Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

An Announcement, Retrospection and Vote of thanks…

Hello all, nothing interesting to write about but something nice to share with you all… So I decide to follow the pattern of the Speech we all would have heard from schools to till date and I am very sure even now the pattern will be same and that’s
Step 1: An Announcement
Step 2: Retrospection
Step 3: Vote of thanks…
So Here I am adjusting my dress and checking my mike to make the announcement…

Hello Hello Mike testing 1,2,3..
Announcement of my little Achievement:
Hello everyone!!! “100”  For some or the other reason, I am sure this number strikes a chord with every one of us isn’t it???  And so it is very significant in everybody’s life! Here are few which are prominent for me…
As a kid I always dreamt of 100/100 in some course atleast once! Alas I don’t know why my evaluator always forgot to put one zero in the end and hence it always showed 10/100 L
As a teenage girl trust me 100rs was really big amount for me then, I used to save for months together to reach at 100rs for gifting a dear friend.
And then it was this orkut ah!!! 100th friend, those were the days!!! When friends waited on list to join as friends in the social networking site on a significant number so that I always remembered them for this “100th friend on Orkut”!
Oh my god my first salary 160*100, God I was really worried how I would manage so many 100s!!! And today I wonder when salary comes in to the account and how it dissolves so soon!!!
And today again a 100 … and that’s my 100th blogpost!!! Yes I hit a century… (CLAP CLAP CLAP), I am lifting my keyboard up! And looking at heavens (Actually thanking god for not making my readers hunt and kill me!!! Thanks to internet no one knows where you live !!!)

Ahhhhhhhh so here I did my 100th post… Now its time to retrospect and tell you all why I really started this blog after all…
I must speak the truth so please be considerate…  it was in 2007 I had to break up with boy of my dreams, yes you read it right “I” had to break up. But it was such a naïve and tender age that I still wanted him to know what I am upto… even after removing him from my every possible contacts, the only indirect way I had was to post about things happening around me I know it may sound like total stupidity but trust me I started this blog “Chittrana”( which means snapshot of my life), for this very reason.
So I started posting every single thing around me every small thing which showed that I am really happy and nothing has changed my life. Now I know that the very reason I started this blog failed long back, no one was interested to know how I lived post breakup. But then, Miracle happened
I started posting and reading, I gradually was engulfed by this huge blogger world. I met so many wonderful people. My first 2-3 yrs I had very very few readers not that now I have huge fan following but at least I now know people are waiting for me to post. So this is the biggest achievement of my life I can proudly call it so!
Thanks for my silly breakup reason for which I dared to start something on this blogger world.

Vote of Thanks!
And now it is the Chittrana what you see… And trust me for what it is today you are the very reason of it… I would have long stopped this as I gradually matured with age but you my readers kept me encouraging and wanted me to do better with every post of mine. I just cant stop thanking you all for you all made my presence on blogger really strong and I have felt you all around me…

Hubs I love you had you not come into my life I would never know how beautiful my life is so I must thank you first for accepting and encouraging everything I do. Sahana Rao, thanksss tons you gave me my first award, I hardly knew I had a reader who would want to award me. Prashant you were there to read my post much before I got a single comment on my post :D thanks a ton buddy. Sujatha Hugs to you buddy, you are just a bit senior version of me :D thanks for reading my post no matter what I put in them!!! And few dear people who's comment I wait for.. Ranju, Nayva, Kavya, Jenny, Rahul Sir, Ashwini, Shreeshum, Gautam, many many more...

And my every other reader and my 46 followers, Thanks I never imagined I will be followed ;)
Hoping to write more and more until I have people like you around me…
Let me tell you all a little secret, Anything happens happens for good... Life was\is\will be beautiful
So thank you one and all… This is Chittrana of my Blog Chittrana….

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I was challenged...

Hello Hello,
This post is for that Anonymous blogger friend who wrote me a very good appreciation mail and also challenged me to write something which I haven’t attempted before. The challenge was to write something which will have last few lines of the song TRUST by Megadeth
So friend here you go! Hope I have done justice to your challenge. And all my blogger friends please bear me if I am not good at this!!!


She: Please come in feel free
He: It’s a nice place, cozy very silent and far far away from the crowd I like it!

She: I will get you a cup of tea, and there you will find news papers on study table
He: Thanks, Tea really helps in this weather.

She: How would u like your tea? with or without milk?
He:  As you please, I like to try.

She: ok give me a minute.
He: Ah whats with your city? A serial killer on prowl?

She: Maniacs everywhere not sure whom to trust.
He: Oh its raining heavily.

She: I guess you can’t leave this place for an hour atleast
He: oh! Fine lets play some game

She: Something really interesting….
He: why don’t we start deducing the Serial killer’s strategies?

She: Sounds interesting, let’s think like killer and find out how killer lures his prey!
He: bingo let’s start, have your tea
He: Well I am very sure its Man, probably a handsome one like me

She: oh come on you look too innocent for that. I accept killer is man for his majority preys are young beautiful women but maybe he is middle aged
He: Yes for the very reason I will consider him of my age as it becomes pretty simple to lure women!

She: then it doesn’t explain Killings of Men!!!
He: Oh come on! Those were the ones who got to know about him!

She: Possible! Luring women would take time but these killings have become frequent
He: Ah! Its Serial killing and Parallel hunting. he keeps looking out for his prey. Probably he is regular jogger like me

She: Awww true that’s makes it pretty simple for him to observe more people at park!
He: Yes he must be a regular guy at park as he can see pretty women meet and talk to them just like I met you.

She: But what confuses me here is his intention and what does he want from his prey?
He: What’s confusing in it?

She: See, the victims were not tortured; there were no signs of trouble or rape!!! It was just death
He: Oh its ecstasy to see natures wonder “Death” he just likes to see how people die

She: oh God! You are too much into his role (Laughs) In that case how did he kill them all?
He: Good Question, maybe he poisoned them?  Simple take this situation! You offered me tea, dropping a pill of poison into your cup wouldn’t be difficult isn’t it?

She: oh my god you scared me! Hmmm possible, (looks around) I guess its not raining anymore… would you like to stay longer…
He: No I am done!
Both get up!

Thud!!! A sudden fall, acute shortage of air, sting in brain and everything goes blur.

She stares at his handsome body lying down. She laughs aloud and screams “You were very close darling but alas you did the same mistake!!!! TRUST”
She sits besides his handsome body humming ...

How could this be happening to me
I’m lying when I say, ’trust me’
I can’t believe this is true
Trust hurts
Why does trust equal suffering
absolutely nothing we trust