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Monday, August 20, 2012

Am I an Atheist?

(Disclaimer: This post is only flow of my thoughts and definitely not to hurt anybody’s view)

I have this nature of questioning and wanting to know the reason behind everything from my childhood. People who know me from my childhood still call me “Why Baby”. And even now I question a lot and its mostly about this concept of GOD and the applicability of the orthodox and age old traditions that we are following till date, but when I ask such questions it makes me look like an Atheist. So friends with all these questions about GOD and the Orthodoxies here I am asking your help to refute such views about me!!  
Seems like many are already slapping both the cheeks and confessing god for having landed on this blog? But buddies go on read it; it’s ok to sin once in a while! And please help me sort out this confusion of whether am I an atheist?
Questions 1:
Should I find profound peace and happiness, if I see all the pictures of god and salute it as soon as I get up in the morning? If yes…Then tell me, how many of us do it with love towards the almighty and how many of us merely do it being scared of bad day that may follow if we don’t do this???  Most consider this as essential part of theism
                But I prefer to get up and smile to the person whom I love the most, whom I touch and feel. I prefer to share the love with a nice warm good morning message with everyone in my family whom I want to see every morning when I get up! So does this make me an Atheist???

Question 2:
Should I chant prayers without missing a day which praises the god almighty, spend a great amount of time in front of the god, singing and praising him?
But I prefer to sit with my family or friends and tell them how much I love them and thank them for being with me when I want them. Of course I will be proud of every little thing they do so I do praise them; I do love to see them happy instead of chanting the same prayers and following the same rituals everyday!
So does this thought make me an Atheist???

Question 3:
Should I consider it as very wrong to offer a small portion of the food to god that which is cooked without taking bath!!! Also is it a sin if you consume the food without taking bath!
But I concentrate on cooking food maintaining good hygiene and serving to people as soon as they want it. Also I am ok on consuming healthy food when I am really hungry, Hunger has killed many. There are people who are just waiting for a piece of bread to survive and haven’t bathed for years. And for all these did the farmer think of having bath before he grew our food???
So does this make me an Atheist???

Question 4:
Should I be chanting different Prayers pleasing different gods for peace, for happiness, for prosperity, for strength and for love and that too strictly while fasting and following rules?
But If I waste time shouting on people for not following the age old tradition most part of the day, I see neither the Peace mantra nor the happiness for family mantra working!!! Oh yes I follow all the tradition which is so much to my neck and land not working how does the prosperity and Strength mantra work? I wonder if it takes a hug, a smile, a compliment and a much needed “I love you” or just some mantra to keep the family bonded!!!
So do these thoughts make me an Atheist???

Sorry, I don’t see god being pleased in few defined prayers, I don’t see him confined to one room in my home,  I don’t see him happy when I follow age old tradition which makes me question the scientifically proven facts. I don’t see him when I am hungry or rather when anyone else is hungry. Also I don’t see him being angry with me when I don’t do all these. I don’t see him! I don’t see him! I really don’t see him doing any of the above.
But yes I see him when people smile at me, I see him happy when I serve someone hungry, I see him when I hug a dear one when they really need it, I see him when I serve a needy, I see him when somebody is happy because of me. I see him angry when I hurt someone, I see him sad when I let down my loved ones. I see him yes I do everywhere and in every person I meet.

So do these thoughts make me an Atheist??? If yes I am proud to be one! 


Jenny said...

Ramya, you have hit the nail with this post. It is a winner all along. Very very mature and was all goosebumps for me. I have been labelled as an atheist. people around me keep mocking or expressing shock or remind me to pray.But i dont unless I feel it, call me lazy, but that's how I am.

My parents never taught me those. I know how to pray and sing few bhajans but that's it.

My parents taught me how to love your loved ones and care for them. They told me to belive in god, because there is some force up there. But that's it. I should be honest I pray to god everyday,to keep my loved ones safe, before I sleep.But I know that is just for me, to make me happy and carefree, so that I can sleep well. I also pray when times are tough, but that is for inner strength to help me pass that.

Your four questions have the best answers , and those are your anwers dear. Perfect, sensible, and one that will get you peace and contentment. Do you even care now, what people call you, atheist or not? Ramyu, you are well above that, trust me :-)

This is one of your bestest posts(after those poems :-) ) for me.
Well done!

KParthasarathi said...

That is a brilliant post..
The last para sums up your religion
To do good is the purpose of religion
God is pleased with it more than with long prayers,mountains of flowers.vessels full of delicacies and loud noises of bells/cymbals.
A true devotee or theist is one who sees God in the smile of the lonely, lost and poor

Anamika said...


This a very strong and controversial topic. You might get many different and diversified opinion. Here you go with mine.

God, the almighty is the truth within our souls. When we do good, the soul appreciates it in the form of happiness. But when we do wrong then soul punishes you with sadness or tears.

I believe that what ever the worship we do and prayers offered to god is simple example of one's belief. Whether one follows traditions or not, whatever is about to happen or planned to happen will happen. The happenings in the world are pre planned and its the part of the game played by Almighty.

