Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey... How to decide???

After some gap me again back to write something in my blog…
Actually a discussion with my close friend in office made me to write the MOM (minutes of meeting) here

This day my friend whom I call Prinsi announced tat she wants to decide upon a guy to take the relationship from friendship to Further levels, now she was in dilemma as on how to decide on whether the guy is a perfect match to her or not!

Being her best friend and with some in hand experience I started with the discussion which made us realize that how serious the discussion was.

Friends, we find countless blogs and articles on how to decide upon someone. But still when it comes practically to us, we just forget the reality and become emotional and get in to troubles at later stages. So I must tell you this is one of the most crucial decisions we take in our life and any stupidity, baseless emotions here will toss our life upside down.

In today’s society girls at home are more loved, cared and pampered. With so many hopes our parents bring us up, but once we make this decision or if parents make this decision for us from then on we are completely left to be independent with the Partner we select, and just our parents will support us. Loosing this control from parents and accepting someone to be everything is a major change in girl’s life.

So Friends here are something we finalized as basic things to keep in mind before considering someone to be life partner.

Make sure the person whom you consider is not too much money minded and also too easy spending types.
Make sure he doesn’t have any recent break up, cause guys tend to make haste decision in this period and later me regret on u.
Make sure he has atleast some goals in life, career aspirations and also must encourage and be very efficient in guiding you.
Most important thing is make sure he is close to his family members and openly speaks to his parents cause a person who plays hide and seek with parents cant be open to you also.
Make sure he is not overly beauty conscious. Cause beauty is not constant in us too.
Things like financial position of the guy and habits of drinking and smoking is left to individual to consider it.

I do understand for Guys also this will be very important decision in life, and I don’t say that all guys need to be monitored on these scales. This is just a note to girl who is about to make decision. And I am sure guys and girls who have seen and been in such situations have more to say about this…

One life and one decision, live it happily my friend …

Monday, October 6, 2008

7 days of Sickness …

Last week I was down by infection which lead to fever this dint get cured until 7 days … now for a creature like me lying in bed, doing nothing for 7 days and also listening to health lectures by amma and appa was the toughest task of my life…

As I wrote this experience of 7 days in my dairy yesterday night I also thought I have to share the same with you all …

Day 1: I got to know that I have got some infection so now I had to go to doc which I hate as always. The reason for me to hate my doc is he always scolds me; yes there is a genuine reason for him to scold me because I always neglect my health. So as soon as he sees me he starts scolding me even before asking why I have visited him!!!

So he gave me some temporary medicine and asked me to get some reports done. Me with usual over confidence thought that these reports are not necessary and took the medicine for one day.
Learning: Do not hate your doc, if you hate him change the doc…

Day 2: I was back to office with full fresh smile but still I felt that I hadn’t completely recovered, by afternoon the fever started increasing and I thought I need lot of rest so decided to go home early. At times I forget that I have done BE and not MBBS. So rushed home and slept for a while. By this time amma had started her lecture to do pranayama every morning which I am not doing! Appa started saying that these days you are roaming around a lot so no rest and hence all these sufferings. By then fever increased and I decided that next day morning I will get the reports done which doc had prescribed!
Learning: Listen to your parents occasionally, surprisingly they will be true at times…

Day 3: Fever had taken its control on me still I managed to go to Lab and get the reports done but for my bad luck they told that I will get the reports only after 2 days … so this meant that I had to suffer like this for 2 more days

Continuous fever and pain in stomach had decreased my confidence. On top of it Mom’s care and dad’s love was increasing :). But deep with in me I had regrets for not taking care. Between I kept troubling my best friend asking him to visit me as I felt lonely…
Learning: It’s the best to have a friend who tolerates your cribbing… but be sure to crib in limits.

Day 4: Another torturous day in these seven days. Couldn't get up from my bed, my energy level decreased to 20% and was so scared tat I will die!

Lying in my bed I thought I will die soon… Gosh I remembered all my college friends, incompletely tasks, wishes and dreams of my life. Isn’t it silly how much we love our life… but I realized I have so many incomplete task that I dearly want to do.

Amidst the cribbing with my friend continued and increased. Dependency on appa and amma had also increased.
Learning: Don’t leave anything half done, complete it, if not it haunts u a lot.

Day 5: I was so happy that I will get my reports and doc will treat me immediately. So till 5 in the evening I was waiting and got the reports. Finally I rushed to doc and gave him the reports.

As soon as he saw me started scolding for not getting the reports done immediately and after seeing the report he dint stop scolding I thought he will call up and scold me even after I leave the clinic. Even for my surprise I was with corers of harmful Bacteria with me all these 5 days. Then as usual I got my Medicines and that was Injections twice a day for next five days. Had I done all that doc had told at right time, It would be 2 small tablets to swallow now its Injection!!!!!!!!
Learning: Please don’t neglect wat Doc says though u hate him because small tablets transforms into huge painful injections!!!!

Day 6: Recovering back to normal, my energy level increased to 60%. Again appa amma started lecture about health and fitness and I started shouting at them that they need not say me the same things again and again. And my friend who was with me all these days had to tolerate my drama while I am taking my injection.
Learning: There is ego in each one of us, astonishingly that is not there in you only when u are in trouble.

Day 7: I am perfectly alright, no more stomach ache or fever but I must tell you Injections do pain a lot and it’s even paining now!!!
But now back to form talking, smiling being over enthusiastic and being Egoistic with appa, amma and my friend.

1. Don’t neglect your health it’s very precious.
2. And if u are down with fever remember its only fever and there are so many others suffering from so many health problems which they can never get cured of.
3. Engage your self when u are not feeling well by which u will forget the pain – easy to say tough to execute (Gyan given from my best friend), but this works.
4. Love your self, take care.

That’s all… I am back to write and trouble you all more :).