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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On a cold windy night...

It was a cold windy night, Reema barged into her apartment she was so much at peace at that very moment. She could just not believe that it was only few days that she was gone but then she had missed this place a lot already. There was a unique fragrance of this place which lingered around in this little apartment which was fondly named “Our Nest” by her twin sister Ruhi.  Well educated, beautiful and very well financially secured, life was fairy tale for these sisters.

Almost all of their friends and people around discussed about this very deep bonding these twins shared between them. Very friendly and outgoing attitude of these twins kept them close to all their friends and people around. Everybody knew when there would be fights, when they wanted to surprise each other when they really missed each other. Soon Reema and Ruhi were fond members of that apartment block.

It was night 12 when Reema came in this day cursing the maid for sleeping so deeply, she walks ahead and observes a faint yellow light in Ruhi’s room. It was this only nature that Reema and Ruhi were different in, Reema could never manage to get up early in the morning and Ruhi could never keep her eyes open after 10 in the night. But today Ruhi was still awake surprised to see Ruhi awake, Reema decides not to disturb her darling sister. Walking on her toes she slowly got into her room but hardly she could avoid the load creaking noise from her room’s door,  cursing herself for not getting it fixed at the right time she decides to hide in the closet for she was sure that Ruhi would come searching for her. Playing pranks and scaring her darling sister was always her favorite pass time.

On hearing this loud creak Ruhi started shivering and sweating profusely, part of her mind wanted to go check but the other part dint let her move from that corner where she was sitting from the day Reema had left. Pulling out the drip’s syringes from her hand Ruhi slowly walks towards Reema’s room. She knew nobody was there as Reema had left but still she missed her lot and she expected Reema to scare her.

There was the same loud creaking noise again and Reema hiding in the closet was sure that Ruhi was there and all of a sudden she jumps out of the closet expecting Ruhi to shout and curse he but then Ruhi silently stood there staring at her with no reaction cold as stone there was no hint of fear in her face Reema was shell shocked to see Ruhi in operation gown and syringes plugged into her tender arms.

Ruhi stood their silently did not utter a word but tears rolled down her eyes. Reema was shocked to see Ruhi like that she ran towards Ruhi to hug her but Ruhi just neglected and silently started walking back to her room. She could just no put the pieces together she had gone out on her onsite assignment few days back and everything was normal but now she is seeing Ruhi in such bad condition. She was hurt, she was worried, she was totally confused as why  didn't anyone try to inform Reema about Ruhi.

Getting back to her senses, she rushes to ruhi’s room opens the door and there she was again with no reaction staring outside the window and tears still rolling down from her eyes. Seeing this horrifying status of her sister who is everything to Reema lying like living dead on the bed. Reema sinks down, cries aloud holds her sister shouts at her sister asking what had happened why she wasn’t informed about all these.

Nevertheless Ruhi did not react a bit; she continued to stare at the dark night in silence. Reema cried, shouted and demanded again and again it made no difference to Ruhi, she sat there cold. Reema struggling to find out some details gets hold of an Orange file, flipping it open she lands on the case history sheet which mentions “Ruhi Pranav, Case of depression, repeated attempts to commit suicide”. Reema could just not believe her eyes, she reads and reads the entire file until the pages were filled with her tears, what could have happened? How would she figure it out? She decides to meet the neighbors first thing in the morning. Reema leaned across that wall and sobbed seeing her sister state. All she could remember was their last fight, she could just not imagine for such a lame reason Ruhi would take such an extreme step…That diwali evening…

 It was diwali evening, and all their neighbours were out of their apartment block gathering in common area to enjoy the firework. But Reema was busy packing for her onsite trip which she had to leave in sometime and Ruhi was completely against this. Though Ruhi did help her sister to pack for the trip she kept opposing and fought on every single opportunity she got. Reema could easily sense the inner meaning of all these and she too deeply missed her darling sister but taking this trip was very important to her. She was trying to convince but Ruhi was angry and told that she would not help her carry bagages, by then Reema gets a call from the cab driver and she requests him to come over to help carrying the luggage. It was then Reema had decided to play the prank. When she was all set to start, Reema coming out of her home forcefully locked up Ruhi inside using her keys leaving Ruhi behind and mocking Ruhi from the other side of the door. Ruhi kept begging for Reema to open the door and promises not to fight but to hug her before she leaves by then the cab driver comes to collect the luggage, on signaling him to start Reema turns to smile at her helpless sister and waves her hand.  She could remember Ruhi shouting at her and leaving to get her spare key

Reema is pulled back from her thought by a hysterical scream and she shivers at the sight of her sister's ghostly white face, Ruhi was screaming, crying shouting loud she couldn't understand what to do to console her. Ruhi dint seem like respecting any words of Reema, she dint even consider reema being there, Reema doubted if she even recognizes her, Reema runs to call her neighbors for help by then 4 of their neighbors and the maid comes rush in to Ruhi's room, Reema tries to say what happened there by then Suryanarayan an elderly person holds ruhi in his caring arms calming her down asks everyone to keep quite. Consoling ruhi becomes extremely difficult he calls the doctor to come immediately. Reema utterly shocked and dumb struck moves away from the crowd. One of them whom came with them asks Suryanarayan about the reason for this young girls suffering.