Ramya said...

@Jenny: Ah Thanks a lot for liking my post so much. I am very happy to see a detailed comment about your views on my post!

Oh yes Jen, we are always treated as aliens or unholy if you ever question someone with such questions! but as i said mind wont rest with so much questions and silly things that we see around.

And yes As you said end of the day its oneness with self call it Theism or Atheism who cares!

Thanks a lot for those wonderful words buddy. :D And again my thoughts are proved!!! I see god everywhere!

Ramya said...

KP.... Thanks a lot, I want every one to read your comment yes god is there where there is some smile on people who are in need!
And yes thats the religion for me! and So I see god in people around me.

Ramya said...

@Anamika: Yes I totally accept, this concept is being very controversial ever since ages. And as I have mentioned in Disclaimer these are just my thoughts but yes your view on the god almighty is very nice and true!
Thanks a lot for your beautiful review comments buddy :D

Rahul Bhatia said...

I wish there were more people like you in this world Ramya who do their bit and god would happily acknowledge that you are the most devoted disciple:)

Nilanjana Bose said...

Bravo Ramya!! Brilliantly written. Divinity is in our actions. Loved this post just too much.

MyBlogWorld said...

Ramya, you are not an atheist definitely as you have mentioned what is god in last para. I think you have understood the god, you have seen the god, you have felt the god.

I am kind of typical brahmin. I pray for my day as soon as get up
in the morning. I do pooja, aarati, prayers and all these things which could be called as baseless.
But I also tried to find answers of questions you have in your mind.
There are few things which are scientifically proven. Like, those sanskrit prayers helps to concentrate and keep our mind calm (If prayed with heart not to just pray :-) ) Fasts are for our health, skipping Onions /Non-Veg in rainy season is good for health. Cooking food after taking bath is hygienic (which you already mentioned :-) ) Dhoop/ Karpoor (Naftha) which is usually burnt at the time of aarati is world's best sanitizer which helps to kill germs around us. And lot of other things ..
I have never followed these things blindly. I understood meaning of everything which I follow.
And as you mentioned in last para, God is there whenever you help people, you make people smile. And after all this I can proudly say you are not an Atheist for sure .. :-))

gopinath said...

A good post. Its very controversial always. As said my blogworld most of the rituals have a scientific reasoing which really if we understand will change our perspective of why we should follow them. But many may not be relevant in today generation. But i agree with all u said u were doing which gives u pleasure and good too. Anything we do will have impact if we love doing it rather than just doing it. I believe in god as a power to which i look to when i find no person can help me. But one thing is true which i felt always , whenever my mind is disturbed i visit temple snd just by sitting for sometime makes my mind calm and peaceful which makes me believe there is power of god.

Raj said...

You have answered every question of yours with such profoundness that would make anyone proud of you.

This is my personal opinion. But offering regular prayers, chanting specific hymns and performing rituals is like signing a pact with him (wherever or whoever he is).

I just believe that we can feel God only when we do something good. As simple as that. The God is inside us and when we are happy with ourselves he makes an appearance. Your good deed is the only offering he expects. Trust me.. I just said the same thing you have said in your post. :)

Brilliantly written. It shows how wonderful and beautiful a heart you have. :)

Ramya said...

@Rahul Sir: Its very nice that you saw a new angle in my post :) thanks a lot Rahul sir!

@Nilanjana: Thank you!!! yes I truly believe our action defines god!:)

Ramya said...

@MBW: CK :D thanks a lot for your wonderful comment! this is exactly what I wanted a good healthy Debate!

Now Lets discuss about the points you have mentioned.

1. Shlokas, Fasting, pooja, aarati, prayers - Perfect I never told they are baseless My questions is you do it for your inner peace right and if I dont do it and still able to find that inner peace in my own ways why am I termed atheist and most people who do that feel an extreme superiority and see others who dont do it low!!! why so its your way its my way thats it isnt. :D

2. Fasts are for our health, skipping Onions /Non-Veg in rainy season is good for health. Cooking food after taking bath is hygienic (which you already mentioned :-) ) Dhoop/ Karpoor (Naftha) which is usually burnt at the time of aarati is world's best sanitizer

Totally accept this point CK!!! good one nice points. Ok now I have seen few people who do have time for all these things and drop into their kitchen ;) I dare you to eat the the food they have prepared after taking bath!!! so where did the hygine go? so it is enough to just use all the above and take bath cook and least bother about cleanliness and litter everything around? is it ok does god help?

I understood meaning of everything which I follow.
I bow and have full respect for you CK, this is exactly i want people to understand, know what you are doing rather than just doing!!
"Vidya dadaathi Vinayam" this is a sanskrit saying which says if you are enlightened you remain humble!!!

Ramya said...

@Gopi: Yes Gopi this is exactly what I mean there are many things which I can relate is surely not for today's generation and the work life we have but I am still ok when people want and have capability to do it today, but why compare or neglect people who dont do!!! or just by doing these do you think we can get closer to the supreme power! Atleast I dont!

