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Monday, May 6, 2013

Tell me why???

Roads are laid very neatly and beautifully, there are no dirt littered around on the roads, Streets are just not well lit but are overly lit by colorful lights as well, no power cuts, all the sewage system properly maintained, Water supply 24hrs and Public transport running all around the city right on time, all these and more not in any other developed country or its not my imagination of Rama Rajya, but it’s hard to believe when I say it’s in namma Bengaluru in my very own country India…I see many eyes wide opened in disbelief !!!

Yes, it was exactly this scenario when there was just a week for Elections here! By which I mean just before a week and all those 5 years the roads were full of pot holes, dirt littered, with no street light, power fluctuations, problems for basic facility etc and etc.  But just as the election approaches, the ruling party or member of that particular ward is all awake and starts all these activities and more. And for this they claim that he or she has been doing all these and more over last few years and so they should be elected again. Whereas all those years, we dumb citizen see them alone progressing but nothing else.
Now you all learned people tell me why should I vote?
  1.  To see progress of elected people from car to caaaaars, home to Bungalow, belly to Pot Belly, and gold accessories to Gold mines!
  2.  No matter who comes in power, I still have to bribe for my rights!
  3.  I am still scared to walk in the night alone, forget night even in day light one has to think twice to step out.
  4.  I mostly end up with slip disc or crack my spine because of those humps and poor quality roads which chip into potholes
  5.  I still have to walk in streets that smell of those unclean and poorly maintained Waste bins, oops sorry some places don’t even have those, both streets and dustbins!!!
  6.  I still see people not having basic facilities, bribed for voting, literacy rate with no improvement and where as the crime rate increasing exponentially.

For these reason if I forcefully try to forget that I should be voting, I am reminded by every other Movie Star, KMF by printing on milk covers and lot many NGOs, to vote and in some cases many or threatened to vote. There is no one to answer these questions but every other celebrity posses in their best with a statement saying “Voting is your right” “Be an Indian cast your vote”!!!! So when the sewage is blocked in my locality do I ask these Stars to clean it up?
Such frustrations were spurting like hot lava in me, as I stood in the hot sun waiting for my turn to prove that I am an Indian. But I am still waiting for an answer; tell me why should I vote? Tell me why?


Rahul Bhatia said...

Good Questions are those which do not have ready answers or answers at the end as you just mentioned when the roads get repaired at fag end of term of ruling party:)

navya said...

This is the reason I boycotted my voting right this time

Karunakar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karunakar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karunakar said...

I have not put my vote till date, trust me not even a single time. I use to scold within myself these ruling parties for not improving the infrastructure, use to scold them for providing approval to illegal constructions and land conversions, use to scold them for all intolerable activities. But I have stopped this as I do not have rights to scold them because I don't vote. I know voting is our right, but only voting is our right. After which it is their rights to do anything and everything that they want. I have never seen our ward corporator visiting streets in our area at least once. The least he can do is this, whether he resolves the issue or not is secondary. Water supply is now become a big mafia in Bangalore. I can see at least 4-5 building construction violations in my street, imagine how many it can be in Bangalore, in this Karnataka and in this whole India.

Anyways, the list goes on and on in our country. They do not have time to think of how to make money in all the possible ways, how can they rule our country.
Whatever is happening is all basic amenities, nothing special or unique is seen in our country.

Hmm...Sorry I wrote one more bolg in your blog.
Your question goes nowhere as it is not valid.

Jenny said...

Ramya, just yesterday I came back from manglore. We drove like a maniac from Pune to manglore which is like 900kms. The toll moved from rs75 in Maharashtra to Rs 15 in Karnataka. There are flyovers over all villages in Karnataka along the NH4 and none in Maharashtra. Roads are amazingly more better in Karnataka than in Maharashtra.

On the whole if I had to vote, my vote goes to BJP. Because if given a choice, I would today prefer to live in Karnataka than in MH, and that is only because of the current ruling govn. I know they are not good, but you should live in MH(congress in power) to really appreciate the BJP.

I know all this after my discussion with CK. Good roads and lights are basic amenties, but we relish it because it is so not basic in MH!

Found In Folsom said...

I understand your frustration, Ramya. You pay the taxes, work day in day out and nothing improves. It boils our blood to see all amenities in function just before elections...yet, as each drop counts..each vote may..glad you did your part.

Unknown said...

Accrdng to article 49-0 u have a option for negative voting or u can ask for form 17 in the electoral booth giving ur views about why ur not voting.

If the no. Of negative votes is increasingly more compared to the candidate who had won the election, again the election commission will remove all the candidates of the respective constituency and gives a list of fresh candidates so that u can re-vote and enjoy ur rights.

