Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Monday, April 18, 2011

WTF Award!!!

Helloooo WTF here in the title means “What’s the Fun?” Please don’t consider it to be any other (in)famous expansion of WTF. Ok now let me set the contex(s)t, here you go.

Friends, over a day’s period there are incidents which are competing for this WTF Award in my life. So I need your help to find out which one of these really deserves The Prestigious WTF Award. So here I present you the nominations for this award.

Incident 1:
I went to bed early after an argument with hubs. As I am about to sleep I could see hubs entering the room, I was so happy over my victory because he is here finally to peck a Good night kiss and patch up for the arguments we had. Wow I could see hubs coming close by and he lifts his hand I am still acting as though I am asleep but what did I see he just switched off the internet power and sleeps peacefully!!!-WTF!

Incident 2:
I get up in the morning to find out that the Drainage to the right of my Home is blocked and water in bathroom doesn’t drain and to add to this Geyser has a leak!!!
And I have 2 Bathrooms, Bathroom A has geyser functioning but cant take bath, Bathroom B I can take bath but Geyser doesn’t work, I end up carrying hot water from Bathroom A to B, Only few things which were missing in the scene were a 5/- Counter and queue waiting to get in to Bathroom!!! – WTF!

Incident 3:
I am out to office got in to my car and hit the road. I see this Honda Civic which is flashing its glamour and blocking the road, I started to chase and finally over took this long, fancy car in my little car and was feeling damn proud about it I could hear applauses as well! After this I encountered a traffic signal and the light goes RED – YELLOW – GREEN But I am not able to move a big truck in front of my car is not going anywhere. I only then realized its broken down and then I had to wait for 15 min more to take reverse in that Jam packed traffic to wait for another RED – YELLOW – GREEN totally wasting 25 min in the same road. Oh did I miss some thing !!! oh yes The same Honda Civic had crossed the signal 15 min before I did!!! – WTF!

Incident 4:
I get into office prepared well for the audit which was due in some time I had wonderfully mugged all the jargons to impress the Auditor and was sure that I am going to be praised for this, Audit began Auditor went across every details of other sections, it was time for my section to come up he announces that he is very happy to see all these and no need of any other details, Wow I had banged my head to remember all the meaningless Jargons and here he tells this!!! –WTF

Incident 5:
Finally I meet my dear colleagues over lunch, I was about to pour out my agonies of the day, before which my dear buddy puts forth this question “Ramya, Do you believe in Destiny”! What do you think I answered for this??? – WTF


Thursday, April 7, 2011

I left many rain drops untouched

Drenched in heavy monsoon rain,
Danced to the rhythm of water droplets,
But When I remember that I still think,
I left many rain drops untouched.

Walked in the morning mist, touched those tender flower
Listened to many stories sitting around fire place,
But When I remember that I still think,
I left many rain drops untouched.

Was in your caring arms, got so much of your love
Treasured every moment with you
But When I remember that I still think,
I left many rain drops untouched.

Moved away from those days,
Left everything behind those windows which I only stare
But When I remember that I still think,
I left many rain drops untouched.