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Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
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but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

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Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was caught in a traffic jam on my way to office, which was caused due to a severe world war between two women. We were stuck there for 15 min. Everyone there were cursing them but they both were very busy in bombing each other with their variety of curses. I was really busy in noting down the worst possible words of my mother tongue and was very curious to know meaning of few. But then this fun was disturbed by some brave soul who stopped the ladies world war temporarily and helped in clearing the traffic.
As I started to office, I couldn’t stop admiring the new words and also remembering the curses we made when we were kids; Here goes one such incident where me and my cousins made very famous curse.

Let me introduce you the characters involved in the below incident,
Mentioned here is according to seniority.  ME, my dearest cousin Navya and youngest sis Ranju.

The Curse of Grasshopper Incident :
It was some Sunday afternoon when every elder in family were taking a good afternoon sleep and we kids escaped from them and gathered in the backyard to play games.
So the game of the afternoon was decided by youngest Ranju, we had no choice cause if we said no she would shout loudly and wake up everyone. Which means eldest of all that’s ME will get beatings for disturbing the geniuses at sleep! So to avoid all these we decided to take her suggestion and play Temple temple game! Now we wanted lot of flowers to decorate the god.
So we decided to pluck flowers from the neighboring Plot, for which we had to climb down a huge compound and climb the same once we steal the flowers.  It was planned well that I and Navya jump down pluck flowers drop it in to Ranju’s skirt in which she will hold flowers and we will help Ranju climb up and then we both sisters will climb back and safely get back to our territory.
But when this plan was executed it so happened that Ranju climbed back, I climbed back but when we started calling navya, she only later cries loud that she can climb down but she is very scared to climb back, we were trying to pull her up but as we were very weakly built when compared to her we couldn’t pull her and in this hassle the watchman in that plot was alarmed and he came caught hold of navya and all us for stealing flowers. Of course he produced us in front of Appa amma and entire family. We 3 like fugitive were made to stand in front of everyone and answer questions from everyone!
Entire family woke up form their sweet afternoon sleep and gathered in hall, where I and navya was made to stand , ofcourse Ranju escaped as she was the youngest she was never to be questioned. Appa started his usual lecture saying you are a professor’s daughter and you are 8yr old don’t you know stealing is very bad, is this what you teach your younger sister Blah Blah Blah went on with two beating on my head and back. Thus we were not allowed to watch tv and made to sit in back yard whole of the afternoon as part of continued punishments!
Me and Navya sitting there outside after our failed mission and two very painful beatings with tear filled eyes started coursing the watchman, thus was our series of curses…
1.       Let the watchman go away from this place, let his house be demolished by big bulldoze
2.       Let this entire flower plantation be eaten by Grass hoppers
3.       Let my appa get down some compound and never be able to climb it back till me and navya help him.
4.       Let Ranju be eldest of all in her next life

Thus we started shouting these as slogans and came up with a song also
Come come the Grass hoppers
Eat all the flowers and plants
Come come the plot owner
Beat the watchman till he cries
Jump Jump appa jumps
Alas he cries as he cant climb

We both forgot pain started shouting and dancing for our curse song. 
I don't remember the pain but I still remember the fun, laughter and the Curse song.
Life was\is\will be beautiful ...


ಮೂರ್ತಿ ಹೊಸಬಾಳೆ. said...

you could have involved NB for that play for a foolproof action plan.

Ramya said...

Hey NB,

Lol we missed you :D,
Welcome back to chittrana

Vyshali said...

Sweet memories..... :):)
Nice one....

Raja said...

Amazing.. Simply superb. You are a sweet girl :)

Ramya said...

@Vyshali :D True ri :D

@Raja: Thanks for ur comments, welcome to Chittrana :DKeep encouraging
BTW I am a sweet Lady now ;)

Sujatha Sathya said...

lol in that situation also what a nice rhyming curse song u came up with ! and the words 'geniuses'sleeing reminded me of dwarkish's song "doddavrella janaralla"

Deferred Brilliance said...

So did the grasshopper eat the flowers? :) Very sweet story and even sweetly penned. Liked your style of story telling.

Ramya said...

@Sujatha: Heeehaha :D childhood isnt it so fun :D and we realize it only after we have passed it!

Doddavarella Song :D wow it was our theme song.;)

Deferred Briliance: Hey thanks a lot, Welcome to Chittrana, Keep encouraging

Sujatha Sathya said...

hey i saw ur new DP only now. sakkathagide :) hat look that smile - naughty

Ramya said...

@Sujatha: hahaha :D thanks ri, yelrigu hat hakobohudala ;)

šēţħũ said...

Nice post......sweet memories :-) beautifully put across too :-) Super like :-)

Ramya said...

@Sethu: huhahah :D childhood is a bunch of beautiful memories to all of us :D
Thanks a lot for ur encouragement! :D

navya said...

Ha ha ha konankunte mane and our childhood days were awesome cant forget any of the incidents :)
And btw u shud have mentioned tat our curse came true partially ;)

Ramya said...

@Navya: haha thanks for dropping in darling! very very ture our curse did come true partially!

Jenny said...

I am the eldest and I hate it, when everything wrong has to be blamed on me! Reading along your posts.. and ofcrse me following :-))

Ramya said...

@Jenny: Hey thanks for following;)

Hi-Fi :( for being eldest... Same pinch!