Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7 years itch!!!

(Disclaimer: This post is strictly not for Sophisticated, decent and for people wanting to read only quality stuff!!!)
Rest can continue ;)

Ahaaaaaaaaaaa yes yes yes!!!
When I shout it loud these are the reactions at home
Amma: What happened did you finally get the chapatti round? Me: Nah :P
Appa: Did you solve the puzzle on paper? Me: Nah :P
Sis: Did you cross that level in the Biker game? Me: Nah :P
I with evil grin :D will be proud of my accomplishment and that would be to I reach the impossible remote corners of my back and succeed in itching!!!

Sophisticated darlings, Oh come on don’t make that face!!! Trust me over a week now Itching has become my major task. All I can think of is Itch in the back and keep thinking of how to itch without hurting myself, seems like shortly I am going to apply for PhD in itching. Yes yes I know I will come up with a good name for my Thesis don’t worry!!!

Phewwwwwww Ok let me not make you more uncomfortable rather I will straight get to the topic. Few days back there was a small rash on my back as usual with great Indian mindset of home medication is the best one, I started applying all possible home medicine and also enjoyed the occasional itchiness. And was expecting it to be gone in a day or two, but then it continued and the itch increased uncontrollably now I had to tell my hubs and the very next moment I was in car and rushed to Skin specialist clinic. Though I kept telling hubs itching is good he dint hear a word of mine and pushed me in front of THE DOCTOR,

Hmmmm now the verdict was out there was a resident evil!!! And that’s a chicken pox virus which has reactivated and is now in different avatar as Herpes. And I strictly must not itch the rash instead I have to control it!!! I wish someone understands what it takes to control the itch is!!! But somehow faster than this virus the news of me getting Herpes had spread in my close circuit and I got all sort of advices best one being “told you to pray nagadevatha but you dint see now!!!”

And now If you are still on your seat and have not rushed to sanitize yourself then let me tell you doc told me its in all of us and every one of us are bound to get it sometime in our life time. OHAHAHA :D I scared you!!! So after all the medication, rest, pujas from mom and working from home, I have somehow regained my sanity. But trust me have found out some rarest of rare truths about itch and I must share my great findings with you…

  1. Greatest torture would be tying both hand and legs and then inducing itching!!! Dont you think every jails in the world will get best results out of this!!! I am planning to patent this idea, What do you say about this guys?
  2. When you are told not to itch, Itching is the only thing you can think of. Trust me when you see someone who is fit and fine, do you know what you will think? Che he has all the opportunities to itch and why the hell he is not itching!!! :D
  3. To reach the remotest corner (I know you are all ears now :D) ok I will tell you the trick, you will need both hands, one aiming at the itchpoint and the other supporting it. You need to be flexible for these later don’t complain of muscle cramp!!!
Arrey I also now found out good name for my thesis “7 years itch” :D isn’t it sophisticated and cheat people into reading it ;)???

Enough… Enough is Enough!!! Ok baba don’t shout I will stop ranting :D and concentrate on controlling!!! And advance thanks for all your wishes of Get well soon… (psst instead of these get well soon messages, I would be happy if you tell me better ways of itching without getting caught by itch police in my case HUBS and AMMA… hehehehe)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chit Chat with Ash

Ash of Musings, recently had tagged me in her blogpost. She is a very fantastic blogger and also a close reviewer of mine. She drops into every post of mine and provides feedback. Thanks Ash for all your support and encouragement.

She had set some important rules as part of this Tag game, but since I am known to break rules J I choose to do only 2 out of 6.
First one is tagging back the blogger who tagged me!!! I did it

And second one - A little chit chat with Ash…

1). When did you start blogging and why?
            Wow thanks buddy for asking this question ;) I can tag my previous post for this and wait for more comments on that post too lol :D check out the answer here :D

2). What makes life worth living?
            YOU Ash! … yes its people like you who sit in some corner of the world and still want to know me isn’t it what makes life so beautiful. This shows that you can expect the unexpected!!! Via blogger have met so many wonderful people with whom I am sharing a very good bonding. Thank to unseen hands for giving such wonderful people around me, so for me its people around me make life worth living. :D

