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Friday, March 2, 2012

That’s it I am out of the class…

Today felt like sharing with you same old my favorite memories, The time when Mannerism, Self Respect, Shame, etc etc were just in books and at max I had to by heart the spellings of these words and least bother to know the meaning, forget implementing them. Yes memories of my school days.

For people who know me now either personally or via blogs, let me tell you I was 100 times more talkative then compared to what I am and also 100 times more active and full of josh compared to what I am now, Yes I am now most improved and toned down version! (Ha-ha I guess People who know me personally now are in shock imagining my childhood). So obviously I was more out of class than I was in the class, hey wait I was inside also sometimes… of course what other option did teacher have if it was raining heavily so in such times inside class kneeling down!

Hmmm so now you are asking me why I was like that!!! Actually even I am not sure, but anyways will tell you what used to happen. Hope at least you will know that there was no mistake of mine!

  1. There used to be lot many serious topics like, which color pencil, erasers others have! What new chocolate we ate etc etc for a great discussion during class hours, hardly I could wait for that stupid break to burst it out to the person sitting beside me and then the discussion continues endlessly!!! That’s it, I am out of the class.
  2. Never used to do Homework, are you asking me whether your parents did not assist on doing? Oh sure they would get done from me all the homework listed in my Assignment dairy. Clever me, Never used to list the homework for the day in Assignment dairy itself!!! That’s it, I am out of the class.
  3. Like poles repel, I used to hate girls in my class so always engaged playing games with boys and one such famous game during class hours was Leg fight! Oh pls don’t ask me what it was, it takes another blog for me to explain the severity and rules of that game, Arrghh ok one day while playing that game my shoe swung and hit a delicate darling sitting next to us and she with all tears in her eyes complained and teacher on discovering this game in class!!! That’s it, I am out of the class.
  4. Squint eyed lecturer if he says “I  love you” to his wife in front of his sis in law, his SIL would slap and if he says “Oh you are like my sister” his wife would slap, told this imagination to a friend sitting beside me, in the same lecturers class. She bursts out laughing and she also told the reason for laughing and the author behind the joke!!! That’s it, I am out of the class
  5. Teacher strictly told us, If you are not studying well you will never be an Engineer or doctor. I just assured a friend who was really worried about her career that not to worry we will be teachers for sure!!! That’s it, I am out of the class
  6. Teacher scolded me real bad for scoring 9 on 25 and warned me strictly that consequences will be really serious if I repeat it, I was very happy next month cause I dint repeat it, I had scored 8 on 25 !!! That’s it, I am out of the class
  7. Our Dear Language teacher VVA Sir, Asked me to give an example of some phrases “Vanadinda Vanarana Agamana” (Meaning Monkey’s arrival from Forest) I guess it sounded like expansion of his abbreviated name, Answer was correct but entire class laughed!!! That’s it, I am out of the class
My father till date wonders whether he paid fees for my school or school compound cause I was found there more than in classes!!!
Now tell me were these my mistake??? ;)


Vyshali said...

Fantastic :D
Definitely there is no mistake from your end.....;-)

Vyshali said...

Definitely there is no mistake at all from your end....;-)

Ramya said...

@Vyshali: :) Thanks thanks for confirming it twice ;)

santhu said...

:) :)

Ramya said...

@Santhu :D

Dheeraj said...

ur mistakes ?
not at all!!!!
who says so?
u were enrolled in the school for the premises !!!!

Ramya said...

@Dheeraj: :) hahahah rightly said hope my father realizes it atleast now !!!

Gautam said...

“Vanadinda Vanarana Agamana” Hehe maybe VVA sir too saw more of the compound than the class in his younger days :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

hahaa yeshtu naughty idri neevu!!!

leg fight - :DD

i also used to always get punished adrey last benchinda first benchge, out of class alla. you are my guru :)

chits passing madtha irlilva?

all the pranks - super and i feel event your classmates might remember u as "yaav Ramya, oh one who was always out of class?"

hilarious post

(pls remove the captcha - word verification for comments)

Ramya said...

@Gautam: papa ;) Why him! lol

@Sujatha: Awesome :D chit passing, Chalkpiece throwing so many games :)so much fun :D

Yes ri tumba tumba naughty I was :D yes my friend remember me exactly like the way u have told ;)

Nivedita said...

Mistakes?? and you??? i think your teachers didnt understand the humour... papa you had to suffer them...