Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Screaming for justice

I wish I could describe in words the pain we both suffered, we were dragged we were hit continuously to finally separate us both and we could never be together again. Some say if your lost love is far away from you, you will slowly try to wash off those memories and start afresh. But look at my ill fate they made us stand right opposite to each other and made sure that we never met again, oh this pain is killing me, why this atrocity only because we looked beautiful together? We dint harm any of them in anyway. We always tried to do good to all of them.

Did they even know how strong we were bonded, we were together since ages. Love is something which has to be felt not told and so we never told each other that how much we needed to be together. Life was not easy for us we were also hit by difficulties. Strong rains of sentiments, fire of jealousy and winds of emotions hit us every now and then, but we hardly cared and all we wanted was to be together. None of these harmed us, we did not wither a bit instead we grew a stronger bond of love 

One monsoon day in the woods as we sat in our usual place enjoying the best of Mother Nature, we were so much in love that we did not notice these people seeing us. They did not take long, soon they returned and captured us, we both were shocked and we were helpless. They dragged us badly on the rough roads which immensely hurt us. There were lot of people seeing this agony of us but none felt like stopping them, none cared to say stop this treachery. All were praising them for finding us.

They tried a lot to separate us, we did not break we did not let go off each other though we both suffered so much pain and torture. I could no longer see him suffer so I finally broke and gave up the bond we had. I had to do it, I couldn’t see him suffer any more. And today we both have been sculpted as Pillars by these humans and are made to stand facing each other in front of this temple.

Oh Yes we were 2 trees bonded together in the woods, we never uttered a word but we were together for so long, we were blindly in love. If you cannot see the purest form of love and divinity in Mother Nature then what would you find in the temples which are built on our corpses? People who come here praise him and me for the scent of sandal which surrounds us but none notice the pain we both are suffering at this very moment. I stand here right in front of my beloved who is been sculpted into a pillar holding the loads of this so called divine place of yours which is for me is just a torture house.

The pain is there to remind me that I'm still alive, I am now standing here screaming for justice, can you hear me? Tell me which is higher my devotional love or your insane devotion? 

Whom do I call for my help now? the God you believe is no more there for me and the God I believe my Mother Nature, seems to be slave of humanity…

Thursday, October 18, 2012

We never really grow up, We only learn how to act in public ;)

This phenomenon of being matured, sensible, thoughtful, responsible is supposed to come as we age. But somehow I feel these are just words for me which I have learnt with age but implementation of which is still yet to be done!

I remember my mom saying that when I will get my younger sibling in my case my sister, I will be more responsible but then arrival of my little angel made no changes to me, I became more devilish and got beatings more often and seeing all this surprisingly my sister became more matured and responsible for her age!!! Hmmm irony of life!

When I was in middle school, mom started saying that her elder daughter (which is me) will become more matured as I progress to high school but sorry no improvement.
Mothers!!!  They never give up hope on their children isn’t it? So she kept telling that Ramya will behave decent in Pre University, after which she increased the limit to Engineering. All this while only my mom’s assumed limit increased but my pranks, and my parents getting call from college for my pranks never ended forget ending it only increased.

And finally my mom mahan, not giving up on her hope made this statement on my engagement can you imagine, She announced in front of every family member that Ramya will be more responsible and matured after marriage! I still remember how my cousins, aunts and uncles laughed no actually ROFLed for this joke made by my mom!!!

But then the prank of sticking stickers on close relatives and bursting balloons scaring people etc etc which I played in my very own engagement !!! yes you read it right, in my engagement only!!! Finally made mom to lose all hopes on me and she decided to give up hoping and she resorted to advising!
Advising, did u think she advised me oh come on! She knew that never worked so she caught hold of my hubs and as precaution told all possible things he may have to undergo because of my hyperactive nature! Post which hubs religiously advice me every now and then, so here are some of the interesting advice I keep getting!!!
1.       Don’t pester for Balloons, candies, dolls when in laws are out with us for shopping and strict no to roadside Boiled Ground nuts, are you asking why specifically no to ground nuts? Oh that’s because post eating ground nuts I love playing  a “Groundnut Missile Game” this is to throw the groundnut shell  on someone passing by and ask sorry :D and then count the number of people who got hit by my groundnut missile !!!
2.       Don’t be over excited on seeing anything and everything, I literally jump and exclaim, hubs fear that there are weak heart people around and because of this I may be caught in murder case!!!
3.       Don’t shout “Hey you here!!” to my hubs all of a sudden in a shop :D making others think that we met accidentally :D
4.       Strict no to showing over enthusiasm in office! For ex: Once I got a very little thank you card from a colleague and I ran to every cubicle and told that I am being appreciated: D you see I am never appreciated in my life!!!  But then there were people who have got very big recognition and still :D so modest to not even hiss about it!!! I cant help them! Oh yes I remember calling mom and telling about it ;) may be she would have lit lamp to god that day!!!
5.       Not only this every time I step out :D  I am being advised by my mom , but my hubs with 3.5yrs of exp has given up on me :D so has stopped advising. But he has learnt to tell this one sentence which saves his life in public and that is “Sorry, I don’t know who she is!!!”