3). What do you like doing in your spare time?
            TALK TALK and TALK. Apart from this if I find any time :D I dance, I blog, I surf, I read and again I TALK ;)

4). Who was your first celebrity crush?
            Anil Kumble!!! Yes I was mad about him. I had posters of him everywhere in my room and even on my school notes. I had seriously decided that he is the one for me. Phew remember crying whole day when he got married!!! And now whenever I see him on TV I still feel he cheated me!!! :D

5). What one quality would you give the most importance to while choosing (or having chosen) a life partner?
            Patience, goals and vision!!! :P none of these. I just liked him for what he was and luckily he turned out to be the perfect man who had all of these :D. Trust me I still pinch myself thinking did I really get such a well matured and organized person as my Life Partner!

6). What do you like most about your job
            What are women very much known for ;) “Doubting” isn’t  it? :D I get paid to do it… Oh no no I am not detective!!! I am just a Test Engineer ;). So what more I can ask for :D.

7). Are you happy with your present choice of career, or would you rather be doing something else?
            For the month end Salary yes I am very much happy. But for the soul within no I am not I would rather be dancing and teaching dance to little kids and see them smile and laugh.

8). Do you follow your head or your heart more?
            Sort of my previous answer has answered this question also… But yes its more situational,  I use them both and I don’t think being practical is crime but I don’t forget to be compassionate and listen to what my heart says as well…

9). If you were given the chance to rewind your life and do any one thing differently, what would that be?
            Nothing absolutely nothing!!! Because if I change anything in the past, I will never get this current experience and all these beautiful things which was meant to happen eventually. So I truly believe “Anything happens, happens for good” so I happily accept my past how much ever bad or good I was.

10). How would you react if you were being followed by a shady-looking character in a secluded place? 
            I would read out all my poems ;) !!!
Jokes apart, One of my close friends always warned me to safe guard myself by keeping pepper sprays with me all the time. So in such situation I would rather seek for help or have some safety with me.

11). Tell me about someone whom you've met in the strangest manner, who has then gone on to become an integral part of your life.
2 people, one I met as a co-passenger and other by a wrong email id, Both remain as very good friends of mine till date. Love the way of life! Strangest things happen when you least expect.

Finally Life is beautiful and worth living and reliving. :)

P.S:  Ash, sorry I did not follow all the rules! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Goddess

Swaroop a young engineer and a talented guy who’s greatest interest was photography and photo editing. It was his passion to capture beautiful moments and then groom it into more beautiful pictures which stunned the viewers.

 Lately he was very much distracted and couldn’t focus on anything. All these started on that day when he was invited for a cultural program in his office and he was supposed to photograph the event. Event was a cultural treat of classical dance. Swaroop was very much occupied in covering the event and did it to his best. His was asked to share the snaps at the earliest, so he started working on the snaps as soon as he came back. He choose snaps after snaps and started editing them, at one snap his heart beat skipped seeing a beautiful woman who looked heavenly. Posing beautifully in one of the Goddess’s posture she actually looked like one. Swaroop couldn’t trust his eyes and couldn’t believe that he took that snap. He was unable to recollect when and how this was taken.
After this one snap he could hardly do anything other than staring at the snap endlessly and editing it.  And next day he met the organizers of the event handed over the snaps and also found out that all the dancers were internal employees. Swaroop from that day onwards had tried all possible ways to find out who that girl was but all in vain, in a company of 25000 employee he couldn’t manage to find even name of that girl who was like heavenly angel for him.
And today was one such opportunity, the Photography Competition and Swaroop knew that this could be a very good opportunity to meet that girl. So he had chosen that beautiful snap of that girl, carefully edited to its best and framed it with beautiful frame. Swaroop took special interest in organizing and was there at the competition venue whole day but actually he was expecting a beautiful woman to walk by enquiring about her snap being portrayed in the competition. Employees started coming into the venue and no doubt almost everybody stopped for a moment longer at the picture named ‘The Goddess’ which had temple background and a stunningly beautiful woman in the foreground. Everybody was interested to know who captured it.

