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Monday, August 13, 2012

Chronicles of Ramya

Honestly, I found no topic to write about but blogger in me is not letting me sleep until I put something in here and to be in the race!!!

Actually think about it, one morning you get up login to your blog hoping to find a noble prize committee to comment on your post but then all you find is that your previous blog post has reached the threshold number of comments and you scroll to see all of your close blogger friends have already commented and you are sure no more visitors left.

That’s it, very very sad isn’t it? I know friends you are now very relating to it and nodding your head. But tell me, what’s the next thing you do?
OK wait… let me tell you what I do...

Here starts my topic hunt! But I sophisticatedly call it as “My reading time”. Scroll through all bloggers whom I follow which means I am hunting for some topic to write about via their posts, But you my friends …God! You are so versatile you write about everything under the sun and that too how beautifully!!! This leaves me thinking, arrey I am left with nothing to write about…
Exactly same thing happened today, I scrolled the blogs I follow to hunt some topic and this is what my hunt looks like
  •  Politics – Wow there are great blogs, and btw who is our current railways minister??? Such is my knowledge  – Topic Rejected
  • Everyday experience – Tons of beautiful blog L I can’t match them – Topic Rejected
  •  Stories – Oh so many categories and every blog I follow have golden stories in there. Ufffffff  – Topic Rejected
  • Sports – For me sports means musical chair, sack race and lemon and spoon! But alas these events were stopped in high school how unfair for people like me! fine even I stopped attending sports day and even Olympic does not have these awesome games in them so invariably – Topic Rejected
  •  Love – Arrey baba... how much love you have on your partner/friends/kids/Parents? You write such beautiful poems/stories/incident and not only you make me jealous but also don’t leave any topic for me!!! – Topic Rejected
  • Current affairs – Topic Rejected

So such is my situation today. All topics rejected!!
But you see, there is one topic which seems to be infinite, I can fill my blogs and bore you with unlimited post about it. Guessing what? oh you don’t have to you know me ,,,, Its my stupidity … so Finally decided, I should post about two such genius qualities in me... TOPIC SELECTED ;)

I got up late it was already 8 in the morning and I should be in office by 8:15 there is an audit meeting and I remember setting alarm in my cell phone to ring at 6:30 and had also named it “Good morning have a nice day” with a smiley to show off on my screen to brighten my day but god knows what’s the problem with it even that didn’t ring today. I tried my best but could reach only by 8:45 had to apologies to the team and told them the reason that my alarm didn’t work today. Team was good to oblige. Thankfully the day was over, entire team was in my cubicle discussing about the day and suddenly my cell phone alarm goes off “Good morning, Have a nice day :D” and entire team Laughed out loud, I in shock couldn’t even snooze it !!! It was 6:30 in the evening. Team went back to their place and everybody pinged back saying “AM is morning, PM is evening” L  Yes I have that confusion all the time, see even in the incident above I have not mentioned am/pm instead I safely mention “in the morning” or “in the evening”

I spotted a mother and her 7yr old son who were in search of some address, I with all generosity asked if they need any help and luckily I knew the address. So I pointed my hand to take left, as soon as I told her son started laughing and mother was asking him not to. I asked her what’s the reason, even before she answered, her naughty son told “Aunty…. Right hand is this (pointing to mouth) and Left hand is this (pointing downwards), now tell us which way to go”
UFFF I admit, I am super confused till date! if suddenly asked I get confused about which is left and right!!! BTW if you see me sitting in auto and telling direction to the driver you will surely see me hiding and recalling the hand gestures the boy taught!!!

So these are Chronicles of Ramya!!! And for this topic, surely this is not “The End!!!”
To Be Continued…
“Joy is not in things, its in us” – Richard Wagner


Ash said...

ah, small joys :D these incidents give us stories to tell our grandchildren some years down the line!!

Dheeraj said...

As Always!!. the Inceredible Ramya!
waiting for more of ur rights nad lefts Chronicles .....

Bring them On!!!!


Jenny said...

This post is awesome and is a trade mark Ramya post. You know, I may loose interest reading about sports, politics and love, but never this. This is from heart, personal, chillaxed , feel good post, and I really really Loved reading it!!!!

And LOL on the alarms, and please dont worry, I am also guilty of the left right stuff!!!! And really if you dont post for more than a week, something feels off. SO keep writing, these personal incidents -> my favorite! Louve you gal :-)

P.N. Subramanian said...

Beautiful post. I recall asking a muslim gentleman the way to Star Talkies near Usman Road at Madras. He gave be the directions in Urdu mixed Hindi. Go to towards the good hand and then turn towards the bad!

Bikramjit said...

:) yeah pointing to left say take the next turn right :)

and wow if you write such funny post when you have no other to do imagine when you will have a post to write on :)


Uma said...

lolol..loved this :-)
know what? you are not alone on the right/left confusion. Before giving the auto guy instruction, I silently go through it in my head!:-0

Ramya said...

