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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prayers unanswered...

For sure all of us will have a list of prayers unanswered isn’t it? Here is my list which is pending from last 20yrs!
  1. I always had a very short hair most of the times I was mistaken to be a boy kid and so my every night prayer was requesting god to give me long hair over night which I can braid beautifully in the next morning.  Oh yes it did grow an inch after several weeks and then it was given in the hands of the barber down the street who my dad considered the best hair stylist in the whole world to cut it mercilessly , … Phew all those crying
  2. Prayed so many nights that the next morning there should be school holiday and the notice should be like ‘School is closed for 1year’.  A variation of this prayer was expecting summer holidays in the month of December.
  3. When I was 4, I was too curious to taste coffee obviously I was too bored of those health drinks like Horlicks and Complan. When asked for coffee, I had got a very convincing explanation from Amma saying only elderly people who sport mustache drink coffee, so almost every day I prayed for Mustache!!!
  4. I always prayed god to turn my younger sister into a little kitten, because I always wanted cat as my sibling and Amma by mistake delivered my sister!!! And every morning I peeped into the cradle to see if my prayer was answered until one day I was caught by Appa and got nice beatings for waking up my sister.
  5. My very serious prayer was requesting god to send my look alike to my home, remember those 80s movie where hero’s look alike suddenly comes home!!! And so I wished for one such entry in my life too, so that I could use her as my body double when Appa showered his beatings on me!
  6. I prayed god that I should be kidnapped on June 1st as that’s the only way I can miss the school and not be blamed as well, I prayed this for almost 4 years not once it was answered !!!
These are very few which I can remember now and I am sure you all will also have such unanswered prayers. Please… please share it with me :D so that I feel better that I am not the only one who is been neglected by dear god for so many years ….


Zim said...

I think God always answers for prayers... But sometimes His answers is: "NOT".
As Christian, I believe also that some things will be available in New Earth with New Heaven. For example, we all will have new bodies, without diseases.
Greetings for You from Poland.

Rahul Bhatia said...

I am sure when you look back you would have felt happy that most of your wishes remained unanswered including the one of getting kidnapped on my birthday:)

Rupertt Wind said...

such cute prayers :), I for one am glad that god did not turn your sister into a kitten, I cant imagine what your mom and dad would say if they figured out the reason they have a kitten for a daughter is you:)

Ramya said...

Zim: Thanks a lot for nice greetings :D this post is a light note post :D nothing serious intended

@Rahul sir: June 1st is your birthday??? oh god do u even know every kid hates that day :D cause its school reopen day after a nice long summer vacation!!! :d thanks a lot for dropping by :D

@Rupertt: hahaha yeah :D no one would know that my prayers was the reason behind the little cute kitten in the cradle :D
Thanks a lot for dropping by :D

Komal Bhandary said...

VEry cute post..of clear heart and innocence of a child..i loved it a lot..and am glad your unanswered prayers remain so..
imagine growing a mustache on you..LOL

Found In Folsom said...

LOL....May your wishes be granted in next birth...hehehe...I don't know if you remember my poem..I wish..but these are all day to day wishes though ...:P

Saru Singhal said...

LOL, you seriously didn't like school. I always prayed about earthquake, flood, no one should be hurt but school building should collapse. BTW, how did your sister react on kitten confession. :)

Ramya said...

@Komal: hahaha :D yeah god knows which prayers to be answered :) thanksfully. Thanks for dropping by.

@FIF: is it ;) then I should be born again :D. I do and I have commented on your Poem "I wish" its so much like this :D so two brains think alike :D

Ramya said...

@Saru: pssst she hasnt read this post yet :D but then ;) once she grew up and started pouncing on me and fight with m1, I realized thank god she is not kitten!!!! :D
Thanks a lot for dropping by :D happy to have you here :D

Himadri Singha said...

It's nice you remembered your kid-time prayers :). For me, most of them are faded. Faintly I cud remember some like becoming a pilot(which i used to think while seeing jetplane from the courtyard),owning my own TV (while parents barred me from watching cartoon show etc..). Your post made me to introspect. Brought a smile:)

Ramya said...

@Himadri Singha: hey thanks a lot for following :D. Yeah I have strong memory in all these things I can even faintly remember the dress colors I patterns I had :D
Yeah those innocence will never be forgotten isnt it :D

Prashanth said...

I guess the school thing would be the common for most of them, especially during exam time...;) this post made me to go back to my old memories...:) Not able to remembering anything specific. But one thing that's still there was being a cricketer, my friends used to call me Jonty Rhodes because of my great fielding skills..:) Now Life is pretty good..:)

Haddock said...

But frankly speaking.... aren't you happy that none of the prayers were answered.
But I was looking at that point No 2 with bewilderment. Who would want to miss school? For me each day in school was an adventure.

Z said...

Awww such a cute post.
I pray all the time--though I have to admit its about how my kids school does NOT close on a rainy day ;)

Ashwini C N said...

Ah, the innocence of Young Ramya, so beautifully conveyed. God was probably busy with granting my long list of wishes, DOn't worry I'll send him over to you soon :-D

Ramya said...

@Prashanth: hahaha happy that life is pretty good and yes these memories makes us laugh at ourselves isnt it :D.

@Haddock: I would I would I would :D I always prayed that there should be school which has only games as class periods :D I was lazy buddy :D I hated studying :D

@Z: hahaha yeah yeah I know when its not you the prayers are different :D

@Ashwini : hahhaa dear now may be not me if I get a kid, then it will need the god to listen to it thought like Z told :D then I will be praying for the opposite

Nuthan said...

Oh my goodness!!! all sorts of wild variations in your wishes... explains more about your nature, guess you weren't bounded by fear or reasoning while you were a kid. Bhaya ne illa antha gothaguthe : ) which is good; that moulds your character positively and helps forthcoming life.
Especially the 5th and 6th wish, my goodness!!
And coming to the question of sharing my wishes... am sure I had many...but one thing I always wished was to be that person who gets to be the center of attraction and getting all that limelight... be it in class room or be it in social circles. Somehow that was the strongest wish, which has happened a little bit but in quite surprising ways. And of course wanted badly and prayed a lot to get distinction but that never happened; I was always stuck with first class marks.

Binu Thomas said...

Loved the prayers Ramya! Are you wishing for them to be fulfilled now as well (like the look-alike one).. Hehe.. :D Can totally relate to the school related prayers!

Ellen said...

Ahh but your prayers strike the same chords with mine. :-) But there was this one special prayer when I was twelve.. asked God to let my mother live long because I wanted to take good care of her when I grew up .... spoil her with fine things - the way she spoiled me with so much love & affection. But God said no and instead took her Home. But I know it's a far better place and far better than what I could offer her. So it's okay. :-)

Thanks for sharing and the memories it brought back. Blessings!

Ramya said...

@Nuthan: thats a wonderful comment from your side thanks a lot you make my post more lively by analyzing them in such detail.

And coming to your childhood thought of being a center of attraction :D many or most of the kids want the world to revolve around them and these days it gets all that it asks for. But in our age it was quite a different story as you said we had to make effort to be Center of attraction. And yes this attitude is good becuase child later as it develops keeps excelling in everything it does so it can be noticed.
Good you enjoyed being apple of everybody's eyes

Ramya said...

@Binu: haha yeah not sure of like alike :D but surely I don't want the mush one to be true and also my sister into kitten no way :D she already paws me enough ;)

@Ellen: oh thats a very touching one Ellen and yes life is beautiful when u accept it as it is and you inspire me with such experiences.

Happy that this post brought back your memories :D