Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Amma and Dodamma TV Stars

It was Friday, I went home after my work as usual my home was full with voices of Dad, Mom, sis and Doddamma.
Oh I haven’t introduced u all to another family member. So this is an introduction about my Doddamma. Doddammma is elder sister of my Mom and an indivisible part of our family she lives in our neighboring house and she is the care taker for me and my sister. Actually she has taken care of us as our mother in all the times we needed. Very innocent and always smiling nature she has. She jells up easily with the young generation and hence we don’t feel generation gap between us if she is around. This is my sweet doddamma.

So this day as soon as I went home, I figured out there is something very interesting and very new topics discussed at home. I could clearly guess that amma and Dodamma have done something different, actually glow in their face and excitement in their voice clearly showed that it was them in the limelight. As I came to hall Mom was waiting me to ask her what was special, so I dint wanted to disappoint her feelings so showing excitement in my face I asked what was special for the day looking at amma and Dodamma. As soon as I asked both jumped on their feet to tell me, then somehow controlling their excitement amma told me that they had been to TV shoot. My god this was really surprising to me also. How come all of a sudden two housewives and TV show I couldn’t put the puzzle pieces in the right place!
Then continuing the TV saga, mom went ahead and told me that they had gone to TV Music show, as I knew my mom is pretty good singer I was baffled about how she got this opportunity. Now I was really amazed and asked her to tell me more but my mom refused to tell me anything more and she told me to hold on till tomorrow and see them on TV. Oh my god this kept me really impatient.

The next day at office I had a critical project release but who cares Mom was on air the same evening and Doddamma was also with her so I had to be at home by evening 7. By evening early cab I winded up my work and reached home. It was 6:45 my mom dint change the channel she kept the same channel playing from past one hour though her show was at 7. As soon as the show began every one of us were in front of TV and there began the show. I was just waiting for Mom to be on stage.

Host of the show introduced the competitors for the day in surprise I turned to mom and asked ‘where are you amma?’ She asked me to wait. Ok!!! I controlled my excitement. As soon as the shows camera swung to capture the audience, suddenly mom and doddamma jumped to their feet shouting see me in the first row, me in second row!!!

So there it was, they had been to that show as audience but the excitement they had is unimaginable. But I must say that day my mom received so many calls from her friends and our relatives that for they being on TV. From that day my dodamma and Amma are TV stars. But the happiness they had taught me that enthusiasm for doing new things and to face new things keeping aside your regular worries gives us immense happiness and keeps us young.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TV Remote… The Big war…

TV Remote is supposed to be designed for comfort, but I still wonder is it for comfort or to create wars in our homes!!! May be this is the smallest device which creates war easily amongst the family members and most famous issue to fight for amongst siblings.

A typical week day, my entry to home happens only after 7:30 PM after a day full work at office. As soon as I open the gate, there are three possibilities of TV sounds that I listen to. If it’s a female sobbing or some male and female conversation of taking revenge on somebody there I guess it must be my sweet mom feeling very sad for somebody’s grief which is not even true. There is all possibility of somebody shouting because of bad road condition in Bangalore, Some interview of well learned Professor or Artist, A female reading the topics well organized in the same tone which is followed from years, Or some male shouting upon a very sad Crime report with weeping and harrowing sounds and asking for justice and lot of Political issues discussion, If this is the case it is our dearest Big Boss and my best friend from past 25yrs, my appa who is decently sitting in the corner sofa and is very much into TV. The last types of sounds that stylishly come from my home are either one of the following. Some hindi movie songs, MTV Roadies shouting in vulgar language which is usually muted with censor board patented tone, Or some super VJs giving breaking news of famous stars break up and make tips. Then it’s the most popular and respected member of my family my sister who is doing her manicure and watching the TV.

So Ideally I will guess with the TV sound that who is dominating the Remote for the day. With this guessing I will also have to calculate the complexity of me getting the remote.
If its my mom obviously it is the easiest catch, as soon as I order a double strong coffee mom is promptly off to kitchen to server her dearest daughter and by the time she comes back there would be no more Sobbing females and revenge discussion it will be only Interior design decorations going on.