Yes yes yes :D atleast I have not grown up yet but after never ending efforts and prayers by mom, I have now learnt a little to act decent in public.
So in my case this is so true :D “We never really grow up, We only learn how to act in public ;)”
What is it with you ;)?

Monday, October 8, 2012

IT(s) mistakes of my Life!

Here you go with recent updates of my stupidity. Now if you ask me what’s new we all know about how stupid you are! Then please wait, I have tried to make it more professional by classifying my stupidity into themes and today’s theme is Influence of IT on my Stupidity! So get ready folks!

I love talking to people whom I meet on vacations. I find knowing about them and speaking to them in those short meets very interesting. But hubs say give them a chance to speak before you do. Oh Hello, I go first is my argument!!!  And this happened!
 On one of the trips, I went to dining area looking for dinner. As the buffet was just then getting ready I found a lady sitting alone, of course she was a perfect catch for my hobby and so started the conversation!

Me: Hey hi, so nice vacation?
She: Oh yes I wanted it!
Me: So what are you escaping from?
She: (Smiles) Deliveries
Me: Oh my god! Tell me about it (This is just a phrase, most of the time I talk and never let the other person tell anything other than ‘Hmmm’ sometimes only nods! So I continued)
Me too tired delivering, last week I delivered thrice and trust me I know how much it hurts, I just wanted this break! Its my 10th delivery this year and no one is satisfied with the performance. I have done all possible automation to speed up my delivery but still people are not able to see the value of it! I really felt enough is enough and asked my manager Dinakar to deliver henceforth, now he knows the pain of delivery! (I was all proud of my accomplishment) So BTW where do you work?
She: (with horrified look) I am a Gynecologist !
My face was worth watching and My hubs had a hearty laugh continuously for 2 days!

Usually my girlie group tries to catch up for coffee in the pantry which is close to our working bay, and needless to say how it would be when 7 aunties meet to discuss about the global issues of in laws, shopping mela, TV Serials and gossips, definitely it will be followed with loud laughs, howls etc.
Once after such a meet, my manager decided to take the situation into his control and pinged me to warn me. End of this episode it so happened that he ended up laughing out load and has continued to smirk till date whenever he sees!

Mgr: Hello Ramya
Me: Hi
Mgr: Something special?  I heard lot of noise?
Me: (was super tensed to see the question\objection that was being thrown at me) Oh that…
Mgr: yes that, what is that where was it from?
Me: ( I hurried to justify) You know this Shift is very difficult to pass by so such noises are common, it was from our Pantry!!!  I very well know its very disturbing to hear loud noises so close by. But trust me no matter how difficult it is, we will plan to keep the noise lower and next time you will not even notice the event!
I got no pings but hear my manager laughing out loud in his cubicle!

If you fail to notice the humor in it, here you go!

I did some small typo mistake, Skipped ‘f’ in ‘Shift’ and ‘r’ in ‘Pantry’!
Now read my Justification again!

End of all these, I turn back to see this as 2 very humorous situation in my life and my stupidity made someone laugh from the bottom of their heart.

Isn’t life so beautiful? ;)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

** Time to celebrate ** :)

Life is at its best when your little efforts and little details are noticed and appreciated isn’t it? I am exactly rejoicing one such happiness at this very moment.

I hardly had any idea that the blog which I started for some stupid reason will get me so many good friends across the globe. Trust me friends, it’s not exaggeration if I say that it is via this blog and all your blogs I have learnt to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of life. And as icing on cake, today this blogspot “Chittrana” has got me recognition and a presence in fellow blogger’s blogspot. I am immensely thankful to all of you for making my day so wonderful everyday via your blogpost, your comments and feedback. Oh how can I forget your constant encouragement, no matter how bad I write I feel you tap my back and motivate me to write more by showering awards and tagging me in your blogs.  

Recently I have been awarded and tagged by Kappu and Nilanjana Bose. I haven’t met or interacted with them apart from Comment section in Blogger, But trust me friends these 2 wonderful people are extraordinary reservoir of creativity, talent and Energy.

As always I break rules and I am doing it again! Though I will not be able to make full justice to the rules set by them I will try present my gratitude in my own way :D

Introducing my motivators…

You name a topic and genre be it on Travel, Family, Social awareness, Business, Friendship, Romance and anything that you name then google should land you directly in Kappu’sBlog. An extraordinarily talented Blogger and a very kind human being who constantly encourages fellow bloggers to blog their best. Buddy where ever you are, a big hug to you and please know that I am very eager to meet you sometime!