@Ash: hahaha yeah very true ;) I will send the link of my blogs to my grandchildren and wait for their comments to lol

@Dheeraj: LOL oh yes ;) and you have experienced my left and right chronicle, recently remember :D

Ramya said...

@Jenny: Jennnnnn thanks for all the love, and now I know I have a constant reader no matter what I write :D

oh is it are you also with me on "Left and right" chronicle lol thank god I am not alone!!!

hahha yeah there are so many such acts of mine which will tell you when we meet :D you will have ROFL time for sure :D

Ramya said...

@PNS: LOL our own hands pavam they are good and bad. lol good one :D
Thanks :D for the appreciation

@Bikram: LOL yeah yeah happy that you liked the post, and ur suggestion is super good :D hahhaa!!!

Ramya said...

@Uma: Hurrrayyyyyy I am super happy :D even u are with me hahaha :D
Thanks buddy, happy that this post made me laugh :D

santhu said...


gopinath said...

I didnt know that u r doing such a blog when i wanted to talk to you on sunday and all u had was busy this is it. Good making a blog like this is a trade mark sign of ramya only. Keep them coming.

Raj said...

Another hilarious post. Love your comic sense and timing. Keeps us in splits. Just loved your topic selection strategy. It sure is a winner. Now you can write a “Blogger’s guide to Selecting Topics” book. Ahh… how much I miss those wonderful sports… ;) Olympics should have those games. They are infinite fun. And we have a great chance of winning medals too.

The first one was just rip roaringly funny. The alarm couldn’t have gone off at a more opportune moment. And for the right left problem.. even I have that. And it does gives us (and others too :P) some funny moments. Try this next time in the auto.. ask him to take right, you show a hand signal to the left and then scold him for not going straight. :P :D

Well.. seems like the Chronicles of Ramya is just getting started. Looking forward to more insights into your wonderful self. ;)

Ramya said...

@Santhu: :D :D

@Gopi: Arrey you wanted to talk to me!!!! u had my number you should have called me immediately!!! anyways thanks :D

Nivedita Chirantan said...

:)) Ramya you cant claim exclusiveness in this.. it happens to me all the time.. with the alarm.. and the left and right confusion, i still show places on my left when it is on my right side... i can imagine the confusion.. i have stopped tellig the auto guy left and right and started showing.. this way that way.. that corner etc.... have fun..

SuKupedia ™ :) :) said...

hehehehheh me been at the am-pm jagda, and also left right..I cannot say which direction without looking at my hands..told an autowala to take left and pointed right, he said madam udhar compound wall hai O_O tcha!!..wait till my sister reads this..she thinks I am a specimen she will realize there is an entire species hahahahahahah

Rahul Bhatia said...

Ramya , you know the reason why it is not worth scrolling through blogs for ideas to write:) Even with nothing substantial you could write such a humorous post:) Is it not ingenuity or the latent talent:)

Ramya said...

@Raj: OH my god a PhD on Itching and a book on “Blogger’s guide to Selecting Topics” god what am I becoming??? I never thought I will reach this level anytime in my life :D thanks you discovered the real me :D

Yeah on Sports yes those were the best :D I am sure I will get a gold in them :Dif sent to Olympics :D

oh my god now with those two a gold in Olympics!!! i realized my capabilities and talents here under this blogpost ;)with your able guidance :D

LOL Thanks Raj its awesome to get a happy reply and comment from you all :D

And The Chronicles of Ramya :D yes its "The Beginning..."

Ramya said...

@Niveditha: Ohhhh my god the count of species is just increasing :D superb you are with me :D now on if my darling Hubs says no one does such mistake ;) I will show this post's comments :D
Love you buddy we are of same sisterhood :D lol

Ramya said...

@SuKu: here is one more incident I got out of my company and caught an auto which was standing right outside, and again I did the same mistake of right and left Did you know what did auto guy say :( he said what madam you work in such big company and u dont know left and right!!! thats when I realized,Thankfully in Interview they had not ask me to stand up and point which is right and left :D i would have flunked right there!!!

OH please give my email id to your sister :D tell her you have found your group of specimens :D

Ramya said...

@Rahul sir :D hahaha :D Thanks a lot sir but thing is :D those topics when people write they are exceptionally good :D but I am dumb head cant get anything out of it :D so those are really good topic to write about :D

Thanks a lot for your encouragement and appreciation Rahul sir.

Found In Folsom said...

Hahaha....though you don't have anything to write, you did write something....I have 10 posts in drafts at any point of time. If one gets published, the other is lined up...hehehe..

Ramya said...

FIF: thats excellent dear god 10 post I just cant imagine!!! :D keep posting will be waiting to read them, Thanks for visiting me all the time :D

Kappu said...

Hahaha! Top most bags it Lady!

Do stop by my blog! Kappu

Ramya said...

Kappu: :D Thanks thanks ;)

sree said...

ha ha that was nice.