Consider the case of My dearest Dr. MB sir(wondering who is this??? This is my Professor dad) sitting in his regular corner sofa then it is intermediate complex condition.
All I have to do is start discussing some office stuff or I should completely divert his concentration saying there was a handsome guy in office today, this one thing suddenly alarms my dad and gets into serious discussion of my marriage and he is off to discuss this with mom and then Remote is mine.

Next is the most complex situation when my little doll is in front of the TV box. There is no chance of making reason or consoling her to change the channels. The only possibility is me sitting with her and watching the so called Bollywood Breaking news and MTV Roadies “Pravachana” (holy words!!! For those who don’t understand this word). Meanwhile I keep praying god to make some of her college friends to call her up. But sometimes check my ill fate these college kids discuss on the TV show and this goes like telephonic conference calls discussing the shown on TV.

The most famous thing that happens is when all four of us sit together on weekends. All of us fight, make reasons, steal, snatch and try consoling for the great device.

Oh amidst I forgot to say there is one more member who is common in these entire situations that is our house maid Giriyamma who is always there in the evening with our family. Be it Sports, Film, Serial, interior decoration, News, and let it be in any language even without moving Giriyamma is there sitting down watching the TV. I always think she must be doing some research on TV…

One day it so happened that after a big fight our Remote refused to work and none of us were ready to go and change the channel. So our TV for the first time after its entry to our home played a single channel for about 1 hr. we all without any complaints watched the same kannada movie with complete interest.

That day Giriyamma was so happy to see the complete movie and she got up and told us it was the best thing she ever saw in our home…
Poor chaps Ramya and Ranju were very sad on their bad fate where as Giriyamma was rejoicing this moment…

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Subbu, Part 2- Subbu’s Anger

Today morning as soon as I saw subbu near the Apartment gate, I ran towards him held his hand and said hi. But for my surprise though subbu said hi he dint flash his smile towards me dint know why but I couldn’t resist this change in him. So I asked him why was he angry as we crossed the road.

Subbu was so very angry that he dint speak to me till we crossed the road. I was really very sad because of his attitude. Then finally subbu broke his silence and told me that. He wanted to wear green shirt but his mom told him that he doesn’t look good in his green shirt and she wanted him to wear sky blue shirt, so he had to fight with her for green shirt and finally after being stubborn his mom gave him green shirt to wear it seems he was sad because his mom told him that he doesn’t look good.

This was the reason for my subbu to be angry. As he told this his regular auto came. I wished him bye and I told him that he actually is looking great in his green shirt. He was so happy he told me that he will say this to his mom and flashed a very good smile in his Skyblue shirt and left for the day…
Had I told him that he is wearing Skyblue shirt still he would be very sad, so I had to lie. Sometimes a fair lie is better than bitter truth

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Angel of my life…

Ranju, my bestfriend from past 19yrs
I was 5 years old when I first met this girl, very pretty, soft, very fair. She was dressed up in pink cloths and placed calm in the cradle. I exactly don’t remember how I felt at that moment. But I remember that I was very jealous as she was the center of attraction. People in that hospital room just pushed me aside to hold her and caress her. There I stood staring at her and cursing god for sending this girl to my family.

Yes 28th of October 1988, we had this new family member. Initial days I always felt jealous of my little sister. She was the topic of discussion, her smile, her jet black eyes, her complexion, like this each and every one at home just discussed about her. Till that day my actions were praised this sudden change in everyone made me very angry about my little girl. After few months when she was able to walk a bit and to understand people around her, she started to be with me and laugh at my silly actions though I was still not comfortable, this smile of hers made me very happy so my efforts grew to make my little sister smile and laugh. This game made me grow very close to her.

Till this little incident happened I never realized that there would be so much bond and love in this sister relation. I was now in 1st standard and my sis was of 1 yr old. It was my midterm holidays and I was driven to my native as it was tough to maintain me and a little baby at home where both my parents were working. So I had been to native, It was 15days stay planned for me there, but with in a week my dad had called native and I was brought back to Bangalore. I dint realize why this sudden shipping happened. When I came back to Bangalore, my home I got to know my little sister was missing me badly and because of my absence she had got fever so Doc told my parents to get me back from native.

