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Thursday, October 18, 2012

We never really grow up, We only learn how to act in public ;)

This phenomenon of being matured, sensible, thoughtful, responsible is supposed to come as we age. But somehow I feel these are just words for me which I have learnt with age but implementation of which is still yet to be done!

I remember my mom saying that when I will get my younger sibling in my case my sister, I will be more responsible but then arrival of my little angel made no changes to me, I became more devilish and got beatings more often and seeing all this surprisingly my sister became more matured and responsible for her age!!! Hmmm irony of life!

When I was in middle school, mom started saying that her elder daughter (which is me) will become more matured as I progress to high school but sorry no improvement.
Mothers!!!  They never give up hope on their children isn’t it? So she kept telling that Ramya will behave decent in Pre University, after which she increased the limit to Engineering. All this while only my mom’s assumed limit increased but my pranks, and my parents getting call from college for my pranks never ended forget ending it only increased.

And finally my mom mahan, not giving up on her hope made this statement on my engagement can you imagine, She announced in front of every family member that Ramya will be more responsible and matured after marriage! I still remember how my cousins, aunts and uncles laughed no actually ROFLed for this joke made by my mom!!!

But then the prank of sticking stickers on close relatives and bursting balloons scaring people etc etc which I played in my very own engagement !!! yes you read it right, in my engagement only!!! Finally made mom to lose all hopes on me and she decided to give up hoping and she resorted to advising!
Advising, did u think she advised me oh come on! She knew that never worked so she caught hold of my hubs and as precaution told all possible things he may have to undergo because of my hyperactive nature! Post which hubs religiously advice me every now and then, so here are some of the interesting advice I keep getting!!!
1.       Don’t pester for Balloons, candies, dolls when in laws are out with us for shopping and strict no to roadside Boiled Ground nuts, are you asking why specifically no to ground nuts? Oh that’s because post eating ground nuts I love playing  a “Groundnut Missile Game” this is to throw the groundnut shell  on someone passing by and ask sorry :D and then count the number of people who got hit by my groundnut missile !!!
2.       Don’t be over excited on seeing anything and everything, I literally jump and exclaim, hubs fear that there are weak heart people around and because of this I may be caught in murder case!!!
3.       Don’t shout “Hey you here!!” to my hubs all of a sudden in a shop :D making others think that we met accidentally :D
4.       Strict no to showing over enthusiasm in office! For ex: Once I got a very little thank you card from a colleague and I ran to every cubicle and told that I am being appreciated: D you see I am never appreciated in my life!!!  But then there were people who have got very big recognition and still :D so modest to not even hiss about it!!! I cant help them! Oh yes I remember calling mom and telling about it ;) may be she would have lit lamp to god that day!!!
5.       Not only this every time I step out :D  I am being advised by my mom , but my hubs with 3.5yrs of exp has given up on me :D so has stopped advising. But he has learnt to tell this one sentence which saves his life in public and that is “Sorry, I don’t know who she is!!!”

Yes yes yes :D atleast I have not grown up yet but after never ending efforts and prayers by mom, I have now learnt a little to act decent in public.
So in my case this is so true :D “We never really grow up, We only learn how to act in public ;)”
What is it with you ;)?


Nilanjana Bose said...

woohoo first! :)my advice? don't grow up...and stop acting in public! :D and don't mind me giving you advice I am like an older sibling only :) :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Lovely post, Ramya:) Wish you stay this way!

Jenny said...

haha the child in you always always stay alive Ramyu! You know sometimes people are judgemental. One who is always fun, plays pranks, people dont tend to take them seriously. But in reality, one who can manage to stay alive always like you do, are mature and big hearted. Here's to your infectious good nature! Loved the post totally :-)

Ramya said...

@Nilanjana Bose::D hahha Lovely Advice, please Teach my mom also :D Love to consider everything you say :D never mind feel free and keep advising like this ;)

@Rahul sir :D Thanksssssssssss :D Hope your wish comes true lol ;)

Ramya said...

@Jen: oh thanks thanks :D yes yes I will love to keep it alive always!!! and if I am blessed with people like you all around me then definitely :D I will be like this :D thanks a lot dear :D

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Dont change.. Be the way you are.. Pranks here and there adds spice to life.. :)

Ash said...