Anna hazare is fighting for a preamble rights in the constitution, RIGHT TO RE-CALL if the order passes u will b having the right to pull back the candidate from their respective seat when u feel their works are not progressive.

Ramya said...

@Rahul sir: Right when there is no answer then that should be termed as good question and left at that :D lol

@Navya: Right I know!

Ramya said...

@Karunakar: Very happy that you have put across your thoughts in great details. Right, there are so manythings which are unanswered and so many questions unheard. And we aam janta who are educated understand its our right to vote and we try to judge before voting but the result hugely depends on the section which just takes money and votes blindly. In such a situation what is the use my 1 vote! is my question!

Unknown said...

@karunakar: sir I can understand ur pain, but still u have an option for filing a case under public interest litigation against the respective officer and building owner... but u shld b ready to face the risks in it.

Ramya said...

@Jen: Hey Very happy to see you back at Chittrana, welcome again here :D

Yes Jen I should accept I havent seen\been much out of karnataka, as most of my life till now I have been living here and its always better to ask the person here to know more inner facts isnt it? I am only telling we had lot of hopes last time when BJP came into ruling after a long long time in karnarata, we had history of only congress and JDS but then what did our ministers do for the rare possible chance they got? they did scams after scams not telling that they havent done any improvement but then even 10% of that scam was utilized for progress, karnataka would have gone far beyond.

And regarding the unity with in party how shameful even before you tell somebody is our chief minister by evening he would have been changed such is the display of unity!!!

For this given chance they should have secured their respect atleast forget making any difference at some point we started feeling that scams will be legalized in karnataka

All the educated sector have now reached the state saying no matter which party comes to power its only scam that will be done here!!!
So this is my frustration!!!

Ramya said...

@FIF: hey, rightly said every vote matters and so I vote, I dont voilate one thing as I want to be a good citizen, This is the least I can do...

But seeing all our efforts going in vane boils our blood :)

Nandan M.J said...

Everyone one of us would have got the similar thoughts but we are living in a democratic system only way we could attempt to choose a right person or party through voting I agree it might not resolve all our problems drastically having said that if each one of us think what is the use of my one vote ? then rather it will worsen the situation will not solve our problem and another fact is major section in our society daily has to work and earn their food and basic amenities we can't expect much responsibility from them.It's the time for us younger generation of India create awareness and take responsibility if we really want to see the change.

Ramya said...

@Unknown: Very thankful for analyzing the post and providing such a detailed approach to the topic.

Do you know my frustration, we educated sector knows there are these rules there is possibility of things like this, I did my voting and walk back home I see so many people being bribed and the Symbols were shown and asked to vote for only that.
Many people in my locality are so innocent or still not very educated that they think election or voting means BJP or congress or etc. They dont even know its not one particular party there are other choices. So when my fate it decided by such votes dont you think my pain is valid.

I will wait to see such a revolution to happen for which great people like anna are fighting.

But till then I will strictly vote and wait for things to change.

Ramya said...

@Nandan: my reply to Unknown would have answered you questions and points as well right :D?
Thanks for dropping by.

Karunakar said...

@Unknown, Sir my point is that why is our govt giving permission for such illegal constructions at first? If this is stopped, there is no need to fight for RTI.

Jenny said...

Hey Ramya, sorry have been away for sooo long..
Couldnt agree more with your frustation. But the state in MH is deplorable. And even though the BJP in karantaka gov has not done wonders, but they have atleast kept the road better and toll low and there is drought problems like in MH.

As I said, every gov is corrupt, but given a choice I would like to go for a slightly less corrupt one and in that case it would be BJP.

And yes, CK and I were disucssing the other day, its so funny, that we become so happy and glad when we get JUST BASIC AMENTIES. I mean just see how low are expectations are.

On the other hand, your post and the questions are totally revelant. Why settle for less.

Unknown said...

@Ramya: why do u want to wait for a revolution when all the power is within ourselves, v know that faults are going on but still v keep quiet n later show our frustration.

I did some homework before voting, I made some pamplets in which all the information about -ve voting was illustrated n i took the steps to spread the information to all my locality ppl by attaching it in the newspaper....

My name is kumar swamy.L belonging to bommanahalli constituency, jaraganahalli Ward....

Hope so my friend next time u vil take some efforts to bring a change in the minds of the ppl rather than getting anger on the system.

To sustain a democratic government every individual has to vote but let's vote for an eligible candidate. Later v have to b back of the candidate to check out the quality of work n get the information about ur constituency developments through RTI.

