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Monday, October 8, 2012

IT(s) mistakes of my Life!

Here you go with recent updates of my stupidity. Now if you ask me what’s new we all know about how stupid you are! Then please wait, I have tried to make it more professional by classifying my stupidity into themes and today’s theme is Influence of IT on my Stupidity! So get ready folks!

I love talking to people whom I meet on vacations. I find knowing about them and speaking to them in those short meets very interesting. But hubs say give them a chance to speak before you do. Oh Hello, I go first is my argument!!!  And this happened!
 On one of the trips, I went to dining area looking for dinner. As the buffet was just then getting ready I found a lady sitting alone, of course she was a perfect catch for my hobby and so started the conversation!

Me: Hey hi, so nice vacation?
She: Oh yes I wanted it!
Me: So what are you escaping from?
She: (Smiles) Deliveries
Me: Oh my god! Tell me about it (This is just a phrase, most of the time I talk and never let the other person tell anything other than ‘Hmmm’ sometimes only nods! So I continued)
Me too tired delivering, last week I delivered thrice and trust me I know how much it hurts, I just wanted this break! Its my 10th delivery this year and no one is satisfied with the performance. I have done all possible automation to speed up my delivery but still people are not able to see the value of it! I really felt enough is enough and asked my manager Dinakar to deliver henceforth, now he knows the pain of delivery! (I was all proud of my accomplishment) So BTW where do you work?
She: (with horrified look) I am a Gynecologist !
My face was worth watching and My hubs had a hearty laugh continuously for 2 days!

Usually my girlie group tries to catch up for coffee in the pantry which is close to our working bay, and needless to say how it would be when 7 aunties meet to discuss about the global issues of in laws, shopping mela, TV Serials and gossips, definitely it will be followed with loud laughs, howls etc.
Once after such a meet, my manager decided to take the situation into his control and pinged me to warn me. End of this episode it so happened that he ended up laughing out load and has continued to smirk till date whenever he sees!

Mgr: Hello Ramya
Me: Hi
Mgr: Something special?  I heard lot of noise?
Me: (was super tensed to see the question\objection that was being thrown at me) Oh that…
Mgr: yes that, what is that where was it from?
Me: ( I hurried to justify) You know this Shift is very difficult to pass by so such noises are common, it was from our Pantry!!!  I very well know its very disturbing to hear loud noises so close by. But trust me no matter how difficult it is, we will plan to keep the noise lower and next time you will not even notice the event!
I got no pings but hear my manager laughing out loud in his cubicle!

If you fail to notice the humor in it, here you go!

I did some small typo mistake, Skipped ‘f’ in ‘Shift’ and ‘r’ in ‘Pantry’!
Now read my Justification again!

End of all these, I turn back to see this as 2 very humorous situation in my life and my stupidity made someone laugh from the bottom of their heart.

Isn’t life so beautiful? ;)


Jenny said...

OMIGOD Lol Ramyu!!!! Seriously the poor doc must have been shocked!!! But seriously, when I read deliveries, I thought about IT too!!! SO I give that to you.. :-)

and the second one! Well who better than me who knows about typo. Typo was and is the birthright of ITians :-P

LOL your manager. Seriously no one can be sad around you, can they Ramya!

M in love said...

Lol this is unbelievable!! F and r dropped!! I m sure your manager is going to save this text :D :D

Found In Folsom said...

Thank you girl for this nice to start a day with a big laugh...:)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Ramya, that was a laughter galore:) With you around there can never be a deficit of humor!!Seriously, you should contemplate humor writing !

Ramya said...

@Jen: Hifive ;) see even you thought that its Project delivery dint you :D LOL. yeah she was shocked :D But hubs enjoyed it thoroughly Jen :D
And about Typo god :D its such a blunder :D my Mgr lols even till date :D

@M in Love: May be he has saved already :D
But couldnt do anything txt was typed and enter was clicked, :( I re read the text only after hearing my mgr laughing :D

Ramya said...

