Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I have made my New Year resolution, have you?

Hello Everyone,

How have you all been???
Did you all rejoice your Christmas? How many plum cakes did you Bake and Hog?
Christmas is just over and the time now is to welcome the all new 2014...

And as per my blog custom, here I am posting my new year post and this time luckily I got a chance to make that post in my friend Shravan's blog as a guest. A very interesting young boy that he is, has varied genre of posts in his blog so join me in knowing my new year resolution at Sharvan's blog here....

Shravan RN's (

Happy New Year all of you... And I curious to know your resolution... :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

13 going on 30

Was hugged by tons of friends, was wished by many, still cut a cake, held soft little toys, jumped all day around in happiness and surprisingly my 30th birthday world seemed to be celebrating with me. 

Today the 1st day in my 30s I sit back and think why is that the number 30 so dreadful for every women? Why we are so stressed and are worried to accept that we are turning 30?  I have no answers though…

Yes having been celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday, I feel so very happy to have lived for 30 years there are many who don’t get to celebrate this day, not that I have done something great but the fact that I lived and I am now 30yrs experienced in life gives me immense pleasure. And I don’t miss anything, neither the careless fun of teens nor the beautiful 20s nope not at all I just love the fact that every age has its own perks. I am now all set and decked up to explore the journey called “life” ahead. 
 Thats my cake...
Just as I winked at my hubby and blew the candles making a wish of not to pin my age with the facts of being termed old, whole bunch of friends sang the birthday jingle this just refueled my excitement and turned me 13 again! And by the way surprisingly every other friend had only one thing to say and that was “Just don’t do the thing that you haven’t done from your 13th age, and that’s growing up” 
For all I know very little of myself, I am sure nothing is going to change. I will surely play pranks on friends, will be enthusiastic, will have undying curiosity in everything and of course will love boundless.  

So here goes my birthday post and now I am waiting for you all to wish me … Hello I like gifts too ;)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beautiful flight of little angels....

Holding their tender hands, I walked on the grassy meadows. Million stories, countless pranks, infinite dreams, unfold as we walked hand in hand.  It seems bit of mystifying when I turn back to see that it is been more than 25yrs holding those hands, eventually those hands grew they got wisdom as well but  the grip has constantly become tighter and the bond has grown stronger. They are my sisters, my little angels whom I admit to be the only souls have come along with me this far. All the sweet laughter, all the naughty cries, all those cranky pranky childhood lingers sweetly in my mind to resonate the fact that my life has been wonderful and I am blessed to be loved by angels. 

And today a nostalgic morning shook me and woke me up from this dream and made me realize it’s time to let go and to see them make that wonderful flight. Yes it’s beautiful to see my angels fly high, it feels good to see them leave my hands to hold the hands of love of their life, but somewhere deep down inside a possessive big sister finds it difficult to let go. I am sure it’s just not me everybody at this moment reading this post remembers that prick of letting go their siblings. 

A gush of memories of those good times, beautiful smiles, tears of joy, moments of glory, warmth of hug, and all these years spent with my little angels is like a wonderful music which is now making me sway to the tunes of life. And with little abstinence I am now ready to see that flight as they become beautiful brides of worthy Prince charms. I know that the bond still continues and the fun times will be 100 folds but this little crib is only to portray the bond between siblings. I am sure everybody can relate to this melancholy of mine. I am not surprised if your eyes are moist remembering your darling sisters or daughters bid bye to start their new life.  

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. For having 3 beautiful gift here I am thanking the unseen heaven for sending such beautiful angels in my life, yet again blowing a kiss, hugging them tight, I wish my angels all the best for their beautiful beginning.