In case if u find any scam u can sue on the respective persons later others will follow u when they find the same.... .

Unknown said...

@karunakar : Sir, the main fault is within ourselves. U r well aware of an illegal construction but u didnt step forward to sue/complain to higher officials. If 1 or 2 things like this becomes very serious issues later the engineers will think twice before granting permissions...

There was an 3.5 acres of government land Which was illegally occupied by the local ppl in my locality later my father took initiative in filing a case and after 10 years of great struggle my dad was successful in getting back the land to government. Now government has been planning for a hospital/ library/park, But not yet finalised.

Ramya said...

@Kumar Swamy L: Even I belong to the same place, nice knowing you on my blogspot.

But Sir My only question is why every citizen should be leader? why do u think its only us who has to raise voice who has to fight...???? why cant they follow the basic rules and responsibilities of the role they have been elected for?

I still can firmly say I wont raise a revolution but I want things to work. I have done my job as a citizen of India by voting then I am at no fault and I pay taxes follow rules without no one forcing me.
Then whey the hell these politicians or any responsible people cant abide to it and follow it???

According to you everybody should fight everybody should do revolution everybody should raise their voice!!! But why? is my question, when the whole system was designed to work smoothly without such complication then why is it at fault today...

See after so many years of independence if we are to be still educated about the basic details of voting then see where the democracy is heading to!!!

And I dont take if anyone says me not to complain! I will complain and I have all the rights to complain! via any media like this!
And I am convinced that not everybody should be a leader or start revolution!!!

Viyoma said...

Put it this way - what do you achieve by not Voting. Just saving a Declared Holiday - for Self Entertainment.

Each Vote Counts. Apathy of the Situation is - the Options available for us to Choose - are not the Ones we seek. It is probably for this Reason - why Right to Reject should get Implemented.

Unknown said...

@ramya: Anyways all our discussions come to an end. My vote has been a good weightage in selecting a very good candidate Mr.SATISH REDDY leading with 24, 000 votes.

My friend u r just seeing basic amenities like Road and Street lights. But lot of illegal activities, Road robberies, crime rates have come down in satish reddy period...

Ive been nocturnal, n I come late night to my home... I see all the ladies near my locality walking around in a secured way. Street fights have been reduced to a drastic rate.

He has helped lot of handicaps and been donating lakhs of rupees for religious programmes, even though I have occurred lot of problem in sanitary just a phone call or a visit to office has been solved immediately.

He has been donating books to students, he had taken initiative to clear illegal lands, lakes and playing grounds. A well known criminal is sent out of the States who belongs to our locality, many of the shopkeepers were threatened to give money, Our area is peaceful from past 5 years.


Nuthan said...

ufff!! sensible post and heated comments.
One thing that is coming out from the comments are.. all of us who are commenting are having the right orientation.. at-least there is no ignorance or arrogance. and in fact gaining better insight into stopping this menace.
Guess we should anyway vote but also try and spread the word about
negative voting..guess many don't know. thanks to anonymous.
And also whenever opportunity arises to mend the system or raise alarm.. be it big or small we should step-in. All-Hands approach.

Binu Thomas said...

So did you vote Ramya? And now that Congress won single-handedly, will it be any different? I strongly wonder yaar. The thing is, all the points you have mentioned are the same problems we face here in Mumbai. No change whatsoever!

Badarinath Palavalli said...

I really support your voice. The question raised here are timely.

KK said...

People's memory is short lived, and the politicians make full use of that.

With the coming of technology, I think it would be better if some kind of online mobile voting could take place every week. But of course, it will take at least another 100 years, and by the time we will be having another set of problems.

Prashanth said...

I don't know my reply answers your question, but the way I look at it is...all the politicians are corrupt or atleast majority of them. They win elections so that they can make some money and property for themselves. So we need to vote for the person who is less corrupt and who has done some good work in your respective area. This is much better than voting a person who is more corrupt and doesn't do any work. So this is the basis for my voting and on this basis I feel everyone should vote unless there is candidate who is clean and doesn't take any bribe and totally works for the development of his area. So, choose the less worst candidate, vote for him and hope for the best...:)

Neelakantan Tn said...

We, those who keep lamenting over our owes, mostly belong to the burgeoning middle class and are the most ignored by those seeking power, because they know mostly we don't vote and we keep complaining all the time. They bother about those who vote for a small fee or for some freebie announced, may be, once in five years. They bother about people who remember their caste, community or religion. Now if you talk more through FB or other social sites, they start hounding you with arrest warrants. So we shall continue our profession of lamenting unrelentingly. Thanks for your lamenting.
T N Neelakantan