Suryanaryan sighs "Its Reema, Its all becuase of Reema..." and cries out loud. Shocked and astonished by this allegation even before she fights back Suryanarayan points at the photo hanging on the wall with a garland and tells
"Reema and Ruhi are very fond sisters. The day Reema had to leave on her onsite assignment, that unfortunate diwali evening we were all out celebrating the festival and none of us were in this block. A criminal who introduced himself as a cab driver Raped and brutally murdered Reema right in front of Ruhi and Ruhi couldn’t help in anyways from that very moment Ruhi has become lifeless. It’s been 15 days now Ruhi speaks nothing other than shouting and has attempted to commit suicide many times now. Police are waiting for Ruhi to recover to get some information on that rouge but there are no signs of Ruhi becoming normal, This is a very unfortunate and brutal story of these sisters!"

Reema drops down cold and only then she realizes unbearable pain deep inside her. More than her scars of that evening, pain of separation from ruhi when she knew that Ruhi needs her hurts her a lot. As she stood there unnoticed cursing her fate, a faint luminous light falls all over her and absorbs her. And yet again Ruhi stares at the endless cold windy night.


Rahul Bhatia said...

A new avtaar... a crime fiction with a dose of supernatuaral elements!! Good going Ramya:)

Uma said...

wow..I guessed the super-natural part but the crime gave additional meat to the story..
good one, Ramya!

KParthasarathi said...

An unpected twist at the end.
Nicely written but could be abridged without losing the essence of the story

Maliny, said...

The story was gripping and quite engaging Ramya. The twist in the end was sad, nevertheless lifting the story to an even beautiful level. Loved it :)

Ramya said...

@Rahul sir: Inspired by Talaash movie :D

@Uma: Thanks :D oh u guessed it is it??? iyyo then its a failure

@KP: :) thanks KP hope you liked the twist

@Maliny: Hey... thanks a lot for that nice review :) thanks for dropping by

Prashanth said...

An interesting and gripping story for sure, equally complimented by the pic...:) An unexpected ending with twists and turns.

Worth reading and hope this would be the first of many stories to come in future...:) Loved the twist at the end...Had to read it again to understand, Cheers..:)

Krishna said...

An interesting story... but disaster end...


Nuthan said...
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Nuthan said...

Ramya enaithu nimige.. chennaghe idhri alwa.. sudden aagi cheli jwara baro posts yaake?? yaake?? yaake??
hmm.. good one.. well twisted and turned.. keeps the reader(at-least for me) hooked and at the end takes him by a big.. "what the h*** ??" expression of surprise.
Well conceived fiction.

p.s. I know blogs are always written with emotion and it will always be spontaneous.
For cheerful and fun posts it is all good..
but whenever it comes to fiction; or a message oriented post it is always a good habit to proof read it again and rectify any gaps(spellings and connectors between sentences).
Doesn't mean that I am an expert.. but that's just a suggestion and applies to me too.

Ramya said...

@Prashanth: thanks for reading :D something out of confused mind :D
hehehe :D
@Krishna: welcome to chittrana thanks yeah the end is a bit sad one!

@Nuthan: thanks a lot for your review hahaha :) I keep trying different things alva Nuthan :D how is this new to you :D I like to experiment,Thanks for that wonderful review

Yeah this was completely out of confused mind :D and total proof reading not done :D slap me for that :D work keeping me tooo busy :D. Point taken will note this and try to come up with better post next time :D

Binu Thomas said...

Now thats a new thing I have read from your end! Great going Ramya.. Fiction with supernatural elements, an interesting twist.. :)

Ramya said...

@Binu: ahaaaaaaaaaa very happy that you liked this post :D my struggle to write a friction post seems like I should make a post about that it will really make a good humorous post :D Thanks for your compliments :D

Nuthan said...

@Ramya - I knew you would like to experiment but this time it has bet the previous records.. has it all.. fictious, crime, super-natural, emotional and gripping.. adakke I said.. chali jwara baro post antha.. : ) really good one..
And thanks for taking my suggestion constructively.. Cheers!