Smitha and Kalyani who were all engrossed in the pictures displayed were walking down the aisle admiring at the beauty of the snaps and discussing about many aspects in them.  Beautiful, confident Smitha was all busy in counting the number of men at the venue who were eyeing at her. Kalyani, who always felt inferior about her looks, wondered if anyone would even notice her presence. She always admired the confidence Smitha carried, Smitha’ s support had got the best of Kalyani on stage. They both danced in the group but Kalyani’s dedication in dancing used to transform her to different personality on stage, her smile was admired, she attracted the audience and her beautiful expressions captured the audience. Many were mesmerized seeing this beauty dancing but offstage Kalyani always remained shy, inferior and neglected.

As the day progressed Swaroop was getting more and more restless, he was near his display “The Goddess” he was being constantly praised and was assured by viewers that he will be winning the competition for this beautiful capture and edits. He just smiled in dismay and told one of the friends that this female may be much more beautiful in real may be his camera has not done justice to capture her beauty but he wished the girl in the snap turns to the event and meets him, that would be the biggest victory for him.

Kalyani having over heard this discussion, silently walked passed that display but on hearing such desperation, Smitha turned to see what they were discussing. She was baffled by the beauty of the snap, she couldn’t believe her eyes, She loudly exclaimed “Oh my god, this is…..” Swaroop came running to her and was stunned to see Smitha though he could not find the resemblance to the snap he knew that it was her.  She turned to Swaroop in complete excitement held his hand and told “Thanks you so much, did you capture this? Oh my god this is my.. my” Swaroop held her hand tightly and told “yes dear I know that is your snap, after seeing you I think I dint do justice! you are so much more beautiful than that” Smitha was confused and looked at her friend Kalyani, only to see Kalyani signaling her not to reveal that snap was kalyani’s  and as the crowd gathered clapping at this union Kalyani silently left the venue with tears in her eyes…

PS: This post was done for KP, Thanks for your encouragement... :D
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It was raining heavily; 
Flowers in the pot where struggling in rain to stay still so were Rachitha’s Emotions. Sitting in her cozy room, staring at the rain listening to the melody of the rain, Rachitha could only think about all those days which became memories for her life time.

As Rachitha was sailing in memories her mobile rings pulling her back to reality, the number ringing was not familiar number, As she answed she hears a young man on the other side saying

 “ Hello we are calling from Radio city FM 91, Am I talking to Rachitha?”
“Yes I am Rachitha, how did you get my number”

“Good to talk to you Rachitha!  This is RJ Shekar, one of your friends have given us this number to put you on air.  That’s a beautiful name you have Rachitha, so we have called you to inform that you will be one of the contestant in a little chit chat show which will be aired in next 15 min”
“Oh Shekar… I am really not prepared I I…”
“ Oh Rachitha not to worry you will be comfortable we will make sure of it, thanks we will call you back in ten min”

Surprised shocked and also excited Rachitha decides to go ahead with a new experience. She rehearses to introduce herself and checks her voice by then the same number rings again…

“Hello Rachitha you will be on air now I will introduce you and then on the chat show starts. You will get the flow on the fly not to worry”
“Shekhar, pls patch things up If I mess up”
“Trust me Rachitha, don’t worry”
“Hellooo This RJ Shake shake shekharrrr with you on FM 91!!!! Welcome to your favorite show “FLASHBACK” we have lucky caller Rachita with us today… Hey Rachitha welcome to the show”
“Thanks Shekar”
“Rachita for your understanding and to the dear listeners who have tuned in now, this show FLASHBACK is an half an hour talk, taking you through the beautiful memories of your life and best of those who are aired on the show will be selected end of the month and will be awarded. Dear Listeners welcome again with me your RJ Shekar and Guest Rachitha…lets get started with this beautiful song…”

Song started, Rukhi Rukhi thi zindagi jat se chal padi…hui kushi si dosthi…

                        Rachitha actually did slip into her flashback and could remember Prathap her best friend. She could remember his every words of their 10th standard send off party speech. And she remembered how melodiously he had sung the same song dedicating it to her.