So what you told is true a peace, a love with oneself and a contentment with this life is important so that if you get by prayers good and if someone else gets by just sitting in peace for sometime even that is a prayer by itself is my :D point!

Ramya said...

@Raj: Thanks thanks and thanks tons Raj for all these wonderful compliments... Yes doing good is all matters.

I see it this way, Signing a pact with unseen god and then troubling everyone around, being egoistic of the things performed or not even making an effort to make a soul smile does that solve the purpose of all the prayers and rituals done.

Everything had a meaning but when people started doing it without reasoning and not adapting according to time and situation, Made the whole concept Questionable!!! :D

Bikramjit said...

Well well well I guess we all in Ask God, find God etc mode , I wrote on same an this is the third post i am reading on similar thoughts.

I think God & devil Both are in us all, How we do what we do depends what comes out, Kindness and being good brings God out and the bad brings the devil..

If we treat each other properly and treat the other as a human being, I think is what God would like .. Moreover every god as far as i know never asked us to pray for them or sing bhajans always in their name, this has been made up by humans..

I am sure every God said that its what we do that counts more.. rather than the praying and pooja's etc etc ..

I have never been good with chants and prayers, I visit the Gurudwara sahib but mine is a quick 2 minutes, on way to work.. but people spend the whole day in their I wonder why .. the thing that makes me laugh is that in sikhism praying or doing a pooja in front of a Photo or statue is prohibited , yet everyone has photos and all :)

Valid questions , I think we have been brainwashed with all the Myth and what we read, Most of the offereings etc have been designed by the "SO CALLED GOD PEOPLE".. who made them for their own profit..


Bikramjit said...

also i wanted to add, if we look at history and today too MOST of the killings even today are being done in the name of the RELIGION.

which god said it is ok to kill a innocent.. rather it is said that one can pardon a hundred sinners if it means a innocent is not hurt ..

so how can any religion talk of goodness etc.. (sorry to take this on a tangent, how does it justify people from one particular sect do what they do to another sect)

Dheeraj said...

Thanks Rmaya to wake us with your writings :) .. I can indeed say now, I have a new direction to think , to put my thoughts to !

Dheeraj said...

And you only know how to define ur religion and what you can do for your beloveds

Ramya said...

@Bikram: Excellent! I am extremely happy that I did this post, So many views so many theories I am getting to know!

Yes as you very well said Actions define the god and devil but we have totally ignored the fact.

As I reiterate i really dont hold anything against Poojas and prayers my concern if I continue to hurt others if I continue to make someone cry if I continue to make no effort in making someone happy then what is it that I am achieving doing all those things which are just being followed from ages!!! This is my question

One of my manager mentioned about "Karama Sidantha" Low of karmas which means do the things you are supposed to do and leave the results, But most people confuse karma to be rituals and tradition that should be follow but no it just means do the best thing you can do work towards the goal is what it means but how many of us really think like that is the question!!! God helps those who help themselves!!!

Thanks a lot Bikram for your wonderful review and insight on the topic. :D

Ramya said...

@Dheeraj: Ah Thanks a lot dheraj happy to know that this post gave you newer thoughts and insights :D

Yes everyone defines their own religion :D

ashok said...

God bless you :)

santhu said...

My uncle says,
"don't do bad things to anyone,Even if you cant do anything good"
"Try helping others when you know you can bit of yours"
"There no use of doing pooja, if you cant do good things,even god will not like it"

You have told all these things in detail. Really good post.

Moreover your recent blogs are getting little serious touch!! what's happening? :)

Ramya said...

@Ashok: Thanks a lot, same to you :D

@Santhu: Ah nice thoughts Santu yes very true indeed, hope everyone knows these.
arrey my old post was totally not serious one :D and I dont carry same mood long time so every post of mine is on different topics :D
Thanks a lot Santhu :D

Prashanth said...

Firstly, you Atheist? - NAAAA!! You tell that yourself in the last paragraph of the writeup. No further debates on that, indeed :o)

Now, about God - he's in what you see him; if you don't ever see him, he isn't there at all. It wouldn't be fair on our part to just put him behind the bars of our restricted imagination; he's no match, if at all he exists for you.

Good thoughts, Ramya :o)

Ramya said...

@Prashant:Aha awesome thought ri yes you cant capture the infinite god in your tradition he is just everywhere in every form.

Thanks a lot :D Pachi!

Kappu said...

This is SUCH a lovely post. You just write TOO well, as always dearie and I so relate to your post!

I aint no daily temple visitor, but I know God lives in the way we conduct ourselves.

As with the food thing, they say cleanliness is Godliness, so you have nailed it there too.

You an atheist? No, perhaps you are an agonist who embraces the religious rites and embraces every relation tie! ;)

Do stop by my blog! Kappu

Ramya said...

@Kappu: Ah I am so much happy that there are people who are in agreement with the argument I have putforth...
I was very scared to put up such debatable topic :D but yes now convinced :D

Thanks kappu :D for reassuring my faith in my god whom I see everywhere!