearer
if only my heart waits for a miracle, not long it takes for winds to change, love to shower,
for success to shine and for life to unlock the beauty as no matter what there is always a key of hope. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A journey to the lost world

For recently wonderful bloggers all around the world are putting up lots of blogs on reunions, their teachers and many merry things that happened in their life now this raised the debate in me and now I am left with a question that whether am I scared of being nostalgic? Is there any term for this phobia? But time pulls you back no matter how ignorant you are isnt it?

Last weekend I was extremely busy in my current world but then somehow unconsciously searched for “my hand made” autograph book and paused for a minute flipping the pages of it which actually extended more than an hour.

I could remember every single thing that had happened around that book and surprisingly even though the book and the related people were easily 15yrs old I felt an urge to update it right away for the amount of changes that had happened for all those people in that book.

In no words I can explain you the gush of emotions I experienced, I was smiling, I was eager, I was guessing, I was worried, I was emotional, I was nostalgic and then I cried and cried.
The book itself had so many memories, Autograph book then used to cost 50rs and the lecture I got from my appa for asking 50rs for a book which wont help me in studies but only to collect the phone numbers and address details of my classmate still lingers in my ears, post which I had decided to use one simple book and turn it into an autograph book.I was so ashamed on turning a class book into an autograph book where as every other friend had somehow managed to get an autograph book which was very colorful and had nice details in it. 

Just then a dear friend had tapped my back and asked me to give it to her and the smile she had when she told' I will decorate it for you' never fades from my memory. And today when I am holding the little very colored book with small dolls drawn on every page also few questions which she managed to put it on every page of that book managed to pull out the first tear from my eyes...

Oh those passing the autograph books while the class was going, waiting for answer on certain questions like whom you admire or your first crush, to gossip among friends also admiring each others autograph book and hating the ignorance of boys in answering all those question just flashed in front of my eyes

Some who aspired to be doctors are today engineers, some are lawyers, actors, soldiers, ah none of this was actually mentioned in that book. When I landed on the page of one friend a very shy person in our class who spoke to none, I could still remember how much we spied on him to find out whom he kept staring but all our efforts went in vain and we couldn't figure out until we passed out from that school. After 2 years, one day I got a call from a common friend informing me about the sudden death of that shy classmate and to make it worse he also mentioned whom he had a little crush and how he could never tell about it to that person! Unknowingly tears rolled down my eyes remembering how I cried that day... and how his image never fades from my memory... hmmm RIP my friend.

Today its very easy to find a lost friend and most of them are also now connected via Facebook and other social networking, but when the name is told not sure why I remember only childhood image of all my friends instead of those beautiful profile pics.

Years passed many things changed today but such moments no matter how ignorant you are it still pulls you back deep into the essence of those days. If your eyes are moist remembering your friends, then please call them or mail them right away...

After lot of tears shed, because of this one hour of nostalgia I was again reassured life was and is very very beautiful and friends its must to take a journey to those lost world of your memories once in a while....
So go on that journey to that lost world...Bon Voyage

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