Iyayi yeaah yeh yeah yeahhhhhh…welcome back to FLASH FLASH FLASHBACK with Shekar

“So Rachitha, tell us one thing that you did relate at this very moment when you heard the song”
“Shekhar its pleasure to listen to this song unexpectedly as I very much remember my school days and my best friend Prathap, who used to sing this song either to patch up with me or to impress me”
“Woho Rachitha that’s a wonderful thing to know and now on… this FLASHBACK show will be about Rachitha and Prathap. So Listeners lets listen to more of Rachitha and Prathap after a short break, stay tuned …”

Ads started “AIT Engineering College… Best of research facilities….”
                        Rachitha went blank, nothing beyond this she heard and she was too confused and not understanding herself as to why did she have to take the name of Prathap with whom she had lost touch years back.
She could just not avoid remembering Prathap’s smiling face which was convincing her years back that it was not his dreams to do Engineering and how much she wanted him to take up Engineering and be a successful engineer. She was also very concerned because Prathap was only son for their parents and she did not want him to leave them and go.  He just told “if everybody thinks like this Rachu, no one can achieve their dreams” and so she had understood that for him his dreams were more important.

“Welcome back to show, So Rachita tell us more about Prathap” RJ Shekar’s Voice pulled her back to present situation.
She chuckled and said “ Oh Prathu was very special. He was a leader all throughout. Everybody used to take his help and he was there for everyone he trusted. A Patriot from that age he was a Person to look up to!!! Even today when I am down I hear his warm voice whispering to me as ‘Come on Rachu you can do it’. So that deep was our friendship”
“OMG That’s an excellent memory you have with your best friend and Dear listeners here is a beautiful story of Rachu and Prathu on our Flash back vote in to our number to select them as this month’s winners… Rachu what song can we play for you…”

“Khandon se milthe hain khanden from Lakshya”
As the very inspirational song went on air she remembered her last conversation with her best pal Prathap…
Prathap: Hello Rachu, Hey I am very happy to say I have been selected. I am going to pursue my dream Rachu. This day is very special to me
Rachitha: Prathu are you sure you want to do it? Your Parents are ok with it?
Prathap:  Yes very much ok with it. My mom told that she is very proud that I am going to serve my mother India, my nation, She proudly calls me as Lieutenant Prathap already Rachu
Rachitha: “Prathu I will miss you, but yes as your mom told we are all and will always be proud of you Prathu. Please stay safe and keep in touch”
Prathap:”Rachu I will miss you too dear but see where ever and how ever I am remember that I am protecting my country and many wonderful people like you, love you Rachu all the best dear, BTW will you wait for me to come back? I may even propose you for marriage” Prathap was always prankster with Rachitha….
Rachitha with tears in eyes, her voice dropped she could only manage to say “Shut up Prathu, Bye all the best love you”
Dill Dushman ke hilten hain…. Welcome back RJ Shekar talking to Rachitha

Rachitha was in tears on the other side of phone but how would world see it?
“Rachitha that was wonderful knowing about you and Prathap… So now after so many years how is your friendship with Prathap?”
Wiping off her tears…
“Oh Shekar what to say… Last when I got message from him it was to inform me that he was promoted for his good work as Captain in Indian army. My dear Prathap is today a brave soldier who is protecting all of us. We hardly talk now but the friendship between us keeps us bonded where ever he is at least once in few days he messages me telling he is safe, and every now and then when there is a news on Indian television about terrorist attacks, maoists attacks he make sure somehow he informs me that he is safe and still willing to serve this country. It’s been almost 5yrs I have seen him and heard his voice but I salute to his bravery dedication and Patriotism. Also every time someone speaks low about my country I wish my friend Prathap was around to punch them in their face... Ah I spoke a lot! Thanks for putting me on air Shekar, it was pleasure remembering Prathap and sharing about him with you all…”

 “Excellent Rachitha… we all sincerely salute to your best friend Prathap and to your friendship, let us all pray for good health for all our heroes who are protecting us. Best wishes to Rachitha and Prathap. BTW Rachitha thanks for joining us and here is a surprise for you… Friend who gave your reference is on air now… and wants to talk to you”
Rachitha struggling to guess who it could be was baffled to hear “Hello Rachu, Captain Prathap Simha here…”
Rachitha could hardly talk her tears of happiness had no end… and so was their friendship

---Friendship has no END---
PS: This story is dedicated to my best friend.And all our Heroes who are protecting us and our beautiful country...