At that age of 6, I realized how much bonded we both were, we never shared a word just smiles, touches had bonded us so strongly that we missed each other. From that day
On wards there is no single day that I haven’t spoken to my sister. I share each and everything of my life with her. She is been an indivisible part of my life.
We both have 5 yrs difference but still we are like best friends and never have we fought like other sisters. She is much more beautiful and the prettiest girl now. And for me she is the only person who never let me down, she fought for me, she kissed and cared me when I really needed. Now I thank god for sending this angel to my life. Hence I understand Love grows deeper and stronger in any relationship with time and doesn’t fade.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Subbu, The Enthusiasm…

I consider life is the best teacher and it has lots to teach us, every moment, every incident and every day in our life is learning. Those who learn it they pass through it and those who refuse will not have any take away.

This little incident, which I am about to share with you all is about my new friend Subbu. Every morning at 7:55 I need to board my company cab and so I have to wait for that cab in front of an apartment stop where many employees wait for their respective company cabs. In this wait there was always a guy of age 30-35, short and stout who comes from the apartment, cross the road and take an auto. From his house his mom drops till the security gate and from there a security guard used to help him cross the road and take an auto. Yes u imagined right, this guy is blind in both of his eyes.

One day it so happened that, Security Guard had to open the gates for some senior person in the apartment. So he was panicking to wat he has to do either to help subbu or to salute the big tie. Observing his dilemma I asked him whether I can help this guy to cross the road. Thus from that day my friendship started with this guy.

Though blind, this guy speaks perfect English and dresses very well. The manners he had was just mesmerizing. I held his hand and said I will help him cross the road and with in the journey of 2 min he introduced himself and he asked about me and got into his regular auto and wished me bye and left for the day. This was our first day of friendship…

After that day everyday I go early to stop and meet subbu, help him cross road and we have made a point to talk for 5 min every day before he leaves for his work. Now its every day a routine to meet Subbu and smile at him and to hold his soft hand. As soon as I hold his hand he says ‘Hi Ramyaaaa’ with a huge smile flashing to someone else. But this one smile of Subbu makes my day worth while, he someday asks me how he looks today in his new shirt. And its my daily habbit now to say him that he looks good in pink shirt, blue shirt, red shirt and so.

Like this Subbu has the never ending enthusiasm in him. Seeing him I realized we should be proud of wat we have rather than cribbing for wat we don’t have. A Front office executive Subbu taught me the value of hopes and enthusiasm.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Me, my dentist and his grand daughter…

Saturday morning my first thing as I wake up early at 9 is to pick up phone and fix up an appointment with my dentist. The beautiful cavity around my jaw area had made my rich dentist even richer. Anyways this Saturday also I got an appointment and I was there in his clinic at 11:30 sharp. To say few words about my dentist it should really start with his age. Doc was about 65 and he had 38 years of experience with him. Smart at his age, perfectly maintained body and a yogic face he has. This Doc has 2 daughters one settled abroad and one another minting Doctor. This day my appointed started with Doc drilling down into my teeth and speaking softly about general topics just to keep me engaged and letting no time for me to realize that my tooth was getting drilled.

This clinic was attached with his home, so on a usual Saturday as doc worked on my teeth I could hear and lady speaking to her maid and sometimes over phone happily speaking, sometimes angry, I visualized and understood her to be Doc’s wife and that was correct. This Saturday, shortly after doc started to work on my teeth I could hear a little girl crying and shouting aloud and the lady trying to console her. My doc smiled at me and said it’s my grand daughter down from Singapore her parents left her here for schools. Thus she misses her parents and cries when she wakes up after a nap.

Saying this he continued to mix silver to fill in my cavity. But I could still hear those conversations from inside. Lady saying ‘ Beta if you cry like this we will send u back and ur parents will put u in Singapore school where friends are monsters and teachers beat u badly’ I thought after this the little girl would compromise but no she shouted even harshly may be she had imagined going to monster school. Like this consoling, making reasons to console her went on for another 15 min and finally Lady gave up saying do wat ever I wont listen to your cry after this conversation I could hear baby crying for another 10 min suddenly in sweet little voice baby said ‘ Naani, baby crying no’ she repeated these words again and again after this I could here lady saying ‘my baby, my little girl’ and some kissing sounds.