I'm in my mid 30s and I still haven't grown up :D

Found In Folsom said...

hahaha...You are bad Ramya. Really bad. Sweet post girl. All cannot stay bubbly and chirpy like that, hope you be like that, but no hitting ground nuts, okay? If it was someone like me, who was hit, you'll have a bad day...hahaha..see, I am bad too...:)

Ramya said...

@Ashwini: yes yes ;) will never grow up!

@Ash: hahaha HiFive on that :D

@FIF: oh my got :D there is a super bomber for my groundnut missile ??? :D no dear have learnt a bit now so wont do it...

BTW FIF I can promise ;) that how much more bad my new prank will be :D you see I wont repeat my pranks :D

Bikramjit said...

he he hehe .. Sorry who are you .. and I am not with her. would work i am sure ,,.

but now you made that public .. so is it still working :)

Oh boy now let me tell you people who let this little kid live in their heart are the best ones .. Life is short as such and has trillions of problems so why not just SMILE through it ..

I see I river I have to jump into it .. no matter what ..

and I do verious other things .. if you drive then do this , go near a person on a scooter or a bike and say "Excuse me .. the front tyre is Revolving" and if you say in hindi thats the best "Excuse me .. aage wala wheel ghoom raha hai" .. and watch what happens :)


Shilpa Garg said...

Stay that way!! With you around, the quantum of smiles would be manifold! :)

M in love said...

Haha your posts are always so happy to read! Dont ever change although the "Hey you here" game is fun :D :D

Ramya said...

@Bikram: ROFL Superb idea Loved it hahahah will do it will do it and definitely tell you the results :D
Very happy to see your comment :D it shows the kid is very much alive in all of us :D

Bikram hifive on the fun :D

Ramya said...

@Shilpa Garg: Welcome to Chittrana thanks a lot :D sure will be the same.

@M in Love: hahaha :D u too play that game :D

Ashwini C N said...

Ramya I just Love this post. Really :-), I am able to see myself in your place, with the only change being that I have an elder sis who is the perfect daughter anyone would not and So i'm the exact opposite of her and I'm sure parents would definitely not pray for a daughter like me :-). I like living life my own way, yes i do talk a lot, Love roadside food and get excited by even the smallest of things and mom still hopes that I would get matured when I get married, probably ;-). And I have this habit of laughing loudly that sometimes my friends step away from me and say, I dont know who she is. My God, we have so much in common. We should meet up if you come to Chennai :-)

Hugs :-)

Ramya said...

@Ashwini: Wow I am extremely happy I have a sister ;) in chennai :D Hahaha tell you mom right now to give up hopes on it :D and you can also give example of your sister ;) in bangalore now lol :D

Yes dear life is fun when we accept they way we are :D and also the little kid in us need not grow up its good the way it is :D it keeps us young and motivated :D

Thanks a lot for your Hugs and definitely we will meet when I am in chennai :D I do come there often :D
Return HUGS ;)

Raj said...

What is the fun in growing up? It is good to be a child and have fun. Lot of people cant do that but you can. So you should never worry about that. People around you are just plain jealous. :P

Btw.. Groundnut missile game! I guess you should patent that. It has the potential to become a “cult”.

Ramya said...

Raj: hahhaha thanks a lot :D isnt it fun :D oh an patent see I am getting so many potential patent ideas :D and if I have encouragement from you all definitely :D it will be awesome!!!

BTW I will need to demo my "GMG" to get it patented you be my GM Victim for all my demo ;) ok na :D ??? Howzzat!

Raj said...

You are the strict CBI officer! Now if you say I have to be the victim, then do I have a choice?

Kappu said...

HHAHAHAHA, I was ROFLing as I read those 5 points : ground nut missile, baloon bursting on engagement... maaaaaaaaan!!!!! You rockkkk!! :D
Hear that!! You simply rock, so stay the same and keep the bubble alive!!

:D HHHHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! AM on a LAUGH riot!! coming by your blog!

sawan said...

God save your husband :P :D