@FIF: hahhaa :) I am very happy that your day started from my blog and I dint upset you this time :D
Keep smiling

@Rahul sir: happy happy that you liked it :D oh yes I write seriously also ;) people say it sounds funny! I dont know ;) how to write serious stuff now :D lol :D

Sonia said...

Oh my gosh Ramya.. U made me LMAO.. If being stupid is so cute then be stupid forever and keep posting such stuffs 4 us :-P

Bikramjit said...

why dont i meet someone like you on my travels , no one talks to me, I guess its my face :(

and that was a GREAT conversation delivery , what did you think she was delivering he he heh e

and making someone laugh is a art .. so thank you for the laugh :)


Richa Singh said...

lovely post i must say thoroughly entertained :P u must be a real fun person man!!

Ramya said...

@Sonia: hahhaa dear its my birth defect ;) nothing can be done now I am born stupid! :D so keep coming here for laughs, smiles and stupidity :D

@Richa: :D Welcome to chittrana and thanks for following :D. Happy that I made you smile :D, do meet for more :D brainless talk and then judge the level of fun ;)

Ramya said...

@Bikram: I have a tip for you to make people talk to you :D oh yes that should be on your face ;) use this very expensive yet easily available product called "Smile" and see people talking to you more often :D Dantenaan :D

And about Delivery its always :D Project build deliveries is what we think about :D hardly remembered that Doctor mean it in a very different way

Thanks and happy that you laughed this day and the reason is me :D

Binu Thomas said...

Hehehehe... Awesome Ramya! Really out of this world yaar... I was thinking the first 'mistake' was the best.. and then I read the 2nd one.. Its really great that you shared your mistakes with the outside world.. :)

He who laughs at himself has no rivals.. :)

Devilish Angel said...


Ramya said...

@Binu: :D yeah I want few of you to enjoy the power of laughing :D so thought I must share it :D
Happy that you liked it Binu, will try to tickle you all this way :D

@Devilish Angel: Welcome to Chittrana :D love your display name and yes will follow you now on in ur blog :D

Rahul Aggarwal said...

ROFL .. loved this post and the blunders you made .. as we say shit happens !

keep writing such experiences .. atleast you brought smile on many faces !

btw, please excuse me for not visiting the blog .. although i subscribed to your blogposts but this one was never delivered in mailbox so wasn't updated at all .. will try subscribing once again .. !


gopinath said...

Wonderful one had such laughs after a long time. Ur colleagues are fortunate to have u around to make them smile always....wished i had one like u in our team....

Ramya said...

@Rahul Agarwal: thanks a lot, happy that I made you smile :D oh no prob do feel free to drop in when u have absolutely nothing to do and wasting time is the only motive ;)

@Gopi: thanks and happy to see you comment and encourage on every post of mine :D
thanks a lot :D

Bikramjit said...

i know.. but I am always smiling .. I need to use that fairness cream to become fairer i think :)

Ramya said...

@Bikram: LOL ROFL :D cant link how fairness links to this :D LOL :D

Anyways try and let me know the results :D

Nilanjana Bose said...

:D Indeed it is beautiful and you make it more so with your unique and cheerful sense of humour...thanks for sharing :)

Ramya said...

@Nilanjana: hahha Thanks a lot dear :D that very nice of you.

Raj said...

Two absolute OMG moments! ;) Such moments stay in our minds (and of course in the mind of the other person as well) and we recount them every time and have a hearty laugh. You are just a live wire. And seriously you write humor so well (be it pulling your own leg or others’ legs). Awesome read!

Ramya said...

@Raj: Thanks a lot for supporting my Blunders and laughing at it :D happy to see your comments on my post

Ashwini C N said...

Wow. I love your spirit. Even my mom says the same thing most of the times, she would ask me to give the other person a chance to speak. And yes, Life has its own way of offering its own entertainment for us :-)

Ramya said...

@Ashwini :D we both are sailing in the same boat :D yeah :D life gives its best its only with us to see it :D
Thanks dear

sawan said...

hahahaha you made my day with this!! i am gona show this to my team, they all need some stress break session now :P