In all this I couldn’t stop imagining how beautiful the baby may be and how elegant the women may be. By this time my doc had finished with my teeth and after paying him I requested him to see this grand daughter. He took me in and for my astonishment the baby was very very cute than that I could imagine.

In this little incident I realized one thing we all try to over react and over act until we know somebody is there to care for us but the moment we realize no body cares we start picking up with life. This tendency of human is not stopped after childhood its carried to adulthood. With this thoughts I left the clinic smiling and with beautiful image of little girl with me :) .

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who will repay me my tears???-- Just a writing :)

I was born cried a lot don’t know why, may be because I dint want to come to this cruel world. There went my tears in vain but later realized this was for joy and at that point my tears too brought smile on faces of everyone around me…

I grew up to little girl played happily, danced all the way, smiled. Studied and also cried a lot but never felt like asking anyone to repay me my tears as I had got more than that I shed tears for…
I grew up to teenage girl, looking cute and smiling with lot more maturity and lot more intelligence, Studied and sported around shed tears in winning joy, loosing game, getting distinction and loosing friend. But again never asked anyone to repay my tears…

Loved a guy truly, deeply shed tears in caring him, loving him, joy of imaging getting married to him but ended in sacrificing for his lust and happiness. Shed tears a lot for my foolishness of being with him for no meaning, for no love. People dint know me turned back and asked to repay for being with him… Never in any above situation I asked anyone to repay me my tears but I now ask everyone who will repay my tears??? Dint it have any value???? Who will repay it,,,,

Monday, June 2, 2008

Birthday Celebrations...

I work for Honeywell, Its been almost three years for me working in IT industry in 2 most prestigious companies till now, One of the common events for team building is the Birthday celebrations done in the team.

As this activity needs 2 people to volunteer ever 2 quarter it was my turn this quarter, As my manager took out my name without consenting me I was bit worried and also angry but thought this gives a change for me every time a birthday is celebrated in my team.

I took up this activity started managing the accounts, collecting the birthdays, getting gift voucher and ordering cakes. This activity went on for one month, as i did this I felt so nice that I was sharing a very nice moment in some body's life by wishing them on their special day. The smile the Birthday person flashes when they see my mail wishing them brought enthusiasm in me.

One day it was birthday of senior most employee in our team as ours is a product and research oriented company we have Employee of age 60+ too, who carry awesome experience with them.
We youngster always stayed away from them but it was his birthday and I had to consent him for his cake selection and timing for his birthday celebration.

That was the day I saw this person smiling all the way and he was so enthusiastic in celebrating his birthday. This day I learnt for enthusiasm, for sharing happiness, for sharing love there is no age. Its only good will and love you need.
Friends I tell you, please wish every one around you and get that unconditional smile which will make your day the best.

My Visit to an Orphanage

I wish to share a moment here with you all which left me in tears...
It was my usual activity on a Sunday morning to visit an orphanage from 9-12:30, but due to some personal reasons I couldn't make it from past 6 months thought it left me sad, I couldn't make it in this period.
One Sunday suddenly I realised its very important for me to get back to those kids who were so close to me...
I woke up early, packed some sweets and bought some books for them and left to meet them.
As my vehicle stopped there, Raghu my friend a kid aged 6 was the first person to come running to me and hug me saying where were u all these days... for this one question I had no answer but to say sorry to him.
he took me into ashram and called all his friends I knew many of them there, though I had forgot their names they were just shouting as 'Ramyakkaaaaa' i felt so bad for staying away from them...
They all discussed different stories, about their school, their yearly once vacation all about them self, they danced the same dance which I had choreographed for them days back :).

Suddenly Basava another kid of 7 jumped near me and said 'Ramyakka do you know their is a new member in our group' This one thing always is a sad news to me as their is one more kid with no one to care for again... So with a fake smile told him to introduce that member to me...

with widest smile he took my hands and ran towards back of the Ashram, I was surprised as why would one admit some new entrant their. Then for my surprise, Basava opened a small kennel and told 'Ramyakka do you remember Lachi the dog, it died after giving birth to this puppy Lakshman, So I am taking care of this...'

Probably this one incident I can never forget in my life, Friends I always say this to everyone I meet, people like us don't know the value of love, care, touch and feelings as we get it abundantly so please see the value of it in the eyes of those who are deprived of it...