She gifted me

Give her random string of words from any corner of the dictionary and trust me you will be astonished and mesmerized to see a wonderful poetry that she will be able to come up with. If you want to sail through your memories, remember your love or hate anything for the matter of fact all you have to do is get immersed in her poetry. I guarantee you a unforgettable experience that she gives you in her blog. I am very glad to say that she inspired me to write a romantic post which I had never ventured till then. NB, a tag by you is very much treasured.

She gifted me

 Though I will not be able to follow the exact challenge, I will want tag few of the bloggers who are my dearest friends and I have set few new rules for them :)

You guys are very Creative, so you deserve Kreative Award     Jenny     KP    Raj     Ashwini    Nivedita    FIF    Nilanjana    Rahul Sir   Ranjana

You are Liebster    Gopi  Bikram  Binu   Kappu 

Please see the respective rules…

Liebster Award: Please see the original challenge here!
But my challenge for you guys is
1.    Write few lines or a post on one interesting hobby you have or you have ever heard OR you can choose to write a post on a person you have met or incident that has happened during any of your travel.
2.    Let me know when you do so
Kreative Award: Please see the original challenge here!
But my challenge for you guys is
1.    Creativity is what to be challenged in this award section, Please write anything a poem, a story, an incident or anything that you can pair this image with

2.    Let me know when you do so:D

OYYYYYYY don’t forget to flash your award on your blogs :D I will be dropping in to check :) also please pass it on to your blogger circuit :D

Yahoooooo :D Relay is on, I have now passed the baton to you ;) I am excited to see your reactions in your blogs ;) 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It is not joke anymore!

Again one more post regarding “Man”Kind, on which I am very sure I will be hated by Gentlemen ( hello can someone tell me why is it ‘Gentle’Men and not Gentle Women, aren't we gentle, humble, caring and what not!!! Oh may be we are by default gentle and Men are to be termed so!!!).
And this post is to all those Self centered, Immature, Egoistic, Foolish, Stupid men out there who not only struggle to find a life partner by themselves and get hitched with some kind female with their parents help that too after series of rejections but then they announce to the world very egoistically as “I will be losing my Freedom!!!” (my foot)  

My dear male friends, since I am sure you are not one among such foolish men please go ahead read to see how frustrated I am!!! And dear friends tell me your frank opinion!
 A colleague of mine comes to my cubicle and says “you have to come, it is my last rite this Sunday” and I gently said sorry what do you mean, for which he sheepishly smiles and says “Yaar, it’s my marriage this Sunday” I felt like slapping him tight but I am civilized if not him. So all I could manage to tell was “wow what a sense of humor!”

And this is not the first time, every time a male friend invites me to his marriage there will be some dialogue like losing freedom, aajse restriction, No drinking, Life will be boring, etc etc!  I am totally pissed off on hearing such nonsense again and again from every other guy whom I thought is civilized and mature.  I am extremely sorry buddies I had to vent it out here, I am not generalizing but for those who talk like this trust me this is what I feel deep down inside!

Now tell me what does it mean by losing freedom?  Are you leaving your home to go stay with someone else? Will you be ever questioned by girl’s parents on your cooking knowledge? Or if you know to sing and dance! Are you questioned on your dress sense? Or on your understanding of all the festivals and rituals! Will you be questioned on your working hours?
Forget it tell me how does your life become boring? Will you have to get up early morning for cooking and follow the same routine every day from the day you are married (90% of well educated Urban men also hardly help their wife)? Do you have to make sure with all your work, goals and commitments you will have to take care of one whole family with you? Do you have to always think of in laws and your partner before yourself?  Do you have to keep thinking of fitness to keep your partner interested in you?  I know the answer is no!

Oh come on boys grow up! How long you will try to keep up the open secret that you are craving for marriage but still show off as though you are being punished? Oh please cut the crap! And for what are you doing such a big sacrifice if you find it so hard? Who the hell is going to be benefited if you are married? Believe me if one jerk like you is not married no one is worried. You can still continue to enjoy your so called freedom rather than being so foolish!

We women leave everything, our parents, our home, some will have to give up their dreams, and some will have to compromise on their dressing, career and what not to hug our life partner and to be with him for life time. Can’t the educated Male crowd be more sensible at least when we all know the truth that today finding a good partner is not easy, as women these days are very successful in every field and are capable of taking equal or more responsibilities in life?

I have hardly seen a girl saying all these regarding her marriage but why men make such statements? Come on be a Man and proudly say that you have found your soul mate. Accepted that life changes after marriage and if its true for you then its so for your life partner also! Accept the new change in life and be proud of your new life a lovely new beginning.

Whom are you trying to fool by making such statements while inviting to your marriage??? Its not joke anymore!

I have decided that next time someone invites me like this, trust me this blog will be his wedding gift!

P.S: First of all sorry dear Blogger friends if I have spoilt your mood by such a post and secondly I am very thankful to you for the tags and awards you have showered on me. I promise to take those up in my next post, Love you all and thanks for encouraging me J