P.S: This post is made to wish my cousin Navya and my sister Ranjana on their wedding in the month of November. ;) And also to tell you all that what is keeping me busy!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Life is like riding a bicycle


With this Thank you note it surely does not mean that I am gone, you will definitely find me around the corner.
My career started with this team and until now it has given me best of best experiences, learning and great friends in last 5 yrs. And you have been part of all my best moments here. Thank you for all your encouragement.
I believe life is like riding a bicycle so to keep my balance I must keep moving,
And so here I am moving ahead to a new profile starting from 15th OCT.
Not sure about my future there but definitely this past has been amazing in every aspect because of you.
Thanks again for being there and please feel free to reach out to me if you think I can help in any regard.
Be the same if I knock the doors again! -Ramya

Now it is a small professional change that I am going through where in nothing changes other than the team I am working for but even after this the emotional mayhem which I went through to say bye to my old teammates was strong enough to get me in tears. I was not sure whether its sadness of not seeing the regular faces again or the fear of new people with whom I will have to build my rapport is stinging me, but the pain did exist.

All these got me into thinking that how easily we take these professional relationships, we just think we see them every morning and forget them the moment we go home but the most important fact which we tend to forget is that these people make the significant share of our 24hrs. Accept it or not once out of Graduation, most of our joyous moment, Victories, friendships, fun and learning are with these people with whom we don’t have any connection other than professional. How funny the way of life!!!

So over the last few hours in my old cubicle, Life seems so blessed for having met so many wonderful people and for having spent some of the best times here. And riding on this bicycle called “Life”, moving ahead is inevitable to maintain balance. So there I smiled and bid my good bye to the old familiar faces.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Beautiful Life...


Glimpses of imaginary friends and cute pets,
Bold little pranks of naughty childhood.

Smiles of first crush and warmth of dear friend,
Wild crazy passion of lovely teenage

Indulgence in Success and sailing through failures,
Beautiful hardship and struggles of middle age

Memories of life that passed uncertainly,
Imperfections of the age which smiles between wrinkles

My Friend, if you live through these miracles of life.
Trust me! You don’t have to do wonder, mere existence is magical

Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly…but merely to be LIVED,
Boldly, Wildly, Beautifully, Uncertainly, Imperfectly, magically LIVED

P.S : This is 160th post on my blog, and thanks Rahul sir for suggesting a very good name for this post.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

A walk in the magical street

One way traffic flowing nonstop, candy shops, eat outs, Hotels, shopping outlets on either side, A Street which seemed mostly like any other street turns to an entirely different world as moon rises up in the sky. As the first firework is lit up in the sky, Bangla Street awakens to create one more magical night and that's when Patong's liveliest party zone is closed to traffic and ready for action!

After exploring Phuket’s must see places, adventuring in amazing sea, diving in phang nga there I was  standing in Bangla Street to start my one more of must do activities in Phuket and that was “A walk in the Bangla street”. This Street is the most happening and one stop for exploring Night life in Phuket, it caters to different kind of people, tourists interested in partying, dancing, drinking, Massage indulgence, and the most famous very affordable one night stands. It’s a spectacular display of colors, Attractive women dancing around the pole, such crazy attractions drawing thousands of enthused visitors from around the world each evening.

I am kind of nut who has no control when it comes to the matter of exploring new things in new place, After all you may never visit the same place again and so see everything that’s possible is my mantra. Totally non conservative that I am, dragged my husband to this magical street during our Thai trip. As we started walking from one end of the street to another first thing that I noticed was that we were the only couple and not so surprisingly only Indian couple, People came here in large groups especially men who are cut loose and many pretty women who are fun mongers. 

All around me were Bars tending thirsty tourists, loud music, Beautiful bewitching women, Big Beer mugs, Hefty Bouncers and herds of tourists on this street. One stop for quenching every sort of human thirst seemed to be this street. Having said all these if only you want to see beyond those various colors, smiles, and fleshes dancing in that red light street then take a diversion from main Bangla Street to the side roads on this street. 

As we took the street behind these Bars and Night Clubs, the visuals I saw there remain stronger in my memory than what I saw on colorful Bangla Street. I have no words to put across the thoughts that flooded in my mind when I saw women dressed in bikinis praying in front of their holy idols, some women taking medicines, some helping others to get dressed, some putting their baby in to the cradle, some massaging other women to help them get over their exhaustion, these were the women who danced elegantly, naughtily attracting many tourists, eventually being sold for the night and whom most of us failed to notice as human beings. As we reached end of this street bitchy smile, flashy bikinis, naughty spanks had turned to compassion, love, need and humanity.

A walk in the magical street was actually an emotional roller coaster ride…